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by Twiga
Rated: ASR · Fiction · Philosophy · #2120158
From In & Out Twiga's Stories
Once upon a time First Boy woke up for the first time. When First Boy woke up for the first time it was night. First Boy was laying in the midst of a grassy meadow. First Boy was a Healthy Boy of seemingly 12 Years of age. First Boy sat up and he looked..

At his own arms, they were skinny and pale as the Moon that was shining down on him. First Boy just sat with his legs in front of him and examined his body that was when he heard a tiny 'HEY!' He looked down and saw at his side a Tiny Black Ant. First Boy

Looked down at the Insect in amazement. The Black Ant kicked him with her tiny foot "You're blocking traffic!" The Ant yelled "Who are you?" Asked First Boy "I am Ant." Said the Ant "And I'm late for work!" "What is work?" Asked First Boy Ant then began..

To crawl up First Boy's body as First Boy would not move for her. "Work is doing important things." She said as she crawled up his side "For example I have to gather food for my Fellow Ants." "What is food?" Asked First Boy Ant sighed irritably and said..

"Food is something you put in your mouth to live." Said Ant "You go too long without putting Food in your mouth you will die." "Die?" First Boy didn't know what die meant but he already didn't like the sound of it "Yes." Said Ant "When you die you stop.."

"You stop breathing, you stop moving and then you start to turn into dirt." First Boy gasped "I don't want to turn into dirt!" He exclaimed "Where do I find food?" Ant was already crawling down First Boy's other side "There are many kinds of food..." Ant,

Said "Way out to the West is a Wheat Field that we Ants like to gather Wheat from." "Wheat?" Asked First Boy "Uh huh." Said Ant "Think of grass but much taller with tiny seeds at the end of their stalks. The part we eat are the tiny seeds." First Boy then

Decided he would go find the Wheat, he then decided to stand for the first time, as he began to stand Ant quickly jumped off him and quickly scurried back to her nest, as First Boy stood for the first time on his wobbly skinny legs he heard a distant howl

First Boy was approached by a Wolf "Who are you?" Asked Wolf "I've never seen a creature like you before." "I could say the exact same about you." Said First Boy "My name is Wolf." Said Wolf "I am First Boy." Said First Boy and then he fell over the Wolf.

Back at her nest, an excited ant told of her adventures. No one believed her. "Aw, sit down Aunt Molly! You're drunk!

Meanwhile in the Grassy Meadow. Wolf was helping First Boy get untangled from her. "Are you some kind of Bird?" Asked Wolf "I've never seen any creature walk on their hind legs but a Bird." "What is a Bird?" Asked First Boy "That answers that question."

Wolf said First Boy rolled away from Wolf "I am trying to find food." First Boy said "An Ant told me I could find food in a Wheat Field far to the west and if I don't have food I will die." "That is true." Wolf nodded "We Wolves don't eat wheat though..."

"What do you eat?" First Boy asked "We eat meat." Said Wolf "What is meat?" Asked First Boy "You really are innocent aren't you?"
Wolf said soothingly "Tell you what...I'll take you to my den where I can give you food. Sit down on my back I'll take you.."

So First Boy sat on Wolf's back and Wolf took First Boy to her den. After they left the grassy meadow and went into the Forest. Two Shadowy Figures emerged and looked at each other "She has taken First Boy? Shall we go after them?" Asked the First of them

"No." Said the other Shadowy Figure"We shall wait and see." Wolf took First Boy to her Den in the forest, First Boy saw her Cubs playing with the bones. Wolf say down and First Boy slid off her back. Wolf handed him a piece of raw meat "Here is meat."

Said Wolf it was a Kidney. First Boy took a bite...It was sweet and warm and delicious beyond all imagining! He eagerly devoured the entire Kidney

"Please, sir. May I have another?" said First Boy.

And there are many more stories I could tell you about First Boy but I shall save those for another time. In the meantime let us move on to another story
© Copyright 2017 Twiga (twiga at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2120158