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by Rpu4
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The third species

Everything is Ofenstad!! Well at least for the politically acknowledged borders, the name of this strong and proud species and some other things… it is going to be wild ride, so, hang on!. If history on Earth would have gone slightly different and dinosaurs, lizards and frogs had become a cognitive animal species, instead of some weird monkeys, today we would be Ofenstad too. A multicoloured snake like skin with many patterns and different textures. Their the coloration and pattern of their skin can be simply changed with some surgery. They are oviparous, coldblooded and same as lizards they have a very high regeneration factor. They can regrow limbs (hands, kegs, tails, wings, fingers .. yes even that), organs (eye, heart, stomach, liver..) the only thing that they can not grow back is hair (but it only apply to Mogarys because they are the only subspecies with hair).

There is one Ofenstad legend, it is The Legend about Th One. The legend of Rokúr. But many families knows this legend by many other names. Legend of Rorax, Legend of Roxur, but the most used name is Legend of Ofenstado. This last name is used mostly for children.

In the legend of Rokúr we can learn that it is possible for an ofenstad to survive everything if the heart and brain is intact. For children the meaning is interpreted as devotion and focus to everything they are doing. But the true meaning is more literal. In short Rorax as one of many gods of Ofenstad was lost in a desert … or exiled to the desert … it depends on who you ask. Many aspect of this story divides. Some say he was eating part of himself to simply not to starve other that he was fighting animals. But one thing stays the same in ever iteration: On the Long night Rorax was attacked (maybe by animals maybe by other gods or even scared people of Ofenstad…) and smashed to peaces and all what was left of him was his head (this is not a biology class I will not tell you where Ofenstads have their hearts or how many they have). Never the less the story ends with Rorax entering a Small house with a spare body of his own to eat. In the children version he had a pet and bag of books and he learned how farm.

The story of Rokúr is long. But why am I writing this? Specie have their religions all around but only Ofenstads have a part of religion that effect everyone (mostly everyone) since birth. When a new ofenstad hatch out its blood is tested for The Roxúr gene and the percentage of it is something to be written in to the life documentation of the new ofenstad. This is not a theology, biology or sociology class we need to move on.

Ofenstads takes themselves as the number one species on Svet or even Universe. They commonly say that they were the first on the planet and that their history started around the year three hundred thousand years before The Happening. The first ever mention of Ofenstad was found in a cave Ofenstad which is in the middle of Ofenstad (or so every Ofenstad claim that) …. psst mathematically the claim does not add up but keep it to yourself for now and if you meat an Ofenstad never ever, ever say it! Do not even whisper it.

Ofenstad does not have historically based folk crafts or guilds. “Everyone can do everything.” Subspecies of Ofenstads are Likart, Diflie, Mogary and So. Ofenstads are highly spiritual we can say magical or even wizards. Only Likart and Diflie can fly but Mogary and So can levitate, but that is not a true flying on a biological case. Do not get tangled up in too many things. We need to learn about Ofenstad and Ofenstads I will mention two little things, well three ok four, all lies a side seven or more semi big things, but lets go.

Stereotype of the whole species is dominance, leadership and great stamina. There is a saying among people of Svet: “If there is an Ofenstad with us we will survive.” When it was necessary for the law to chose native nourishment (food or drink). There was a referendum in which Ofenstads chosen one food and one drink. Objections of Rinebads about “If Ofenstads want uniformed native nourishment they should have only one not two!” was pointless and unsuccessful.

Native Food Menes
Gnocchi made out of lilac-violet coloured variety of Zork with steamed Limara drenched in melted Dagir and sprinkled with crushed Golima.

Limara which is claret coloured starfruit.
Dagir which is terracotta coloured liquorice.
Golima which are earthy coloured almonds.
Zork is a grain from which flour is produced. For this meal lilac-violet coloured variety is used.

Native Drink Dingwad
Also known as “Gold tea” or “Liquid gold”. The committee (of course the non Ofenstad members) had reviewed it with one sentence: “What other then this hot mess would the cold ones chose to drink?” To prepare right Dingwad is very hard. If the ratio of juices you will never get the gold colour. It is prepared form seven ingredients and one very crucial flavouring item.

1 Efle which is carmine coloured pineapple.
2 Mozéris which is indigo coloured Orange.
3 Ullart which is a creamy coloured Mango
4 Virta which is red coloured lemon.
5 Lmou which is ivory coloured apple.
6 Äqurax which is broken white coloured grapefruit.
7 Razigra which is a grey currant.
8 Dýmma which are amber coloured coco beans.

