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Ufologists should focus on five events.
There is a great example on the internet these days of what a UFOologist faces in separating the pepper from the rat poop The Intelligence Agencies are the gatekeepers of secrecy intended to maintain a lid on secrecy on Government programs. In the event of a leak they shift gears from hiding the truth to misdirecting the revelation through denial, missinfomating and false narrative.

They are very good at what they do... having been at it for three quarters of a century.

For illustrative purposes I'll used a video that is circulating on the internet. The video begins with caption, "For NASA internal use only....Project Redsun 1973. It shows what appears to be a voyage to Mars. Someone holds up a sign, which displays how many days into the voyage the journey is. From a porthole the earth and moon are shown receding in the distance. As the voyage continues pictures are shown of Mars approaching and finally a close up view of the Martian surface. It ends showing a a large jagged fracture in the planet's mantel.

The first impression that anyone gets in viewing this video is Wow! I didn't know there was a Mars mission in 1973... It looks like a wannabe Snowdon has leaked some of NASA's coverup laundry

Several publications bite and rile on NASA condemning their secrecy and coverup.

Then there appears on the internet an expanded version of the tape, that now includes the crew with enough detail to identify who they are. At the end the source supposedly reveals himself at the culprit, a prankster who claims to have made the video using old NASA footage and photos, cobbled together with Photo Shop software.

Anyone who saw the original is left with the impression .... shucks this prankster ought to be locked up, imagine pulling such a stunt!.. and I was so convinced.... am I ever stupid.... just goes to show that we shouldn't be questioning NASA's integrity.

The dilemma faced by OFOologists is this. The best hope for ever piercing the veil of secrecy is through a leak. This example shows how easy it is to discredit one. I don't know if the video is a hoax or if it is real. I do know that if it's real there will follow a flood of convincing misinformation. This is part of the modus operandi by which the Gate keepers operate.

This raises the question of how a UFOologist should proceed in this milieu of obscuration. Clearly it is not by falling on ones sword over any one "Each." The Eachs are too easy to refute as stand alone events or revelations. A better approach is to look at the bigger picture the Each is a part of. Then use the collective weight of the total evidence to make a case for the bigger picture the Gatekeepers are trying to hide.

In my study of UFOology I tend to divide up the pie into five events. These are: Roswell, Alien Exchanges, Mars, the Moon and most recently Antartica. I call these the Great Citadels of Secrecy. A better approach to quibbling over the Eaches is to assail the Citadels they are a subset of. Not assail in a physical sense but rather a figurative one.

Let's face it.... we're not going to be invited inside one of these Citadels. Pounding on the door is to no avail. Shouting from beyond the walls is futile. Going hat in hand and making a Freedom of Information request is a complete waste of time.

The only way to make real progress is to batter down the doors, blow a hole in the wall, enter from above or below, and make all these assaults concurrently. It is amazing how quickly the cracks will start to appear and like Jericho the walls come tumbling down. Not all at once but sooner than one might expect the Citadel will be abandoned and the file cabinets moved somewhere else.

After all a Gate Keeper operates primarily in a defensive capacity unless they see some pipsqueak UFOologist who alone constitutes no more a threat than background noise. Then get paid to deal such distractions and protect the truth by covering it up and mitigating the occasional leak that slips through a crack in the walls.

If I learned anything in the Military it is this. What a defender fears most is not an isolated one dimensional assault but rather an attack that concurrently brings different capabilities from different directions, simultaneously.

The first Citadel the Gatekeepers chose to defend was fort Roswell. In 1947 two alien saucers crashed in the Southwestern United States leaving a trail of dead extraterrestrials and one survivor. Despite everything that was done to coverup the truth behind these crashes up the facts have slowly leaked out. In Declarations contained in the Public Acclimation Program are several that can be traced directly to this incident. Surrounding this incident were a host of Eachs, all of which pertained to a simple YES or NO question... Did the Roswell Incident take place."

The other Citadels are...

1. Does the United States have a manned presence on the Moon?

2. Does the United States have a manned presence on Mars?

3. Does the Unites States have a liaison with off world Intelligent Life?

4. Does the United States have knowledge of an Alien presence in Antartica?

When I see claims that sound like they could contain a germ of truth, I put them into one of the categories above. If the claim looks particularly noteworthy, that is the writing or video is particularly compelling on the surface, I use this as a starting point for peeling back the onion.

To start with I treat everything as conjecture and if it is convincing enough I promote it to a hunch.

So the first step must meet the compelling or noteworthy criteria. After reading and seeing so many of these claims I have developed my own filters for what to examine closer and what to pass on. If it resonates the next step is to see if the hunch is collaborated by unrelated sources. If it is I promote it to a working hypothesis. This usually takes three or more independent sources of validation.

Once this test is passed I promote it to an assumption. If this assumption begins to pan out I begin to give the matter some serious consideration.

The first consideration is blow back. If the material, photo or video resonates I check to see how the government is treating it. If it is silence then I consider that a sign. If could be a sign that the material is so outlandish the gatekeepers don't even consider it worthy of note. On the other hand silence could mean a willingness to let it pass or the Government sees it as a truth they are willing to let emerge such as a sanctioned leak to promote a desirable level of growing Public Awareness.

Most commonly however, there is a reaction or official explanation. For Example after Roswell the explanation was a weather balloon. Many UFO sightings are dismissed as natural phenomenon, such as swamp gas, or atmospheric conditions. Others, like the face and pyramids on Mars elicit virulent denials. This pushback are good indicators as to wether or not the claims are true.

Start with the Roswell incident. Two saucers are alleged to have crashed in the desert of New Mexico. Alien bodies are recovered from the debris.

1. The event is initially reported in the media as "Crashed Saucers."

2. This is changed to Weather balloons.

3. When the questions lingered on for a few years it became parts of a super secret program to monitor Soviet Nuclear testing.

4. As the story persists and refuses to go away, stealth technology is given as an explanation.

5. Hand and glove is the time interval to which the story persists.

The Roswell coverup is a great example of how misinformation and false narrative are used to obscure the truth of what really happened.

Next consider the development, that came in the aftermath of the Roswell crashes, where one to eh aliens was said to have survived... that this Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (EBE) helped repair a communications device used to contact his superiors.

What followed was an Exchange Program of one sort or another complete with a bogus Defense Intelligence Agency cover story of what took place.

Concurrently there begin to leak out that a manned presence had been established on the Moon. Just as with Roswell, and the Exchange Program, there came a groundswell of claims that such a base was established as part of the United States Secret Space Program.

Almost concurrently other claims started leaking out that a similar base had been established on Mars.

The latest in a long series of credible revelations is that Antartica could be about to reveal definitive proof of extrateresterial visitations and past presence.

The next several of Non Declarations I'll be posting takes a look at these five areas in a nutshell. In each one I'll go through the process above and eventually promote my assumption to the level of fact.
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