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The next morning, Leena woke up feeling like she hadn't slept at all after her experience last night. This wasn't the 1st time she saw someone's spirit as she had been seeing them for as long as she can remember. She mostly saw them at hospitals and cemeteries, but none of them did anything to her. This was the first time a ghost had done anything to her. Leena realized she could see the dead at the age of 7, when her grandmother told her that she saw them too as the gift skips a generation. Now that she realized that she wasn't going crazy, she had to find out who this spirit was and what he wanted. Leena called her friends, Gus and Jesse and told them to meet her at the archives because she wanted to see the history of the Lake and the cabin and hopefully find out if anyone died there. After they met at their destination, they started their research and learned that Leena's family bought the cabin 2 years ago. An hour went by and they learned that it was sold by another family that moved away to another state, and Jesse recognized the family's name and stated that they had a son named Mitchell who he hung out with a few times before they moved. He showed his friends the only picture of Mitchell that he kept as a souvenir,and Leena realized that it was the same boy she saw the other night. She said she wanted to stay a little longer and stated that Gus and Jesse could leave her which they did. After her friends left, she looked up the boy and learned that Mitchell went missing a month after her family bought the cabin from his own. As Leena was on her way out, she ran into her boyfriend, Mason, who questions as to why she was there to begin with. She didn't want him to know about her seeing a ghost, so she had said she was writing an article about the lake and she wanted to learn it's history for resources,in which he believed. After they left the building, Mason offered her if she wanted a ride to her cabin,which she denied and said she wanted to be alone. He understood and kissed her goodbye before getting in his car and drove off. Later that night,after she went back to the cabin,Leena had another dream, but this time she was drowning. She woke up and realized she was outside for real and was soaking wet. Trying to understand what is going on,Leena sees Mitchell's ghost standing at the center of the lake,covered with water and mist surrounding him. After Leena ask him why he was haunting her, he answered,water pouring out of his mouth as he spoke, "You know me". Before Leena could say anything else, Mitchell vanished along with the mist, leaving her confused as to why the spirit knew her when she never knew him?
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