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A poem briefly describing a highly individual lifestyle.

I remembered, I remember,

at least, I think I did.

Was it May or late September?

When I was just a kid.

For I challenged what was taught me

and I sought my own riposte.

The fulfilment that it brought me

was more than worth the cost

So I chose the path less travelled,

it’s a path of toil and pain.

The conventions came unravelled,

but therein were jewels of gain.

I have dreamed on Bora-Bora,

I have felt the tropic rain,

I have seen the bright aurora,

but may not return again.

I despised the demons’ grinning,

I despised the hangman’s rope,

and I focussed still on winning,

never, ever losing hope

There is little left to do now,

there is little left to see.

But my mem’ries flood anew now,

they sustain and comfort me.

Now time is swiftly fleeting,

leaving little left to find.

An end to soon be meeting,

and a hope this meet is kind

I remembered, I remember,

and now I know I did.

It was deep in dark December,

and I no more a kid.

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