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Three brothers discover life together.
The three little earthworms, Slippy, Slidey, and Wiggly were going out for a late afternoon burrow.

“Ok kids” said their mother. “Watch for birds and do not go near the surface unless your father or I are with you. The sun can burn you.”

Let’s go boys” said Slippy.

They oozed around a rusty nail and into the soft loamy soil of a large pasture in northern Nebraska.

“I can’t see a thing” Wiggly exclaimed.

“Of course not, you idiot” said Slippy. “You’re an earthworm. We don’t have eyes”

Wiggly was the youngest and as such, he had a few things to learn.

“So how do we know where we are going?” Slidey asked.

“You too? Don’t you remember anything? We follow our nose. Our nose always knows where to go. It’s built in by Creator so we have the best chance of avoiding the stupid birds. They seem to think we are juicy tidbits of food.”

“Aha” said Wiggly. “So, Creator gave us no eyes, no scales, no spikes, no armor or defenses of any kind, so we can avoid the birds who like to eat us. Is that what you are saying Slippy?”

Slidey picked up the defiant tone. “Yeah Slippy, what about that?”

“Noooooo.” Said Slippy with patience. “While we have none of those defenses, the Creator gave us one big advantage. Slime.”

“Slime?” Said Wiggly.

“Slime?” said Slidey

“Yes!” said Slippy with pride. All the higher life forms have it. It’s how we move through the various atmospheres with ease. Fish move through water like lightning. Snails slide across virtually anything, and we move through dirt like it was open air. Have you ever seen a human try to move through dirt?”

“No!” said Wiggly. “I DON’T’ HAVE EYES, remember?
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2119945