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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2120010
"This is the same type of burn he does when that symbol your mother gave him activates."
A paper was slammed down on Zack's desk. He barely stirred from his nap. The lack of reaction made, his assistant, Uriko's eyebrow twitch.

“Sir, I think this is important for you to look at.” Zack still didn't move his head from his desk. Uriko finally gave up, in frustration, and walked out of his office. When the door closed Zack finally lifted his head and peered at what the girl had laid on his desk. It was an article on the string of assassinations that have been going on in Europe. He already knew about it. A person or a group of organized people were going around killing all the big names in Europe. The press and politics already addressed that the ones responsible for the activities were people with Gifts since the people targeted were men and women that supported the increased security against anyone showing any type of abnormal abilities.

Something, then, caught Zack's eye that brought his heart rate up a bit. The mayor of a port city in Japan was just declared dead earlier this morning. Although it seemed as if he died from a car accident foul play is still not ruled out.

Zack calmed himself. It was probably an accident after all. The little group of activist may have done it, in a worst case scenario. But it would be odd for the normally secretive rebels to do something like this. There wasn't any organized crime that would act out in the open. At least, not in Japan, the country Zack himself was in. Criminals knew he'd shut it down swiftly. Unless the group from Europe crossed the ocean then the rebels in Japan must have been getting brave to perform an assassination of their own. It was quite a jump. But then again, Zach doesn't know how terrorist think. He only has their previous actions to express what they are up to.

But even this was considered nothing compared to what Zack used to do. He was a Guardian after all. His responsibilities used to involve saving the planet--saving his Realm. Dealing with small rebels was more than a huge step backwards and to be blunt; it was boring. It had been silent for a long time. Four years something happened in England but that was the closest to anything resembling a real threat. But it was resolved mostly before Zack even step foot in the country. The only thing to come out of that was finally appointing a new Queen over this Realm and having discussions over what should happen if the group from the invaders were to come back.

It was a waste of time discussing that particular topic because it was confirmed that any unauthorized portals leading to the Middle Realm, Earth, were closed. There were two suspects that disappeared and one of them being wanted but just plastering the guy's name on a piece of paper and sticking a price on him was enough for the higher ups to call the case closed. They were convinced that the bounty hunters would take it from there and the other person that disappeared wasn't considered a threat.

Zack yawned and was considering another nap when his assistant barged through the door again.

“Ah-ha! Caught you awake this time.” All Zack could do was mutter under his breath for not locking the door after Uriko left last time.

“What is it this time, Uriko?” She shoved another paper in Zack's face. He leaned back in his chair and took a look at it. The paper held a portrait of a man and a woman. He immediately recognized the picture of the man as Nero Rayne. “Okay, you obviously have something to tell me relating to this I hope?”

“Looks like those bounty hunters you deemed worthless proved themselves. They found both of these people.” A small fire started to kindle in Zack's eyes.

“Did these two elude capture?” Zack asked hoping for a right answer.

“So far yes, but we have their location pinpointed and are already prepping a plane with several other squad members. They are not far from our location.” Zack couldn't help a smile appear on his face.

“ETA from takeoff?” Zack asked already going to his closet and pulling out his gear.

“ETA is twenty minutes.” Zack closed the closet door and was already heading out the office.

“Hurry yourself up, Uriko. I want to be in the air in three minutes.


As Zack neared the destination he saw that they were in a remote village. Population easily in the low hundreds at best. Zack turned to his assistant and personal bodyguard.

“So this is where the class A criminal hid himself for four years?” Uriko shrugged.

“I don't know if he's been here the whole time or not. But what matters is that he's here now. It would be expected that he take up residence in a small village. None of the residents would, most likely, not know about his status since this area is secluded from a lot of modern city influence.”

“And who's the girl? His spouse?” Uriko shrugged again. A habit that Zack found annoying but it was something he put up with since she was extremely good at her job.

“All I know is that Nero and Ambeon worked together a while ago. But most of that information is classified by the organization they worked for. Even though the two are embarrassments the people they work for stick to their policies of keeping all their members' information classified.” Zack nodded and someone called out that they were about to make it to the drop off zone. Zack looked and saw a group of villagers looking up in confusion. He didn't see anyone that would resemble bounty hunters and wondered if Nero took them out. But he couldn't see Nero either, so maybe he was taken.


Zack and his squad touched down and was taken aback that the villagers were immediately cooperative. The must have found out who exactly Nero was or what he had done. Or maybe he held these villagers as hostages for four years. Zack shook the thought. His mind was wondering too much. He was too excited to be dealing with issues as a Guardian and not as a federal operative.

To Zack's surprise the man he was looking for was sitting down with the girl, Ambeon, as if they were waiting. Zack frowned at the lack of resistance.

“So, you must be Nero and Ambeon, I presume?” Zack called out above the drone of the helecopter. The young man looked up and met Zack's eyes.

“You presume correctly.” He answered.

“You do realize that you've been on the run for quite some time. You have quite the list of accomplishments that you've achieved back in England. They personally, want your head-on a plate. But that's not my style. We do things the way I want them done since you are in my jurisdiction now.” A couple of soldiers walked up to Nero and Ambeon, put them in cuffs, and led them to the chopper. Once again, Zack was thrown a little off that there was no resistance from either of these two.

Well, four years is a long time to be running. Maybe he finally gave up. Zack had questions that would be answered all in due time.


Astrid winced and cursed aloud as a doctor checked over her hand just as Lilith walked in.

“Astrid, I heard what you did.” Lilith's voice was calm but Astrid knew the girl long enough to tell what her emotions were through her monotone voice.

She was pissed.

“You know how I get in a fight. And you know how I feel about the bastard. Yet you think I will restrain myself? Especially, when he draws his sword against me?” Lilith cast her eyes on the doctor.

“Leave us.” Without a word the man dropped what he was doing and quickly exited the room. Lilith walked up to Astrid and took her injured hand. “This is a different type of burn. It's the same type of burn he does when that symbol your mother gave him activates.” Lilith pressed on the injury and Astrid involuntarily screamed out and dropped to her knees. “This pain is to remind you of your failure and what you may have cost us. We needed Nero, here, uninjured. And I just learned that a Guardian now has a hold of him!" Lilith let go of Astrid's hand and swung the back of her hand against the girl's face. The force sent Astrid sprawling across the floor.

“That's enough!” Rebecca entered the room and was instantly at Astrid's side.

“Why do you even act like you are in the pursuit of revenge? It's not as if you are Ms. Eveyln's real children.” Rebecca looked at Lilith in shock. Lilith smiled. “I guess there was a line I just crossed. While we're on the subject Evelyn's true flesh and blood is on the way. She is to clean up the mess you made. I suggest you do all you can to prove yourself as an asset. She is not as lenient as I.” Lilith exited the room leaving Astrid and Rebecca in silence.

“I should have known that she knew.” Astrid said. “She's a seer after all.”

“It doesn't change anything. We are still the same people whether or not Evelyn was our mother. She raised us like we were her own. I know of no other mother but her. Rebecca helped Astrid to her feet. “So what are we going to do about Nero? Lilith said he was in Guardian custody. A Guardian is very powerful. They are what defeated Evelyn many years back.”

“We'll figure something out. I'll ask Amy if she has anything in mind since she lives on Earth.” Astrid suggested and her sister gave her a look of doubt.

“You really want to ask Amy? Why not anyone else on Earth?”

“Because Amy knows a lot more of Earth than any of our other contacts. Lilith thinks that she has everything under wraps because she's a seer. I'll let her think that a little longer before I set her straight. I'm not a bitch to be messed with.”
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