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by wowee
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Alice and Mel have a chat
“Alice…how long do you actually plan on doing this? Asked Mel Carlyle, peeking over her younger sisters Alices’ anything but slim shoulders , and onto her laptop screen. “I mean really?”

“Do what?” asked a nearly 300lb Alice innocently. Her pudge pooled in the majority of the living room couch alongside her sister to one side and her hand in a bag of Oreos in the other.

“You-you know exactly what! This!” said Mel with an accusatory finger, although in fairness it could be in reference to numerous plans her sister had been up to…

It had all started four year years ago…Alice had been invited to attend Buttercombe Academy following in the senior student footsteps of her sterner sister Mel. The two had slim and trim sisters shared what they both agreed was a wonderful first year as roommates, with Mel showing her newbee sister the ropes around the school, and on bequest of her mother, always silently keeping a watchful eye on her younger sister’s grades, friends, and waistline.

However, the following year Mel had gone on to college, and Alice was left to her own devices her sophomore year at school, falling into a group of friends where food and fun went hand in hand. She’d come back 25 lbs heavier Christmas! Quite the shock to her family, but not as big of a shock as when she returned even bigger with another 50lbs by the end of the semester! Not only were Mel and her Mother stunned to see such physical changes but it was Alice’s new attitude as well! Apparently, Alice had picked up a sweet tooth for the sweet taste of freedom, along with her newfound foodie lifestyle. Now outweighing her mother quite a bit she’d frequently argue and rebel against her mother’s incessant overbearing demands and henpecking. She and her sister were still quite cool for the most part, but Mel had only recently relented and resigned to the fact that her sister was blowing up like a balloon with more and more fat every time she came back from school, now ill at ease as her sister teetered on borderline obesity.

Then there was this Alice’s state of affairs this summer. After some encouragement from her new found friends from school, her once teeny tiny Etsy store of hand sewn socks (Argyle by Caryle), had expanded outwards into an enterprise of leggings and then onto sweater vests. Alice had made quite a fat stack of bills, but had made sure to feed her piggy bank as often as she fed herself, and eventually saved enough to purchase the latest model of sewing machine she could find. From there she’d followed her new calling of selling made-to order clothes for larger women, at what Alice would admit might have been “puffed up” prices…

“Sounds like somebody’s just mad she didn’t think of it first…” teased the beaming bbw blonde, having finished all but two of the cookies from an entire tray of her Oreos in a sitting. She held the two survivors out towards her sister, who waved them away with a small wave of her hand, having to advert her eyes from the temptation of treats. Alice instantly inhaled the two, barely seeming to taste them.

“Alice you know I’m not talking about your store! I think that’s amazing, really! I meant….this!” she sank her slim accusatory finger into the exposed belly blubber of her lil’ sisters belly. “It’s like you’re practically doing it on purpose to piss mom off now aren’t you?

“Mha, mhaha sta-ha-hop! Mel you know I’m ticklish!” Alice gave a small buck, her hefty belly almost bumping the laptop off the TV tray table in front of her. “Maybe, I am or…” said Alice after her jiggling had settled. “But so what!? Maybe I just really enjoy food a lot! I mean, she gets her check for rent for the month anyways.”

“-Can’t believe she’s doing that by the way-”

“-Well, she’s certainly surprised every month when I have the money. She still doesn’t know how I’m doing it.” Alice added gleefully. “Mom’s pissed off…and I’m getting o- uhhh…The important thing is I’m cool with it Mel! And you told me yourself that you don’t really mind either, so that’s basically the only two people in the house whose opinion I care about.” Said Alice in a matter of fact way, flashing a tender sisterly smile towards her sister.

“Geeze, I can’t exactly argue with that…” said Mel the concern apparently resolved for the moment. Then after a pause, “You wouldn’t have any more snacks stashed away? I’m kinda regretting getting seconds on mom’s vegi-spaghetti.”

“Hmmm…I might have a box of twinkies upstairs or two I’d be willing to share…” hinted Alice with a lick of her lips…
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