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by Martin
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I'd like some feedback on this premise
an idea for a setting with a magic theocracy that i would like feedback on. This nation operates as a matriarchy with women in most of the top leadership positions. After listening to opinions from others , I discovered that most find it unrealistic for a matriarchy to remain in power for long without men seizing control (bigger, stronger, etc). So I tried to make a setting in which women are seen as more essential and to justify the social heirachy. Western Masculine ideals are still honored, but must be validated by women. The culture is not meant to be completely misandric or dystopic, but it does have its flaws and it's stereotypes of the sexes.

Culture revolves around an inverse of the biblical story, in which woman was created by God first in her image and given rule over all of creation. Man came from her womb as a companion to serve and protect her, and to play the secondary role in society. The ability to access magic was given exclusively to women in order to shape the world as she saw fit, and serves as proof of her divine authority.

Magic is combined with technology to form a kind of magitech, which is present in all walks of life. Crystals that provide unlimited sources of power, runes that create heat, transmutation of materials, portals that provide transport to different locations, and healing are just some of the ways magitech is used. It is seen as the bedrock of society and the foundation of the nation's rise to power. All females have access to this power, and learn to use it to some extent, with some being stronger than others.

Despite its power, magic as significant limitations. It is a slow and intensive process, often requiring multiple components. Rituals and spells range in difficulty, and can take minutes to hours to perform. Magic requires energy, control, and concentration, and attempting to speed up the process has potential dangers. This hurts it's practical effectiveness in some ways.

Another way magic is used extends to biology. Women have the natural ability to control their reproduction by choosing when to concieve. Pregnancy is a more active process, and is relatively easy on a womans body. Death in childbirth is unheard of, and babies usually surive to adulthood. A woman can carry to term, pause, or speed up rate of gestation at will. However, they are magically cut off during the process, as all of it goes to the child to help it develop.

Motherhood is higly valued in this society, and one of the highest honors someone can achieve. Religious culture centers around creation, and the process of creating life is considered a sacred form of magic. Society treats it almost as a rite of passage. As the bearer of life itself, the female is viewed as the "stronger" sex, more emotionally stable and more likely to cooperate with each other to achieve long term goals. Female warriors are rare, due to a cultural taboo that one who creates life should not be responsible for taking it, and war is generally seen as a male profession.

The nation is broken up into matrilineal clans, with individuals remaining in the clan they were born into. Each clan is led by a clan mother, who retains final authority on all decisions. Society is conservative and traditional, and gender plays a significant role in a person's life. These values are reinforced through social pressure and religious culture. Responsibilities are divided between male and female councils. The male council is led by a cheiftan, who is elected by the clan mother and is largely responsible for administrative tasks, war, security, and labor. The female council is led by the clan mother directly, and takes care of things attributed to the economy, such as business, trade, magitech creation, etc.

Men are called to be the protectors and defenders of God's world. They are valued for their strength, courage, and loyal nature. However, they can be emotional and hot headed. Their desire to protect others or prove themselves can lead to reckless mistakes. Men are known to settle disputes with their fists, and need to be guided by a firm hand. Those who conform to society's ideals and support the system rise in power and influence, but are usually seen as an extension of their female relatives.

This is more or less a rough draft, and I want to know what the community thinks of this premise. What works and what doesnt? How can I make this matriarchy distinct from our world? How can I expand on its values and culture? Also, I am not looking to recreate "the handmaids tale", but I recognize that the nations values place significant pressures on the sexes, with outliers being stigmatized in some way. My attempt is to design a culture that celebrates and honors fertility as an aspect of creation by associating it with religion. Does this succeed?
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