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The justification is greater maturity - a bowling poem.
Judge my scores respectfully -
Still with laughs, it's plain to see... 
Never solemn, soulful, free;
I'm later, like a Christmas tree.

To say I'm thankful, say I can't,
Is just another thoughtless rant.
Scoring quickly's never scant,
It's keeping up that godly chant.

Super quick is super sure,
Not as cautious and demure.
Slow enough to get there pure,
But strongly sharing the allure.

Bowling is a novel game -
Staring out's not quite the same
When your words are filled with shame,
Things we say cannot be lame.

Our talent is the greatest trick;
Life is rough, a brick's a brick.
But greater speed can make us tick,
Instead of slowing, lanes are slick...

Ranking second on my list
Is somehow get a mighty wrist;
But knowing when to lead with twist
Can gather up our saintly gist.

Love's eternal, be a clown -
Don't be too gloomy, sad, or down;
Only reason we're in town -
Is sweetness, not a nasty frown. 

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