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Of the Long Vigil
Lady Vyandi: kaldorei, Night Elf, Huntress Beast Master
Connected forest-dwellers, who look up to the sky and worship Elune, the goddess of the moon, as the protector of our people
Handed down from my grandmother to mother to now me: Part of the "Long Vigil"
Origin: Native to the western continent of Kalimdor, Oldest known races in Azeroth
Attributes: Age Roughly 609 yrs (roughly45) Ht 6'2 lbs120 Skin; Whitish purple Hair; Silver Eyes; Silver
Language: Darnassian
Home: Racial capital: Darnassus n Protector of Kalimdor
Personal Barony's: Darkshore, Winterspring, Kaulm Glades
Racial leader(s): High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind (Head of the night elves) · Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage (Archdruid of the night elves) · Archdruid Fandral Staghelm

Now Called to War under Azeroth Flag

Seeking her Dothraki warlord

From birth, I Lady Vyandi, have had the pleasure of a good life. Raised within a loving caring home. Parents who saw I was well educated. I was primed to step in my parents place. Fallow in their foot steps. Do our business. And By age I was surly ready to do such that.

The night sky had filled with the swirls of calamity. Distant war cry's bellowed as thunder. And the lightening lite up the Battle Fields with the Sounds of Blood sweat and fight, keeping in turn with the STORM as we watched Her Burn!

I have A Past. A Bloody one, really." I've many scars." A long one. "They are dated." A Lonely one. I can't tell you how long I've been here. Here at what ever Traven Inn or Brothel I roam. Let's just say, every one of them here and in the surrounding lands know me by name and my drink of choice, and I have a standing sleep spot. And yeah I seemed to have running tab with them. But where ever I bounce their conversation always starts in some form of; Hmm, your back. With a nod, See ya took some hits this time. "They'll slide me my drink, while standing in front of me wiping down glasses or such, making small talk with me. Mainly they know me and my story, so they stay with me, Keeping my glass filled and if anyone starts my way, They get a warning to leave this one alone. Reaching over and refilling my mug, sitting the bottle down, I'll get a pat on the shoulder and be asked? Why you keep doing this to yourself ole gal. Find ya a man, set up plow here. With a smile and a squeeze to the shoulder and a sigh, they say. Your always home here Milady. Glad to see you made it home...
"Lowly under my breath, I respond under takin a drink."
This isn't my Home.

"Taking that drink, my mind screams"...
That was taking from me.
I stoke my rage with the burning embers of Darnassus.
That was my Home. And we lost it. I lost it! Heartbroken. Crushed. Defeated and useless.
I felt I was no long a defender!
I had packed my Armor in a trunk and my Bow back in its cradle.
I will not live so I may forge more hate in the memories of that fires that took our World Tree. The Home I lost. The family I did not save. SO I no longer either needed to be saved...

SO I drink... I raise hell... I traveled to one Inn tavern brothel that would still have me. When I'm out of gold, Ill picked up a haunting skirmish. Or some quirky usually shady deal.

A normal set of patrons, Watches me. Regulars knew site of me. Also knew I didn't share my story with people. Just kept to myself mostly or the Keeper. Seemed spent a lot of time at the bar so the Keepers knew enough. As I pick up my drink, moving to my normal table, since it was open and closer to the fire, I sit it down and begin to mess with my make shift wrap to a deep cut to my arm that most likely needed a stitches. They asked out toward me; "WHY ye keep do this to your self honey?"

Looking over back at them, picking up my mug I finish off in one gup and say...

I have answered the call of Azeroth.
I have taken my armor from it's trunk and lifted my Bow from it's cradle and ventured deep into the bowels of the mountains to confront ancient elementals.
I have stood at the gates of Ahn'Qiraj to face the ancient onslaught of an Old God.
I traveled with my kin of Azeroth to face the demon legion and defied their crusade to end our world.
I have confronted the Frozen King on his unholy throne and saved Azeroth from a fate worse than death.
I have traveled through time with the shaman savior to craft a weapon to end the madness of the dragon aspect, Neltharion the Earth-Warder .
I have faced the Iron King and the corrupted usurper of the seat of the Warchief and saved Azeroth again.
I have ventured beyond my own shores to unite with long forgotten allies to once again defeat the corrupted horde and the Burning Legion.
I am thankful for these trials, for they have made me strong. They have forged my skills on the edge of death and given me the power that I will need.
I thought...
But then nothing prepares you for the lose of a home your life your family.
Nothing better than timed hate!
I nod to them politely in a gestured I was done talking as I pulled down my cloak hood low over my face and go back to drinking.

