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In the future, traffic lights has been replaced with traffic gates that freeze time.
It was the year 2080.

The day the world changed.

I was eighteen at the time, studying under my father, a self appointed mentor and CEO of Rotech Industries to which i would be heir to the throne.

A company that is responsible for everything that happened.

They started out as an organization that developed military weapons, they also performed field experiments with gravity.

It was part of some "new world order" type shark jumping gimmick... or so I thought!

Since the early 2000s many of the world's scientists have been studying black holes and how gravity can bend both space and time.

But now they figured out a way to use that knowledge to keep the world in check.

They brought to us "traffic gates".

Almost like traffic lights but traffic gates worked to slow down cars by bending time with gravity.

Now we no longer have things like illegal street racing or getaway drivers like in the old days... if you attempted such you would find yourself frozen in time.

Once you entered a traffic gate, you could be stuck until the authorities arrive.

My father was stupid to invest in such an idea.

He always told me "Snow, think things through and never be reckless. The devil is in the details".

That's my name by the way, Snow Valentine, and my father was the infamous Prince Valentine...

An ironic name for someone who thought they were a king, but I digress.

The problem was not just my father but his creation.

Traffic gates.

One day some hacker came along and started freezing the authorities in the gates and at first people thought it was just a traffic jam.

We were all wrong.

It wasn't just a hacker but a world-wide terrorist group who until now had never existed, or we had no knowledge of their existence.

They used to be street racers, common thugs and wannabe gangsters and now they are some sort of Rebellion force.

It's a mystery how they pulled it off but in a world-wide 68 hour traffic jam they managed to trap and execute all forms of authority from common cops to 5 star generals.

Now they run around executing anyone they deem weak.

The world is chaotic and dangerous...

As soon as I started figuring out what was going on I was pulled by my father's security and thrown in a bunker.

For three years I was trapped and all I had in this bunker was a map. I had no idea how big this bunker was but with my map I had explored 300 rooms.

On my first day I found a room with a TV and gaming system which I used to keep up with the news until the rebels eventually shutdown everything.

I heard that my entire family was murdered but as badly as I wanted revenge all I could do was explore this maze of a bunker for three years searching for a way out.

Within the first year I found food, clothes and lots of dead ends.

After two and a half years of mapping this place out I had stumbled upon a "treasure", and a way out.

It was a powered exoskeleton poison suit designed for war.

It has thrust jumpers and a built in jet pack.

The arms were equipped with knuckle holes which sprayed out a poisonous mist.

How that could help me in a war I had no idea and I would have preferred a gun or something.

Lucky the suit itself was bullet proof and was capable of punching through walls.

This was it.

This was what I needed to break out of this prison and to get revenge.

I was the last hope of humanity

Like a superhero I raised my arm and flew to the ceiling and I was about to punch my way to the surface.

Or so I thought.

I punched through the ceiling and was ambushed by earths magnificent dirt.

I don't know how deep I was but the dirt buried me... even in this suit I could not escape.

I lasted 5 hours in the suit, completely buried and then it happened.

I was choking and struggling for air, the oxygen is the suit had ran out.

I was dying and could no longer move.

Yup my father was right... I was reckless.

That is what cost me my life.
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