Cooks often think, that dýmma powder is mixed in to tea as a finishing touch. But they are wrong. According to the amount of Dingwad we want to prepare, we will need a sufficient amount of dýmma powder (one tea spoon for hundred millilitres of Dingwad). The amount of dýmma powder must be devided in to seven portions and must be mixed after every fruit. I am not going to write down the recipe here, because I do not have a sieve and this is not a culinary class.

I should have made a disclaimer: This is not a class on anything this is a brief introduction to Ofenstad species.

Until we would move along it is may be obvious but Ofenstads as a beings of magic and wizardry have some sort of extravagance in their speech and spoken word. The best known ceremony, which is even used by some other species even by some Gereks (guess which ones). The ceremony is called: “Morumo morumo”. Even though non Ofenstads try to perform the ceremony to the letter only ofenstads can, by the right utterance of the verses, achieve the state of bliss. As happened, will happen or is happening right now (at this point we are outside of concept of time so choose one and move on) in an conversation between two friends (One Ofenstad So female Juka Soul and one Rinebad Drigler male Syspo Púlsala):

{…”What was that?” Syspo ask. “Do You mean Rorax Rokúr? That is only a grating charm for those who are leaving.” Juka explained with a big sigh. “ No, I know that! You had taught me that,” Syspo angrily shouted, “What was the sudden elevator kick-out and mainly your trans?” If you can imagine an empty bucket with eyes that is how Juka had stared at Syspo and then she asked, “How should I kn… What trans? All I remember is that you are yelling at everyone that I am your friend even though we know each other for three minutes. So look Rúki if you want to make friends only after three minutes I do not want to know what three hours will do to you!” Syspo wanted to burst into laughter, “You still do not remember me? Well, I was talking about your trans what you had just there. And who is this Morumo tidell?” Juka asked ”Morumo, morumo?” Juka was processing information as fast as she could, “Morumo, morumo means ‘Save saviour’, it is a pray for protection of Ofenstad and all Ofenstads. But what is it to you? And by the way, why did you used the word tidell and what in a name of Lorex you want from me?” Syspo realised it would take a lot of explanation, because Juka had not recognised him at all. “Look Juka I will explain it to you all in a moment. But please tell me one thing. Why did you pray with those monks?” “Why would I be doing that? I was just standing there and al of a sudern we were kicked out. Hey! How come you know my name?” Juka started to be suspicious and had slowly prepared to fight…}

This story is far away from the place where we are right now. It had already happened or it is happening right now, but it is possible it is a history tale. I I said before, lets move on.

Ofenstads have their lives set form the egg as it were. They choose the road themselves, but the life is highly dogmatic. Disclaimer: It is dogmatic but not narrow (well not for all anyway).

The social state of age is set by the subspecies because the lifespan of every subspecies varies. So now we will work with subspecies even though we as off this time do not know how they look.

Age and the place in society
Disclaimer: there will be too much numbers here so I will make it easy with doing the math and use numerals instead of words

1 Newborn
From the hatching (FTH)
Likart - FTH to year 2 of life (2 years)
Diflie - FTH to year 3 of life (3 years)
Mogary -FTH to year 4 of life (4 years)
So - FTH to year 5 of life (5 years)

The life period of newborn features simple life in family do build self esteem and respect to elders. Family is represented as a main building cell of society. Everyone have place in family but some families are matriarchal others are patriarchal and most families are based on parent equality. (remember Ofenstads are basically lizards or frogs so same gender parents does not stay same gander for long…).

2 Child
The child life period is full of games, art, creativity, spots, and every aspect of life you can think of … yes even politics. Every child have equal opportunity and the same environment irregardless of the “wealth” and social position of its family. This period of life focus on camaraderie of contemporaries to create strong and comprehensive society and generations.

The time of this life period starts at different age and end at the different age and its length is also different dependent on the sub species.
Years of life (YOL)
Likart - from 2 YOL to 7 YOL(5Y).
Diflie - from 3 YOL to 10 YOL (7Y).
Mogary - from 4 YOL to 12 YOL (8Y).
So - from 5 YOL to 14 YOL (9Y).

3 Bigger Child
Now bigger child it is something we humans do not understand a concept off. We just do not have that much time. If we would like to grasp a hint of it, it is like a high school with games and no one is thinking about reproduction at this point or at leat in a manner that they would like to be a part of it they are talking about it and studying it. In this period of life child is choosing a field of perfection. Of course they can choose one, two or three fields or even all of them. But statistically one out of hundred ofenstads will chose more then one fields and no one had chosen all the fields. Well, nearly no one…

The fields:
1 Religion
It is mostly education about the history, cryptography and languages of every peoples of Svet. Everything what is connected to the spiritual part of life.