As the evening goes on and more enter, I hang my head and listen to the chatters. So much whispering and fear...
Shadowlands, Shadowlands, Shadowlands. Then a faint hushed words of the Night Warrior of Elune! The Queen I loved and yet felt I failed. I quickly looked up. So was gathering her forces. She had put out the word for her warriors to come to Astranarr Ashenvale. Back to Darkshore. My stomach turned at this. But She was going after the She devil with all vengeance. I knew she had now also turned on her own. On the Horde too. She had not only burnt my home. Our Tree... She now brought upon on us all hell and I knew their whispers true..
Picking up the bottle, I nod to the keeper, Then nodded and staggered a bit upward to my usually rented room here. Shaking head as they wiped a mug out, They nodded back.
Closing and locking the door, I plunk down on the bed. I did not sleep this night for my visions, even drunk were of a pasted nightmares. Past loves, Past wins and loses and Of my fails. Sitting up in the wee hours I looked out at the moon and he spoke to me. Tis time.

The next morning as requesting my balance, I get. Kind of leaving us rather soon this time Milady? I know. I pay my full debt. My boots clicked on the floor standing up. Walking toward the door, pulling on my cloak. He hugged me from behind, his face laying against the back of my head. He begins to inhale the scent of my hair. He let go as the gold rattled hard inside the pouch as it plunked down on the side table. With a quiver in his voice; I've never asked you for pay. That's not what we've ever had? I know. My head drops as I close the door behind me. Downstairs our glasses "tink", as they hit together. The Madam of the Brothel asking, yet pointing out as well, goes, You and Stud have a tiff? Seems to me your heading out early this morning Milady? I know. I payed the Madam my full dues. Stroking the face of my mount, the elder holds the reins and says. Hasn't been stabled very long this time Milady? I give a good loving pat and say, I know. I pay the stable master my Balance. With a quick mount, he hands up the reins. I nod. Turn and headed not to Darkshore. Not yet... But home...
I walk around slowly. My gloved hand runs across the suet that lies on the table. I throw my bags on the dirty bed and watch the dust mixed with ashes rise and realized I didn't even care as I hit the pelts that were folded at the end of the bed, and see the cloud of poof. My eyes quickly go to a large trunk against the wall and above it. I divert my look with a scoff almost turning to the Hearth. The burnt smoke smell still fill the air in my less that standing home. Its stint of rotting burnt wood still hang on yet gray and brittle woodworks, with the not so long ago flames. I remove my cloak plopping it down on a chair. Tossing my gloves right on top of that suet covered table and the dust rises quickly with the ashes. Throwing wood into a old rugged hearth, I bring forth a small fire. As if it needs anymore fire. Oddly I think as I pull a bottle from the shelve looking at it how none had broken in Or how my place had not been vandalized and stripped after the war and fall of my home here. Gripping the cork between my teeth I pull it out spitting it to the ground. I look into the small flame and remember that night. And begin to drink. Taking long pulls from the bottle. I sighed as I said out loud. I'm tried of War. Of what it takes for a soul. I laughed out hard as I could hear my Great-Grandmother's and Grand Mothers and even My Mothers, words of how we must be. How strong we are and what we are. I spit in the flame and it wailed up at me and as I begin to remember tales from my Grandmothers. Their Tales of our beginning and how War has always been for us. Unsure of their ages since I was so small They spoke as if it was from their our mothers words they tale but yet I remember their scars they bore... Still to this day I am uncertain of their ages.

One would hold out a finger to the other and ask? How Many eons ago, we were merely a race of nocturnal savage that happened upon the most powerful magical spot in Azeroth, called the "Well of Eternity:? The other would pick up and say At that time, the world now known as Azeroth was just a single continent called Kalimdor, and the Well of Eternity was at its center, pulsating with magical power so fierce that no one who entered it could hope to survive. Then the two would from this point on alternate speaking their tale.... These energies transformed the creatures who came to live nearby, granting them power, long-life, and eventually immortality, changing them into the "kaldorei," or "children of the stars." It is who we became. Beings of lifetime without immortality. Proud souls.
But even in greatness their are some that do not understand gifted power and in this one Queen cause ended in the Well of Eternity having to be destroyed and this we gave up our gift of immortality forever.

I smile as she would point out at me with my wide eyes engulf with her words.. She say, we did retain an air of mystery, and view ourselves on the scale of eternity rather than the mere lifetimes of mortal races. WE ARE NOT equals to the other races, nor other species. Never for get this my child, she would say.

Ten thousand years prior to the setting of this World the demons of the Burning Legion saw our magical energy of the Well of Eternity radiating across the vast expanse of the magical universe, and immediately developed plans to seize it for themselves. They corrupted Our Queen and ruler of the kaldorei, Queen Azshara, seducing her with promises of power and Love and convincing her to open a gateway for the demons to come and destroy everything in ancient Kalimdor.

This My child was called "War of the Ancients" and was between the demons and those elves who resisted this invasion culminated in the destruction of the Well of Eternity, and the sundering of the world into two separate continents. It seemed to be split in half the once grand lands we reigned now the western one, which retained the name of Kalimdor for our people the night elves, and the eastern continent, which they left to the other races of the world. Between these two continents raged a perpetual vortex of energy called the Maelstrom, where the Well of Eternity had once been.

