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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2121007
A Ninja Turtles Fanfiction
The Ancient One led the TMNT and Splinter, the Fellowship Herd and Karai and her Mutants to the Ninja Tribunal Temple, even though the Turtles had been told the Tribunal had been attacked they weren't prepared for what they saw.

The Four Members of the Ninja Tribunal once they sat like Statues in those massive thrones, today they lay slumped and weak, dark streams trailed down each porcelain face, the Turtles were shocked! The Ninja Tribunal had been...Crying!

"Honorable Tribunal." The Ancient One said with a bow "I have brought you help."

Chikara the one Female Member of the Tribunal looked up weakly and saw the collection of various Uplifted Animals. "Young One..." She said feebly "...You brought us...A menagerie."

Leonardo stepped forward and bowed "Honorable Tribunal." He said "What...What happened to you."

Each Tribunal Member sighed despondently "We were completely overpowered..." Juto said "...By a rasher of bacon."

"He was a Humanimal." Rory said quickly

The Four Tribunal Members turned to the Humanimal who had spoken.

Rory stepped forward and bowed,he bowed the quadruped way, by dropping to all fours and bowing like a dog wanting to play.

"My name is Rory Stag." The Young Deer Humanimal said "I am the Prince...Actually King of the Animals of First Earth."

"A Puny Deer is King of the Animals?" Kan said

"Only the Animals of First Earth." Said Rory "I have no idea who is the King of Third Earth's Animals."

"The Mere Animals of this Earth have no King." Said Juto "Animals here are mere Beasts Beasts of Burden, Pelts and Food..."Juto then slumped against his throne.

"We remember Turtles and Splinter...But where did the rest of you come from?"

Rory knew as the current King he knew it was his duty to speak for his People. "Humanimals are all from First Earth..." Rory said "...The Pig was one of two Humanimals who came to your Universe to...Take over your Earth."

"Who are the Beasts gathered around Oroku Karai?" Asked Chikara

"A very interesting story..." Karai said stepping forward "These seven Mutants were created by a former scientist of mine who betrayed me, and sought to create his own Mutant Animals as weapons against me...Perhaps after seeing years of the Turtles battles against the Foot he determined the only way to defeat me was to create his own Mutant Animals, but for whatever reason his Mutants rebelled and came to me....And it was a lucky thing for all of Third Earth they did."

Karai turned her sharp eyes towards the Tribunal.

"For thousands of years you had waited for the chance to finally defeat the Tengu Shredder once and for all, The Tengu Shredder has been defeated he is dead, finished, Why have you been doing to prevent you four from Helping Humanity?"

"Karai!" Leo exclaimed

"No Leonardo!" Karai said sharply "They must answer for this!" She turned again to the Tribunal "Twice you battled Demons to save all of Third Earth from Demons, but this time a mere mortal with advanced weaponry came from another dimension to turn all of Nature against Humanity and bring Earth back to the Stone Age and none of you felt you needed to lift a finger to help?!"

All Four of the Ninja Tribunal sighed again "You sound exactly like the Pig." Said Juto

"He spoke to us as no one had ever spoken to us before." Said Kan "We would have killed him for his insolence but...How could a Mortal Beast be so powerful?! He lifted us up, slammed us against the walls, choking us with his mind...As he did he spoke to us, claiming he could see into our souls, he said to us..."Your Souls as as black as the Ace of Spades...You never cared one fig for the rest of Humanity, even back when all of you were Human all you ever cared about was your own personal glory, climbing the social ladder, your vendetta against Saki was more then he was evil, the Four of Your were Envious of Him, and for thousands of years you carried this grudge in your hearts, you have no love for anyone or anything you only saved this Earth from your former comrade in order to save yourselves all these years your motivation was driven by envy and spite! Look at you! You four have been Gods for so long you like to pretend you were never Human! You like to pretend you were never tiny...And helpless and...Dependent!"

"And then..." Chikara said "Came the Ultimate Moment of Shame."

"What happened?" Leo though he knew perfectly what was about to come next

"Somehow the Pig was able to regress our minds to infant hood while leaving our bodies as adults." Kan said "We thought for sure we had actually been transformed into actual infants, we felt for sure we felt our bodies and limbs shrink, and teeth recede in our mouths, our hair fall from our heads...And we all screamed! Thinking for sure our tiny infant selves would be devoured by a Pig Monster...But then the Pig said "As delicious as all for you look I can't stay any longer...I have to catch a flight...I'm sure all four of your will be able to stay here until I can come back to finish the Job. And we stayed thinking ourselves helpless infants until...Young One found us."

Leo looked at Karai and both knew it, As hard as the Ninja Tribunal had been both Leo and Karai felt empathy for them
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