2 Science
Biology, physics, mathematics and all of their derivations. Science is the most favourite field, because it is easier to apply for leaving Ofenstad when Ofenstad becomes and adult (at the time when it was necessary to do so). Even though the leaving always had to begin in the School metropolis of Aqueths called ‘Čalbybag’. Some ofenstad call the scientists ‘travellers’.

3 Sport and military
Brains or muscles? Guess which ones is often choosing this field. This is the most dogmatic field. We can say it is a dogmatic and narrow view of the ofenstads, but we will not. Because we do not want them to kill us. So think for a moment about your past or present (depends on your age) and you will possibly come up with a person or two who would choose this field.

4 Art
The youngest field. But with the oldest roots. Rhythm, syncing, the sense of aesthetics is the main characteristic of this field. Some ofenstads call people in this field clowns and show-offs. This field contains all crafts. From potter through fashion designers and scaler
(human equivalent of hairdresser, but ofenstads have hairdressers too) to actors, singers and writers and everything in between.

YOLs for this period of life:
Likart - from 7 YOL to 13 YOL (6Y)
Diflie - from 10 YOL to 17 YOL (7Y)
Mogary from 12 to 20 YOL (8Y)
So - from 14 YOL to 30 YOL (16Y)

4 Adolescent child
This period of life we can also call: Period of higher education. Two years before reaching adulthood Ofenstads can apply for leaving Ofenstad (can or was able to). Well basically it was application for an internship and later for a full time job in the metropolis of schools Čalbybag. … and STOP! In Year 928 one young So lady had received a special approval to go to Rinebad at the age of 37, but of course she had to return before she would reach the age of 48 because of Ofenstad traditions. Spoiler alert she did not make it on time. It is a long story so I am sorry, but you already know her name.

In this period of life every ofenstad will achieve at least one breakthrough in the field of choosing. Sometime however some do not achieve a breakthrough, but everyone is a valued member of the society. Where would we all be if everyone was the same? ”Do not worry even the smallest thing can bring us better and greater Ofenstad.” this ideology is the core of teaching of every Ofenstad. It is creating psychological aspect to eliminate the feeling of inferiority.

YOLs for this period of life:
Likart from 13 YOL to 21 YOL (8Y)
Diflie from 17 YOL to 30 YOL (13Y)
Mogary from 20 YOL to 40 YOL (20Y)
So from 30 YOL to 50 YOL (20Y)

5 Adult
In this period of life Ofenstads do what they were preparing them selves in early stages of their lives. All their knowledge is used to build an create better and happier Ofenstad.

In Ofenstad no money exist. Or as the stories who would become old are always starting wit a phrase: “When money did not exist!” Speaking of money because money do not exist something like “wealth” was or rather is something way different then we think it is. The wealth of a person or a family is considered to be a result of the social contribution. The wealthiest are the smartest or hardworking people. Basically it is something like a celebrity status. Even though the money are not existent after reaching of adulthood every Ofenstad receive 300 000 points (This points are also called ofenstad). Points are used to purchase or build a real estate and other essential things that would ofenstad need in the line of work that he or she chosen. Renovation a repairing of thing are excluded form points. Point just create some sort of limitation where can a person reach to.

It may seem that in this kind of society there is impossible to have people with big real estate backgrounds, but Ofenstads dies. With death there is a heritage for relative. Often the real estate is repurposed to state and relative are given Ofenstad points. But here are exceptions. some just keep the real estate. As same as in marriage. Two Ofenstads decide that they wan to live together and they want a bigger real estate. So their current real estates are liquidised in to Ofenstad points the buildings are repurposed or demolished and the two happy Ofenstads can build their big home. As usual some exceptions are here as well. Imagine if you have a flat in the centre of town and your soulmate have a cottage in the mountains. You would not sell the great vacation spot would you?

Food, literature, clothes and other consumables and essentials are available for everyone as they please. Ofenstads are really the most intelligent and nationally conscious society that had been (is, will be… depends on time) on Svet or in the whole universe.

You ask what if there is someone who can use all this comfort and just do not want to work or do anything at all. Well as it is mentioned Ofenstads are nationally conscious and they do not see a purpose of laziness. If from our point of view Ofenstad become lazy he is marked as “tired” and she or he have tow choices what to do next. Either he would became the “waiting for idea” (WFI) or he would go to early retirement. In the early retirement ofenstad is doing chores that helps older adults with their chores.

YOLs for this period of life:
Likart from 21 YOL to 95 YOL (74Y)
Diflie from 30 YOL to 4 500 YOL (4 470Y)
Mogary from 40 YOL to 18 000 YOL (17 960Y)
So from 50 YOL to 75 000 YOL (74 950Y)

6 Retiree
Teachers, the authorities for young, mentors for the new generations. They pass the knowledge down the line. However there are some who continue their work in their fields.

