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Rated: E · Monologue · Religious · #2120255
This is a brief monologue I wrote
I visited today the that special place, where my flesh was killed and my body laid. that's were my sin was crucified on the side of the road. the realization of my faults were un fold. I hated man because they hurt, they broke me down and singled me out, spreading lies and half truths, I felt victimized. I was in titled to love I was in titled to respect, however I failed to realize that while those things hurt, I am not responsible for others actions. I am however responsible for mine, I didn't know it until I heard the voice with a double edge sword. I was presented with that question, are you a christian? I thought I was, I mean, I went to church I believed that Jesus was real and really the son of god, But how I was revealed my heart. The next question was asked, why are you mad? I was stopped dead in my tracks, I hated others, enjoyed violence and watching people in pain, I inflicted pain with my mouth and physically when it suited me. I wished the world would burn like a candle all because I did not feel love, when the king I say I serve took so much more, blameless he was beat, spit on and called names, he deserves a crown of glory, but instead he got a crown of thorns, he should be dressed in the finest cloths but his cloths were torn, and why am I mad when He had to go through so much more, yet he loved them anyway, he loves us anyway, it's our sin he died for, the very people who nailed him to a tree, and that's were I knew I was guilty and even though I am guilty, he showed up on the side of the road, and breathed the breath of life in my lungs, so I bowed down and removed my crown, my righteousness which was a charred stump, and made him my king, the one who saved me, the one whose robes are clean, and the one who has the power even to love his enemies. My God my Savior had ransomed me on exit 686
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