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Another short little scene, part of larger project (WIP)
Other than the heavy footfalls of his boots, the only notable sound was a long and labored sigh from the mouth of the bored roving sentry. Even the faint breeze tonight was oddly quiet.

Literally nothing... utter bullshit. Richard muttered and cursed the patrol rotation, then silently cursing the street.

<Ku-thud> <Ku-thud> <Ku-thud>

Smirking to himself, he had to admit he actually kind of enjoyed the soft yet crisp sound his boots made on the brick and cobble sidewalks and asphalt. His gear buckles and belt rattle quietly with his steps.

Making it to the end of the street, he sighed again. He would have to turn around and do the square around the 12th Residential Block, which he really did not want to do. Boredom and exhaustion wore at his nerves.

He felt his neck sting. Odd... A wave of light headedness. A shiver washed over. His hand reached up to his throat and felt a warm wetness. A glance down revealed a distinct deep red in the low light.

He hadn't heard anything, and barely felt anything either.

Dead before his slumping body crumpled to the ground, his body wouldn't be found until his relief arrived in a two hours.
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