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This Lipogram must be a poem about historical love without the English fourth letter.
The first man was without a care
in having love for life.
This Eve she really was right there,
for soon she was his wife.

How lonely life before she came!
The animals with mates
Enjoying love in hearts as same,
connections were so great!

The One creating all of this
left this man all alone
To make a thirst for his first kiss,
to hunger for his own.

When time was right He knew that sleep
was best a rib to take.
Return investment he might keep
or share in life they make.

For ever after wooing love
this first man knew the truth
Romance is full the ribbings of
the fairer sex of youth.

The first lone man he lost a rib
to gain his very wife.
Between the two all humans crib,
one bite gave Earth its strife.

We see from first that love has bent.
It's fully in the bone.
A rib from first man he has lent.
Now love is on the throne.

To think about it for awhile
this question is romance
For why, this man to learn a style,
his love, no choice, no chance.

This begs the question for each soul,
"Is love by chance or choice?"
Is love a tool to fill soul's hole?
Is choosing love's new voice?

For first man knew his wife by gift.
Was greater or was less?
He knew he was complete by lift
of wholeness, she to bless.

In innocence their life was pure.
Their blessing was from one to each.
That love through all their life was sure
their lives throughout the ages teach.

Line Count: 44

by Jay O'Toole
on April 26th, 2017

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