YOLs for this period of life:
Likart from 95 YOL till death
Diflie from 4 500 YOL till death
Mogary from 18 000 YOL till death
So from 75 000 YOL till death and more

“Ofenstad the society with out money. That can not work.” This word in year Zero when The Happening happened had destroyed what Ofenstad had represented. Even though food and all the other essentials stayed free of charge consumables had changed its purposes. Clothes become uniforms so the could stay free of charge. Casual clothes nonessential literature, non educational toys and any other “fun stuff” needed to be purchased. This “sudden turn” of society caused that it wan not rare that Ofenstads was working till death and the purpose Retirees had become a job. “And that is how big things had destroyed even bigger things.”

Well ew are not here in history class (we could have been, but other time). Lets go to learn about the morphology of subspecies. Should I name them again? Ofenstad Likart, Ofenstad Diflie, Ofenstad Mogary and Ofenstad So.

Ofenstad Likart
Lizards all-around us so many Lizards. Did you knew that the ancestors of birds were lizards? Likarts would have made it clear right away. Notwithstanding that they are the only subspecies of Ofenstad that does not live pass 500 years from the historical point of view their significance was always the most important. The short lifespan is attributed to the fast heart rate. On average they live 170 years The oldest Likart had lived 448 years.

Their sight is adaptable to every environmental conditions. Thermo vision, night vision even sonar as bats, but that is something about their ears. Their wings are as same as wings of bees. They have three fingers ended with sharp claws on their hands. They have five-finger feet they nearly look like human hands. They even use them as hands because most of the time they are flying or they are hanging on branches or other high places snagged by their three fingered hands. They have weird eating habit. In short they are eating like frogs. But if we want to stay in Svet terminology they are eating like Šaflosies (Šaflos is something like a big toad … some are really big).

Ofenstad Diflie
I will start with an long extract form a story. {“I did not knew that it is possible to walk on sound.” Ortel shouted. “Shut up and run!” Dix had spurred him. Then the ceiling of the cave took a shot and fell on Koly and silenced him forever and with his voice the sonic bridge has disappeared too. “Zirr!” Nfis fell on knees. “Everyone is dead Horz, Jalx, Gimor, Firral, Dolmax, Willar Umilara and now Koly and Zirr” “Where is Derra? She was right behind Zirr!”…} I am sorry for starting this grim. The point of this tha Koly was .. teda is … Will be?… Ofenstad Diflie.

This subspecies special feature is flying webs but for flying the use their strong voices. With the right frequency they can disturb rocks and as the extract show their “shout” can be so dense it can support a weight of a soldier in full field equipment. The outer morphology is similar to humans except for the flying web which starts at writs and are ends right above hips. They can fold the webs thank to two fingers. One little on wrist and one bigger under chest. And as every ofenstad the have scaly skin.

Ofenstad Mogary
The only subspecies which have hair. Well some are bald. However bald Ofenstad Mogary have a disadvantage. The main function of hair is a protection of “pale part” of head against environmental impact. It is not dangerous but Mogary with out a proper training can be anxious and it can lead to psychic problems. The name pale part or PP is only a historical name because many Mogaryies are colouring it. PP is a part of head where in brain a special apparatus is placed. In short with this apparatus Mogaryies can change physical laws that is why the spot is so sensitive. And if it is protected only by skin and bone it is quite distracting when one needs to focus.

Ofenstad So

Gills and swimming webs. These are the additional things of this sub species. Some Ofenstads So even live underwater and they travel on surface only exceptionally. They also have normal lungs. Scales on the back of their heads are ossified and they point back. They often look as horns or they resemble hedgehogs. Ofenstads So are the most magical creatures of all Ofenstads. They can talk to animals. Do you remember the extract where Koly was killed by the cave ceiling? If at that point there was a So there he or she could have created a protection field to stop rocks from falling on Koly. But at that oment there was no So with them. But before there was. There was two of them: {…“So the so twins dies together. How poetic or pathetic. Ha ha ha.” Horz had turned around“Jalx! Dolmax! No!!! You monster! You ahhh..!” “Gerek! Pff those necks of yours.” Erzor had broken Horzes neck and separated his head from his body, which was suddenly with out FLEZ and fell limb on the ground to Erzors feet. With his second hand Erzor had took out Horzs brain from his head and smashed it. “Only your brains are smoother.” FLEZ had disappeared form Horzs eyies. …}

What an adventure. Fun right? And now the last species Rinebad. And after that we would find out where to go next. Erzor is a Rinebad, by the way.
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