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by Hi
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Oh, another day,sitting in the sun, not being able to move. That is the life Sunny has.
Oh, another day, sitting in the sun, not being able to move. Hi, I'm Sunny. I wish I had legs, and wasn't in the body of this Sunflower. I’ll list my everyday life. I wake up, have bees come to me all day, then I sleep. It’s super boring and annoying. If only I could grow legs. Today I’m just basking in the sun, when randomly I see a giant monster come and reach at me! Kept telling myself I’m going to die, but I didn’t. Instead I got lifted out of the terrifying dirt, lifted up, and brought to more dirt. Although now it’s a little more shady, not too hot, not too cold. The monster poured water on me, and it felt refreshing. Quite a while later, at least it seemed like a while, I was brought more water, then a lot of sunlight. It felt like old times. I was finally basking in the sun again! It seemed to be getting a little chilly, and I wasn’t spotting much sunlight. I guess it’s another night to be bored. I was starting to think that monsters are actually pretty nice. I hope tomorrow is another adventure just waiting to happen.
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