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This is for the April Raid. The April Raid costume party to be exact.
Who Am I

     I am Doctor Who. But I’m a future Doctor Who. And the youngest doctor they have ever had. They have had a few young companions. The youngest being fifteen, I think. And that was the first companion, Susan Foreman. There was also one that was about sixteen. But the others have been nineteen and above.

     The youngest Doctor Who was Tom Baker. At least I think it was. And he was forty. I just looked him up on tv.com. So, he might not be the youngest. Then again, he might be. Most of them, if not all of them, have been in their forties and above. I am sixteen. And my two companions are thirteen and eleven.

     Bonnie is thirteen. And she is in love with John Smith aka The Doctor aka Doctor Who. They met just after I became the latest doctor. In fact, she saw me regenerate. And she used that to get closer to me. At first, it wasn’t love. It was blackmail. But by the time they had their first alien adventure together she is. That first adventure happened very quickly, like most of them do. And that’s when they met their soon-to-be second companion, Stephanie.

     Stephanie was part of the Alien encounter. This time it was an invasion instead of destruction. The Aliens, a new one, are using children to take over Earth. True, this isn’t the first time that has happened. It’s not even the first time the threat has started outside of England. But it is the first time they must deal with a teenage Doctor Who.

     I can’t go into the actual plot because that would be a big-time Spoiler alert. But I can tell you this is just the first of many adventures that take me and my two companions all over the world. The Aliens are getting smarter. They expect Doctor Who to protect England. But they don’t know I protect all of Earth. I have a lot of times. And I always will.

     The Aliens, both old and new – mostly new, will try to either take over Earth or destroy it. Either way I will be there to stop them. No matter where on Earth I need to go to do it. If you’re an Alien coming to cause trouble I’ll find out about it and stop you.

     These Aliens are my biggest problem, though. It’s the adult earthlings. They can’t except a teenage Doctor Who. But I don’t see why not. Teenagers are naturally curious. We can see things that adults can’t or don’t want to see. And we aren’t afraid to check out those things. No, it’s not just the Aliens I have to deal with. It’s UNIT that’s still worldwide and Power. Power makes the Daleks and Cybermen look like good guys. They are humans who want to use time and space to conquer the universe. And they think they can do it with the help of me. Especially, the latest me because I am a child. Boy, are they wrong about that.

     I just thought of something. There have some companions that have been younger than fifteen. But they weren’t my companions. They were part of the Sarah Jane Smith Chronicles team. And more recently, the Class team. But none of them were as young as Stephanie. Unless you count Amy as a child.

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