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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2119376
A lover confesses to her partner, a desire to run away with him to live a love unbound.
Tears like seeds dropped to the ground -
an unwelcome sound,
to those around.
They sprouted a root,
its thorns a pollute,
of sorrow resolute.
As they softly tapped against the leaves,
fallen from the season that precedes,
they flowed from her cheeks like blood:
the pain of sadness,
their saltiness madness.
The heart of her mind was weighted with badness.

She was all alone,
and her voice was a moan,
when padding footsteps from behind,
startled her mind,
and she gasped.
Relieved that the sounds were of but her lover, the fear
that was clenched tightly across her chest unclasped,
and the feeling passed.
As he sat down near,
lending a tear,
he reached his arm 'round her and tickled her ear.

"What's wrong?", he asked,
empathic feelings unsurpassed,
speaking entirely in a gentleness unmasked.
"I... I can't do this anymore", she softly cried with a grimace,
a tear trickling down her soft, red cheek's surface.
"Do what?"
"That's what-
for nothing is not.
It's not what I planned for my life.
It's like my existence is a strife-
my lost dreams: the wound of a sharp steel knife."

Her lover rubbed her back and gently requested,
"Tell me what you want to do with your life."

"I want to run. I want to hide.
I want to feel the freeness of a carnival ride.
I want to feel the thrill of an aerial waterslide.
I want love. I want romance,
and perhaps... perchance,
kisses like peaches whilst spooning in mirrored stance,
as we stand upon the balcony of an old building in France."

"Tell me what else", he said with a smile on his lips and a tug in his chest,
to absorb all the feeling that her dreams were his best.

"I want to lay amongst the clouds in a field of grass,
with my head in your lap as we look up at them drift - all our worries, undeniably, sublimely sparse.
I want to curl the toes of my feet in the sand,
as we stand before a beach - my hand in your hand,
and together we'll count the waves until the night shadows the sky,
until we collapse under the stars - upon whose light we'll rely,
as we think about the universe and stare in awe together at its answerless why.
I want to feel the gentle night air lap against my skin.
I want to feel my love for you toss me in a spin.
Can we do that? Can you make it a win?
Can you give us a life where doing nothing isn't sin?"

"I can't do that", he replied - his regret a knot.
"Why not? Why not?
We have each other. That's all we need.
To belong together - our love a weed,
in that it spreads like wildfire through the heat of our passion,
in an amazingly intense, unbelievable fashion;
inextinguishable, undying.
It's a love so blinding;
a love so binding.
Why can't we have that? Have this, but more?"
she replied as if he was breaking a law.

"Because, my sweet: love is a powerful thing.
Just like you said: it can be undying.
It's the only thing in this world where too much is bliss,
but bliss is ignorance and when love becomes ignorant,
its existence is supplanted with an eternal kiss.
Yes, my dear, it sounds so good,
but if you would,
think of it as a flower in the peak of spring -
such a beautiful thing -
and you could keep it forever,
but if it would do you the favour,
there would be nothing to miss,
and it would become like grass:
none of it scarce.
It's the rare things in life - the rare things, my love,
that make life bright; as white as a dove.
We cannot have something too good for too long,
for it would become unappreciated which as you know is too wrong."

Then a tear like a seed dropped to the ground -
a welcome sound,
to those around.
It sprouted a root,
its thorns a pollute,
of a peace and love so resolute.
As she gazed into his eyes,
and felt her mood rise,
she whispered, "I love you", as their bodies embraced,
in a loving hug whilst their heartbeats chased.
Their minds spaced,
and her sadness erased.
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