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by Ashley
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2120344
An Assassin and a skilled hunter go on the search for the rune of healing that was stolen.
Assassinating the treacherous

Part 1

It was a cold night in the forest.
Alexan was in a crouched stance holding his two scimitars, one in either hand. The blades were curved and glinted in the moonlight.
He only had a light black cloak to keep himself warm, leather arm bands that wrapped around his forearms , and brown leather armour. He wore black cotton trousers that were baggy around the legs for ease of movement when he was on the run.

He looked around suspiciously, anticipating something to happen.
Suddenly, he heard a twig snap.
He turned to where the sound came from, a man with an arrow notched; looked around nervously. He was about 20 yards to the right of Alexan.

Alexan sprinted light footed towards the enemy, placed one foot on a tree and hopped in the air towards the enemy, brought both of his blades up and stabbed the man in the upper back.

The man gasped and heathed for air,stumbled forward,and then collapsed on the floor lifeless.
Alexan pulled the blades free from the man's back with a: shwoop sound. Wiped the blood off the blades on the man's shirt and placed them back in their sheaths; which hung on each side above his hips.

Alexan stood with eyes gazing into the moonlight, his strong, lean body could be seen straining against the fabric of his shirt.

Just as he thought things calmed down he heard a scream coming from the distance. He sprinted towards where the sound was coming from.

As he appeared to where the sound was coming from he noticed a clearing in the forest where a woman was being held against a tree with a hand held around her neck. There was a group of 5 men crowding behind him.The man was wearing a bear fur with his hair cropped back into a pony tail. He was a large man, about 6ft carrying a double edged axe.

The woman was kicking and gasping for air. The men behind her were laughing and guffawing. "Well aren't you a pretty little thing. What are we gonna do with you. Haha." The large man licked his lips as he laughed.
The man tore at the woman's shirt leaving her right side of her chest bare. She yelped as he did so.

Alexan pulled out a three edged, spiked, silver projectile from a leather pouch within his cloak, threw it towards the back of the man's legs directly in front of him. The man shouted "Arghhhhh!" And collapsed shouting in agony grasping at his torn knee ligaments.

The crowd looked round readying their weapons. The tall man holding the woman looked round in fear. "Who's there?" He questioned in the dark. "Show yourself, or the woman dies." At that, Alexan sent a dagger flying towards the man's chest. The man looked down in horror and coughed and split red blood from his mouth and toppled over.

The other men ran towards Alexan, one swung his axe at him but missed and got it lodged in the tree behind him. Alexan stabbed the man in the side and then the throat. The other three men ran towards him, he jumped and side kicked one of the men towards the fire. The man fell in and set alight. he ran around, shouting and screaming as his body was ablaze. the woman shot an arrow at the man's chest and sent him toppling to the ground.

The last man looked around in horror and started running away into the distance. The woman notched another arrow: and shouted furiously at the man running: "you'll pay for what you did you bastard!" And she released the arrow. It went hurling towards the man running in fear and caught him between the shoulder blades. The man toppled over and fell into a ditch.

Part 2

"Thank you sir, how ever can I repay you?" ,the woman said. Alexan pulled down his hood which he rarely does to secure his identity. he looked up in awe. he'd never seen someone so beautiful. she must be a goddess, he thought. the woman was slender with light red hair that was slightly curled. it hung down on both sides of her body and rested on her back.slightly pointed ears could be seen popping through the edges of her hair. a small gold chain hung around her forehead with a green emerald resting on the middle of her forehead. her skin was pale like snow. her eyes brown like bear's fur. she wore a white shirt that revealed her neck and collar bone and was slightly ruffled at the forearms and wrists. she wore black leather trousers which had a small leather pouch that contained a dagger. her black boots reached just underneath her knees and her satchel of arrows lay sprawled on the floor.

"No recompense is needed my lady, I saw that you were in a spot of bother so I came to aid you," , Alexan said.
"Well a thousand blessings to you....", she paused waiting for his name.
"Alexan, my lady, of the 10th trinity, protector of Ta'drenela." , he told her.
"And I Cassandra,was indeed in a spot of bother." she explained as she gathered her things.
"My lady Cassandra, you are hurt, let me see to your wounds. my camp is but a league from here." , he said as he examined the gash just below the right side of her collar bone.
" it is just a scratch", she explained as she hurriedly covered herself out of embarrassment.
"Well you must be hungry, at least let me make you a meal and send you on your way with supplies", he said.
"Ha, never have I met such a handsome and persistent man. even the male elves of Del-renuthren aren't as persistent as you!" , she exclaimed.
Alexan's cheeks reddened at this comment.
"Ha, well I am sold, not only are you handsome but you are brave for saving me from my foes. lead the way Alexan of the 10th trinity, protector of Ta'drenela" , she sniggered slightly as she said this.

It took them an hour to reach camp. a concealed area in the forest that had a white Cone shaped tent tucked in the corner. Alexan started digging into the ground with his hands, shortly after it revealed a package tightly bound in string. the contents of which had bread, cheese, wine, a few red apples, potatoes, and spices. a long dead log sat next to the tent. Cassandra sat down daintily, she caught Alexan staring at her and quickly he began averting his eyes from her gaze. He got to work preparing food for them both.

"So what brings you into these woods in the middle of no where, Alexan?" cassandra asked.
"I could ask you the same thing, cassandra"

"If you must know, the keearnen, arch enemies of the tenth trinity, sent some assassins to kill the leader of our clan and steal the rune of Thurnea. and it is the keearnen that killed my leader. I made an oath that I will seek and kill them. and the rune that I will take back to restore the tenth trinity. " Alexan explained.
"What's so special about a rock with symbols? can't you just make one yourself?" cassandra asked defiantly.
"Just a rock! you don't think that I'd go out into the middle of the woods killing foes just to take back a rock do you?"
"I...um..... well no." Cassandra stuttered.

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