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Rated: E · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2120037
Funny opposing princess and prince, complete opposites of the world instead of a real war.
         There's a powerful demon who exists amongst humanity now that has an ability to project into a victims body and mind, causing a possession to take place and is one of the ruling demons of the world. He keeps mocking, abuses and harasses the princess, virgin Mary intentionally this way. He's doing this currently on a daily basis to her and it's destroying her due to the extreme stress it's been causing her to keep having to go through. He's made her family and friends turn their back on her, abandon her, she lost her jobs, her home, almost everything from this demon harassing her through anyone by her. This demon that's been continuing to harassing her does this simply by jumping into one of you that's by her, unsusspectedly and unnoticed, your weak, vulnerable mind.

         Here's an example of how the demon is harassing Mary, while mocking and harassing the princess, he laughs at her, "I got my princess now, see her? Instead of you. She's so much younger, more fun and rich than you are. See her walking her dog looking so much better than you?" He said this when Mary drove by a beautiful young, blonde girl in her 20s, that wore her hair up in a ponytail yesterday walking her dog and Mary seen her driving by them in her vehicle.

         The evil demon was seen by Mary that he was in the fake chosen princess, she seen that the young lady was already gone, her soul. Her flesh was young and beautiful, but lacked her soul, so the prince demon mocked the true princess that has a soul by laughing at her, through his chosen false princess.

         The real princess continued to drive away from the demon possessed princess without her soul, with the demon laughing, smirking and harassing her through the soulless flesh walking her dog on the sidewalk. The evil ruling demon, Lucifer and his right hand man and legion of demons took everyone's soul from lust and also infecting them with an incurable disease from the act. People are still doing it with people all over the place, it's Lucifer and his legion infecting the remaining humans with HIV and they're still at it too which is going to wipe humanity out.

         The ruling demon of the world forms others to get involved in on harassing the princess with a soul left, all humans were taken with an incurable disease by this one ruling demon. He thinks it's so funny. He nods at the others that lack the soul in other humans flesh he already took and his legion now possess.

         The legion that opposes the ruling demon know all about this plot, including about Mary's "final assault," the stupid demons all keep boasting and talking about all over the place. How could the legions of good possibly know? The evil demons are careless and stupid, revealing it, the angels of God could also be anywhere, right by the evil demons at any given moment, and evil can't see, good can.

         "Ya, we're going to make virgin Mary get the disease everyone got from our ruling demon that's incurable, and her baby will have it too. This is so funny I can't believe how stupid the second coming of Mary is and how easy it was for Satan and us to win like this. Right now she's just our slave. This is so funny!" Both demons laugh about it Mary's right by them, and heard everything they said. The one talking was Satan's right hand man, talking about it to Satan. They're staring at and are mocking and laughing at Mary now.

         Jesus and St. Michael were also standing by Mary, right before Satan, his legion, both in flesh and demon not in flesh and his right hand man assault her, they ambush all of them. Little did Satan and his demon legions know, God was always by her side. He seen, heard and knew everything before Satan and his legion struck her. That's when Satan himself, ended his own rule. No one knows everything, but the Father does.
© Copyright 2017 marysapphire (mary777666 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2120037