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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2120728
This is Day Four of the Promptly Potter challenge. It's another SpaceWizards Mystery
(Another SpaceWizards Action/Adventure Mystery)

Pacill came from the planet of Vollim. His arms and legs were extremely hairy. In fact, they were so hairy that if you removed all of it, you would find long squared limbs about an inch thick. The rest of the body looked human. There was some hair on the males. But there wasn’t that much of it. It’s about the same amount as human males. Their heads only looked partly human. The faces looked like us. But the top of their heads was bald. And the sides, neck, and lower part of the face under the mouth was hairy too. Just not as much as the rest of the body, arms, and legs. Why am I telling you all this? It’s because of the story that you are about to enjoy.

The Scar

A Short Story

Remembered By


     Suddenly, Pacill sat up in his Sleep Chamber Sleeper in shock. He looked at both of his arms in all angles. On the right one, there was a blackened red jagged line barely vision within the hair there. After he had closed his eyes, Pacill mumbled something as he swiped his left palm over his right arm.

     A second later the all the hair on that arm disappeared to reveal the scar that ran almost the length of that arm. Only about an inch on each end didn’t. “Where did that come from? How long have I had that? I don’t remember getting it. And I think that I would remember something like that.”


     Pacill ran through the entrance into Jacci's Sleeping Chamber before it even slid open. Luckily, Jacci was seated in a chair in front a desk with a Data Monitor on it.

     Jacci swiveled toward Pacill in shock. “What are you doing here? Why didn’t you think me before you burst in?”

     “Sorry, I didn’t think you first. But I did do an Image Location Scan spell before I entered. And it showed you were at your Data Monitor.”

     “That doesn’t explain why you are here.” Jacci still looked redder than she usually did. But not as red as she was a few seconds ago.

     “Are you working on your diary? That’s why I’m here.”

     “I am.” Jacci swiveled back toward her Data Monitor and started tapping away at it. She glanced down or turned a piece of paper every few seconds.”

     “I’ve tapped in about half of it. Why do you ask?”

     “Have you come across anything about giving me a scar. I just noticed I had one. But I don’t remember ever getting one.”

     Pacill showed her his arm after he did the No Hair spell again on it. Just then the scar started pulsating and glowing. A second later his right hand jetted out toward Jacci's neck. Pacill started choking her.


     Stavon was practicing his wizardry in the Practice Chamber when Pacill entered. In fact, he almost hit him with a Fire Ball. He quickly mumbled something and the Fire Ball curved slightly to explode against the wall next to Pacill.

     “I could have killed you. At the very least I would have hurt you badly. Why didn’t you think me before you came in here?”

     “Why does everyone keep asking me that? I just came from Jacci. And she asked the same thing.”

     Stavon didn’t say anything for several minutes. He just continued practicing his wizardry. Pacill stood there watching him. Stavon suddenly stopped and looked at Pacill. “Is there any good reason why you are here?”

     “Has there been any battles lately where I could have gotten an almost full-length scar on my arm? I was going to ask Jacci. But I didn’t think she would after I almost killed her.”

     “You did want?” stavon asked in shock. “What did you just say?”

     “It was my scar. The scar began to pulsate and glow. Then suddenly my hand was trying to choke her to death. She couldn’t speak or even mumble counter-spell. If she hadn’t of been able to think one, she would be dead right now.”

     “Let me see this scar. And before you ask, yes I want to see it.”

     Pacill sighed. He showed Stavon his scar. As soon as he did, it started glowing and pulsating again. Pacill tried to pull his hand back. But he couldn’t. A few seconds later a Fire Ball shot out of its palm. It was headed straight for Stavon's heads.


     “Have you ever gotten a living scar during a battle?” Pacill asked as he ran up to Borrele. He put his hand on her shoulder to stop her.

     Borrele spun around with a palm fist to Pacill's stomach. “Don’t come up to me like that. I could have killed you.”

     “If anyone is going to be killing anyone, it’s going to be me. I have already almost killed two of us in the last hour.”

     “You’re lucky I just used a defensive strike. If I had used a Fire Ball, an electrical string, or worse a spell you would be the one dead.”

     Borrele suddenly stopped and turned toward Pacill in shock. “What did you just say?”

     “I said I just tried to kill Jacci and Stavon. First, I almost choked Jacci. And second, I aimed a Fire Ball at Stavon. Luckily he had time to slap it away with a spell.”

     “Why did you do that? Especially to two of us.”

     “It wasn’t exactly me that did it. The scar I got during a battle did. Only I can’t remember which battle it was. Do you remember ever getting a scar during a battle.?”

     “What scar? Let me see it.”

     “I’m not going to do that. Every time I do someone could die.”

     Just then the scar started pulsating and glowing. They could barely see it through the hair. Pacill turned away from Borrele. “Get out of here while you still can. I haven’t been able to stop this so far.”

     Borrele turned and started to run. Pacill suddenly spun around and shot an electrical string at Borrele. That string was headed right for her heart.


     “Are you in here, Pacill?” Angoria asked as she entered the Mini Shuttle bay.

     “I know that you are because I did a Life Signature spell before I came in here.” Angoria started walking toward the nearest of three shuttles.

