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The Earth needs us. It's not too late. (Form: Quatrains) An Earth Day Challenge Entry
Wake Up!

I feel depressed on this Earth Day.
I heard a self-claimed “expert” say
that: “Climate change is just untrue.
Don’t let these false tales bother you.”

Tornadoes spawn out of season,
earthquakes striking for no reason,
record heat waves, record cold,
sea levels rising uncontrolled.

Coral reefs, now white and dead,
drinking water filled with lead,
record breaking hurricanes,
flooding from torrential rains.

What once only science could gauge
is daily news on the front page.
Wake up! The proof’s before your eyes.
Don’t hide your head in sands of lies.

It’s time for us to stand and fight
not meekly yield our kids' birthright.
To deny the truth is just conceit.
The Earth needs help, not an F-ing tweet!

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An entry for “Life” challenge of "The Earth Day Challenge
Prompt: Earth Day 2017
Form: Quatrain  
Line Limit: 20 lines
Line Count: 20 lines
Word Count: 121
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