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A humorous essay teaching you how to correctly raise your child.
Juan Cardenas
Corri Wells
March 15, 2017
Are You Raising Your Trouble Maker Right?

Many parents around the world might be wondering, "Why did my son/daughter become a criminal?" "Why did my daughter become a stripper?" or even something like "Why is my child emo?" The answer to these questions is bad discipline. Basically, the child didn't get what they always wanted; therefore, they decided to be a pain in the ass and grow up to be a thug.
I believe the best way to discipline a child is to always givie them what they want. If the child is shrieking, "I want a cookie!" then give him/her that damn cookie. Why waste fifteen minutes of your life trying to calm the child down (and failing to do so), if you can give them the cookie in that instant and stop all the commotion. If the child doesn't want to eat their vegetables, then don't force them to do so. After all, what are vegetables good for? I overheard the Hulk in a movie saying, "Vegetables didn't get me here. It was my anger." I even heard the Hulk saying something like, "I love my 2nd amendment because without it, I wouldn't be able to carry these guns." Then he would flex. They say vegetables can help you grow up strong, well what they don't know is that people invented steroids for that. If a child wants a toy at the store, you give it to them. Whether they have A's or F's, they deserved a toy because in their mind they deserve a toy. If you're a parent, don't be selfish. Just because you're used to their annoying crying doesn't mean the rest of the world is used to it as well. Be courteous.
A child should be given what they desire because it will avoid a huge disturbance to people who are around. Have you ever been at a grocery store and heard a mouse shriek that goes like this, "Mommy! I want this chocolate!" If they don't have it, the child goes mad and starts crying loudly until the mom gives them what they want. Too often, the parent doesn't fulfill the child's desire; therefore, they become a pain in the ass for not only the parents, but for other customers as well. Isn't it rude to be very loud? All the blame will go to the parents either way, so do they want to ruin their reputation? It would make everyone's life easier if the parents just gave the child the chocolate. It would avoid a huge riot of non-stop crying that goes on for hours. Parents should be respectful and think about the people around them, and not just their ego as a parent.
Furthermore, a good way to raise a child would be to let them do what they always want. In many of my experiences as a teenager, I realized many people become thugs or delinquents because they are always told what they want to do. They never get the option of doing what they want because their parents are very strict. Having strict parents will just increase the chances of a child becoming someone bad. If the parent is more lenient and gives the child the liberty they desire, then the child won't have a reason to be a failure. In many occasions, that's what happens to students who go straight to a university They are so caught up in partying and having the liberty they desire that they don't focus on their assignments and studies. I used to have a friend back in high school that had very strict parents. She was never allowed to go partying or hang out with friends. Instead, she was locked in her house all the time with nothing to do but be on social media. At school, she would talk about leaving her house once she turned eighteen and how much she hated her life because she was never allowed to go clubbing or basically any activity that involved having fun with friends. When she turned eighteen, the first thing she did was escape from her house and go to live with her boyfriend. They got an apartment and ever since, they have lived together and are happily engaged. When she moved out of her parents' house, she went H.A.M and did all sorts of things she never got to do. After all her reckless days of going out and getting drunk, she got tired of doing the same thing and decided to get a job and reduce her partying.
         What I am trying to say is why should you waste your time telling your son or daughter something repeatedly if they won't even listen to you. Why waste your oxygen on repeating yourself? If they ask for something, just give it to them, and boom, all problems solved. If your son/daughter asks you for permission to go somewhere, grant it the first time. You will save both you and your son's or daughter's time. You won't have to constantly say no if in the end, you'll end up giving them permission to go out. The child will use their time to dress up, instead of finding ways to convince you to let them go out with their friends hours before the party. Don't make things complicated for yourself. The faster the child gets out of the house, the quieter the house will be. After all, parents are always saying, "FOR ONCE, CAN I PLEASE HAVE SOME PEACE IN THE HOUSE?!" You can get your peace as soon as you get your child out of the house.

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