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Simple solution, sweat it out with extreme exercise...
         Sweat out before the HIV virus turns into aids. In the 90s, Magic Johnson a Bull's basketball player discovered this. When we're sick our body forms a high temperature, its trying to burn out the virus it has. This does make sence about doing this with exercise to the point of making the body, sweat out the HIV virus.

         If you have it you're not stupid, you were lied to. What's stupid is the lie you were told, or not told to you by the person you were with that had it and there being no medicinal cure known for it yet. All research should be used in finding one. Not waste time on mating habits of fruit flies. Be careful and be safe!

         Cancer is anger and darkness (black, death to our cell's within our body that were attacked by parasites called flukes) turned inward into self. People who have changed their outlook on life, including having the will to want to live better and more positively can live. Many have became more happy thus winning their battle with their own cancer. Eating and drinking better and more healthy foods and beverages can greatly help increase your chance to destroy the cancer. It's parasite's and they feed on processed foods drinks and especially sugar! If you intake less of this they'll starve and will die off leaving your healthy cells to become stronger and overcome the bad ones. For example, esting greens especially drinking hot green tea helps prevent cancer from forming and even helps destroy it! Green is the color of healing and life, from plants! It's a color of life! They say we are what we eat...and I believe our body becomes what we put into it too! We get what we give our body! If we put junk into our body it gets sick and becomes junk! Eat and drink good food and beverages too!
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