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This is an unfinished project I tried to make 3 years ago.
Leena spends her summer vacation at her family's old lake side cabin. Everything was fine until weird things start occurring:Whenever she's near the lake,she has this feeling of sadness;she finds wet footprints in the cabin;hears the sound of a guitar being played outside at night even though there is nobody else around for miles;and keeps feeling like she is being watched. One night, she woke up at the lake and doesn't understand how she got there in the first place, but she isn't just at the lake, but on the water's surface in the center of the lake. As she wonders what's going on,Leena notices a teenage boy underneath her, staring at her with a look of horror as guitar music is playing all around her. When she opens her eyes,Leena realizes that she is in bed. Thinking what she saw was a dream, she goes to the bathroom to wash her face. After she fills up the sink with water and splashes her face, she sees the boy she saw in her dream staring at her from the water in the sink. It was then that Leena realizes that her dream was actually a vision and that she must figure out why she is being haunted before something else happens.
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