I would reach out and touch my Great Grandmothers hand as I remember seeing a tear slide down her cheek. Something rather seen in any of my female family. And she I remember patted my back. She said;

Naught to worry child. We and shed point to herself and then to my grandmother and my mother and then lay her hand on my heart and finish with, we night elves were not completely destroyed, the leadership of the night elves at that time ye was shattered, and many conflicts and difficulties arose as we've tried to rebuild our society. BUT what ye know know, it soon became clear that not all of the magic of the Well of Eternity had been lost. Some of its waters had been saved and used to create a new fountain of power at the top of Mount Hyjal, but this time they built a gigantic "World Tree" called "Nordrassil," which grew out of it, absorbing and purifying its power so that it could no longer be tainted by the demons. With the help of the dragons, the enchantments and blessings of the World Tree became strong enough to stave off another invasion by the burning legion for ten millennia...
WE night elves now distain of all arcane magic. We know and view this magic as a dangerous and corrupting power, ultimately evil in its essence, and shun its use completely. KNOW humans, orcs, and other people who attempt to manipulate this power as fools who do not realize the danger they are playing with. Her hand on my cheek always heed my tale child and make the right choices. For Ye are blood of blood Ye are My Blood and some day ye will carry on the Bow of Long Vigil...

I wipe my cheek hard at my now unasked for tears. My Grand-mothers neither did not see the next big war. The Third War. My Parents and though I a younger huntress, we Did...

Third War began to unfold in the lands of the humans and the orcs. When the orcs came to the western lands of Kalimdor, the demons' successful attempt to control them once again made them into a deadly threat to my people. Imbued with demonic energy, the orcs rampaged intoour' forests in search of lumber, and destroyed anyone and anything that stood in their way. The demigod Cenarius was one of the casualties of this conflict, and his death made the orcs into permanent enemies of the night elves.

As events unfolded, however, it became clear that there were greater demonic powers at work than just the corruption of the orcs, and this time the night elves could not hold off the demonic attacks by themselves. Although the different races of Azeroth banded together in one great battle against the demons, it seemed that the forces of evil would succeed at last in taking the remaining energies of the Well of Eternity, until the night elves made the final sacrifice and destroyed their World Tree and all the magical energies it contained, burning up the leader of the demons with it.

We found a new land not in center of Kalimdor for a new City and We did plant another tree, called Teldrassil, in an attempt to regain true blessings of nature. This is what I grew up with my Parents to fight for to protect. Yes I new my Grandmothers words and I did heed them but this was my Parton. And I had grown up protecting it and Kalimdor now in my years. This was my home that now just had been destroyed. How could I heed their words or what I was and yet had let my home lands burn? I had ran and have been nothing. Wanting to be nothing. AND this Dark Evil Lady again hurts and destroys even more.

My eyes go back to the trunk. Back and forth for some time as I take in my fill of drink. I look back to the trunk once more. I walk over to it. Looking above it, there covered in webs and dust, a bow and quiver. Kneeling, my hand dust off the dusty ashes and webs off the trunk. I opened it look down to the folded cloth and armor bits and then back up to the hanging Bow and thought... I seek you once more old friend... And then say quietly aloud, all has once more changed with lands being filled with her hate and since that night...

I've not told our story, since I put you away. I sealed it in my broken heart. With all the death and decay. Is it time to let it go! I need to take back the light inside what she stole that day. She's a criminal and steals like a pro. Out of the ashes, burning like a fire all peoples souls! The bytch is nothing but a liar! Gave me shame, gave me scars! For I could not save my family. My home place... Not even our beloved Tree, that day even under the burning stars. Some I will never show!!! I realize now that I'm a survivor, In more ways than you know! There's a part of me I can't get back. All that was took from me and I'll never be the same. BUT Now I'm taking back my life today! Nothing left that she can do more, for All the pain and the truth, I've wore like a battle wound scars. I've been so ashamed, so confused. I was broken and bruised. Now I'm a warrior. I've got thicker skin. I'm stronger than I've ever been. YOU my armor, made me whole once. So once again stand with me so she can't get in nor this time can never hurt another ever again!
We this time my friend, are The Storm. As I make this my promise...

No longer For the Alliance.
No longer For Azeroth.
Now it is for revenge.
With my queen, the Night Warrior of Elune
High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind (Head of the night elves)
I vow to pursue her and all that follow her. I will end those that gave n give her power and repair the veil between this world and the next.
But know this Banshee Queen....
I am coming for your head.

Now it Time for revenge
And Courage Is My Mastery over Fear!

Seeking my clarity to my depth
Fate whispers to me the Warrior...
You cannot withstand the storm...
I The Warrior whispers back...
I am the storm!...

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