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by Amyb
Rated: E · Prose · Action/Adventure · #2120022
Read to find out about this thriller comedy mystery and even oh a little...romance!
One cold winter day two wolfs,one cub and adult where talking a walk in the nice cool teritotory of their woods. They where talking and asking questions about the alpha and who the next alpha might be, and will it be a girl or boy this time? When they heard the most wild scary horrifing scream. "What was that?" the pup asks shivering with fear and from the cold. "You go talk to Max and i'll figure out whats happening right now. ok?" the adult says. "But Am.." the pup started. "No buts. Just do as I say. whos in charge here?" the adult interrupts. "Ok, ok, fine i'll go, I was starting to get cold anyway." the pup agread. Then the two go their ways to start off our story of THE LONE WOLF.
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