     “I’m just not sure where you are because you are always moving.”

     “Leave me alone. I don’t want to hurt, or worse, kill anyone. Especially a child.” Pacill’s voice echoed all around Angoria.

     Angoria looked around her. “I’m not a child. In fact, I’m older than you are.”

     A few seconds later Angoria continued. “We all know what is going on. And we aren’t mad at you.”

     “We know it’s the scar. All we want to do is help you. Please, let us do that.”

     “You can’t help me. I’m the only one who can do that. And I don’t know how to do that yet.”

     “I can’t control this thing. That’s why I’m here. If I leave here, I won’t kill anyone. And we all know that sooner or later that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

     “If you leave then Horrald wins. Please, let us help you. Horrald will stop us any say that he can. If he can’t do it as a team, he will do it individually.”

     Pacill didn’t say anything for several minutes. Then suddenly he shouted, “GET OUT OF HERE NOW. My arm has just started pulsating and glowing. That means I’m going to try to kill you somehow.” A few seconds later Angoria saw the shuttle in front of her rise. Then it shot right at her.


     Mairon held out a handgun in front of him. He waved it toward Pacill. “Keep moving. I don’t like doing this. But that scar gave us no choice. We have to put you in a deep freeze until we can find out what it is and get rid of it.”

     A few seconds later Mairon continued. “After what almost happened to Angoria we had to do something. That Mini Shuttle was too big for her to swat away. If we hadn’t shown up just then, she would have been killed.”

     “I know. That’s why I was going to take one of the shuttles and leave before something like that did happen. And I still think I should.”

     “Angoria was right if you did that Horrald would win.” Yena and Stavon walked right behind Maison. “And we can’t let that happen.”

     “That’s why we are putting you in a deep freeze.” Jacci and Borrele walked behind Yena and Stavon. Angoria walked behind Jacci and Borrele. “But because you’re a SpaceWizard we can’t do that with a spell. We have to do that the old fashion way, with a handgun and deep freeze.”

     “I can understand what you are saying and your reasoning behind it. But you need me to do it myself. You can monitor me on the Image Monitors. The closer you are to me the more danger you are all in.”

     “We can’t take that chance. That scar has taken you over. If we don’t do this now, we might not have the chance to do it again.” Angoria spoke up a little to be heard by everyone there.

     Pacill got to an entrance and stopped. He turned the face it. And it slid open. The others stopped too, about halfway down the hall. Pacill entered that room. By the time the others got to the entrance, Pacill was getting into a round glass tube standing up.

     Mairon stood in the entrance. The other still behind him. He started mumbling something. And the buttons on a hovering control panel next to the tube started flashing white. A few seconds later the tube filled with smoke that froze. Pacill could barely be seen in the frost.

     The scar started to pulsate and glow. Pacill started mumbling. His hands clapped twice. The first clap shattered the weapon in Mairon’s hand with two hands coming together. And the second one placed those hands on both sides of Mairon’s head.


     Yena was watching Pacill on an Image Monitor. She sat behind the controls of that spaceship. A Data Monitor on one side of her, the view screen in front of her, and the Image Monitor on the other side. Pacill was in what appeared to be a cell of some kind with bars and everything. Yena looked at that monitor every few seconds. When she wasn’t looking at him, she was tapping the control panel in front of her and the view screen.

     “You don’t really think this is going to work, do you?” Pacill looked right at Yena. “If freezing me didn’t stop it, or at least slow it down, what makes you think putting me in a cell is going to do anything.”

     “We aren’t going to be keeping you in a cell for very long.” Yena didn’t take her eyes off the controls or the view screen. “We’re just doing it long enough to get to the planet of LLavin.”

     “How is that going to help save yourselves from me?” Pacill asked.

     “We’re going to spell you to the center of that planet. But we are going to stay nearby just in case Horrald strikes before we can find a cure for this.”

     “What makes you so sure there is a way to stop this madness?” Pacill asked.

     “We don’t, and we have to try something. You were right about it being from our past. None of us have encountered it before. So, we are sure that it happened when we were first battling Horrald. Jacci is looking over her diary right now for what it is and how to deal with it.”

     “Even if she did find out what it is, it could take her a long time to do it. You don’t really think you can keep in LLavin that long, do you?” That didn’t come from Pacill. It was the voice of Horrald who just spoke to Yena.

     Yena looked over at the Image Monitor. She saw Pacill. And she also saw the pulsating and glowing scar. Horrald mumbled something. A few seconds later a large fist appeared on the monitor. It pushed its way through that monitor screen and hit Yena on the side of her head.


     Pacill paced around his cell. He kept looking up at the Image monitor in the corner every few seconds. What he saw was Yena ducking the fist just seconds before it struck her. Yena looked toward Pacill. She shot an electrical string at him. He ducked too. “Why did you do that?” It was his voice again.

     Before Yena could respond, her image got replaced by Jacci. “I found it. You did get it back then. It’s called The Curse of The Scar. I also found out how to defeat it too.”

Word Count = 2,010

© Copyright 2017 PureSciFi - And the Oscar goes (spacefaction at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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