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The Secret Space Program (SSP) would not have happened without help from the Ebans.
After writing this essay back in April of 2017, I received a comment from "Anonymous" on Mar. 11, 2018 that...deleted

Non Declaration 21: The Secret Space Program (SSP) is real.

Buried in an obscure appendix of Journey to Planet Serpo there's a nugget of pure gold. This is the Public Acclimation Program. In twelve declarations on two pages there is more truth than all thats been written since the Roswell saucer crashes.

When I search Serpo, astronauts, return home, I see volumes about the Planet Serpo disinformation story and practically nothing about the Declarations. The Planet Serpo story was written to cover up where the Astronauts actually went in setting up the Secret Space Program. The Declarations were written by military, scientific or bureaucratic writers. The cover story is science fiction. The Declarations are as factual as the murkey world of UFOology is ever going to get.

It is a Promotable Assumption that following the Roswell crash, contact was made with Ebens with the help of a surviving crew member, EBE 1. For several years afterwards work went on to establish a line of communications with EBE-1's superiors.

By this tlme MJ-12 was up and running and trying to get to the bottom of several nagging questions. Paramount of these was getting a sense for the EBE's and determining if they were hostile. EBE-1 turned out to be a pretty good ambassador and MJ-12 was reassured but not convinced. As time went on and other races of EBEs were discovered, the comfort level with these benign assumptions began to grow slimmer.

It was widely believed that a race of aliens worked with the Germans prior to WW2 and provided them with sanctuary after the war in the base a Neuschaubstein. Admiral Richard Byrd in following up these rumors had an encounter with this group in Antartica around 1947. The clash bloodied his US Task Force putting it to flight. This was a foreboding development.

Put yourself in the mindset of the MJ-12 working group When contact was made with the Ebens (Greys) the question that would have loomed as most portentous was Determining the best way to protect against an extraterristerial threat, with emphasis on where the battles in such a conflict would be fought.

Whatever strategy they came up with in dealing with these two questions would have had a component for acquiring the required weapons and space technology and also a preference for the environment in which a potential contest would be waged. Whatever form this initial assessment took, it involved back engineering the technologies found in the wrecked space craft as well as a sober realization that waging war with aliens on the planet Earth was not a good idea.

It follows that once contact was made, MJ-12 already had something of an idea in mind. This was an Exchange Program. As soon as it became clear that such a program was possible the next question was the nature of the exchange to take place.

It is another promotable assumption that this exchange did in fact happen and was witnessed by a large number of people. The evidence is a Video by an Air Force General welcoming the team home. Such a video would not have been aired as disinformation. It verified that the exchange took place.

The Intelligence Agencies would have immediately gone into gear to clamp a lid on this exchange but also, realizing there was a good chance for a leak, put together a cover story that would point away from what was really happening.

So what was the nature of the exchange? First it involved a transfer of the hard science of Space Travel and Weapon's development. Second it would involve bases on the Moon and other planets in our solar system to keep potential enemies at an arms length. These are such obvious components of any strategy for planetary defense that I hesitate to mention them, except that the second aspect is often overlooked.

So what was the quid pro quo? From the onset it became clear that the EBans, were interested in what might be termed "Soft Science Technology." This is an euphamism for Life Science Biology which was the magnet that drew the EBEs. Human abductions, Cattle Mutilations and Genetic Hybridization are hard evidence of what they were after.

In return for our willingness to look the other way while they pursued their goals, they agreed to share some of their space science technology.

This leads us back then to what the deal was with the twelve astronauts. We know the cover story, that after the Eban space craft lifted off it went to the Planet Serpo. Forget all that. So where did the Ebans take our stalwart astronauts?

The answer is to establish bases on the Moon and Mars. The sheer size of the Eban saucer that arrived for the exchange showed the potential lift capablility these craft offered. Where we measure payloads in lbs using rocket lift propulsion, the Ebans, with anti-gravity technology would have looked at tonnages and shrugged their shoulders.

If you look at the training and preparations of the Astronauts you will see that the team of twelve had a built in redundancy.

Team Commander: 101
Assistant Team Commander: 203
Team Pilot #1 225
Team Pilot #2 308
Linguist #1 420
Linguist #2 475
Scientist #1 633
Scientist #2 661
Doctor #1 700
Doctor #2 754
Biologist 518
Security 899

From the team make-up it appears there were two two sub teams.... i.e. two stops. What makes the cover story so bogus is including the two team pilots. If the destination was Serpo, were they supposed to drive the Eban craft if the alien pilots got sick? Duh... I don't think so. Were they planning on stealing an Eban space craft if things went sideways on Planet Serpo? Duh... I don't think so.

A rational for the pilots is that they would be operating craft similar to the ones that crashed at Roswell from the bases they were going to establish, somewhere in our own solar system. In return for off world bases we reciprocated by building them huge underground facilities out West.

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