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Many of us have a hard time losing weight.

Why Can't I Lose Weight?

(For Women and Men)

Ana Lapine


Table of Contents
There are a number of reasons why a person cannot lose weight as fast as they think they should. We will look at women first and then take a look at men. As much as we would like to believe otherwise, men and women are not created equal. So in part 1, we will look at why some women cannot lose weight. In Part 2 we will look at why men cannot lose weight.
Chapter 1-Looking at The Problem For women
Chapter 2-Looking For a Solution
Chapter 3-Looking at Losing Back-fat For Men
Chapter 4-Looking at why men cannot lose weight
Chapter 5-LookIng at why men can lose weight faster than women
Chapter 6-Conclusion


Chapter 1-Looking at The Problem for women

Are you being honest with yourself?
You see it really does not matter if you are honest with family and friends. The important thing is, are you honest with yourself? Most women are not honest about; what they eat, how much they eat or even how much they workout on their own. Many times they do not want to be honest about how much they weigh. They rarely want to hear the truth. (Jim White RD, ACSM, HFS)
Are you cheating on the amount of sleep you get?
Most people do not get enough sleep. While we are trying to lose weight, our bodies need more sleep. It is during the time we are a sleep that our bodies are working to release fat-burning hormones to help us lose weight. To do this, our bodies need six to eight hours of sleep. Here are a few ways to help you get more sleep:
Go          to bed at the same time every night.
         What          do you eat or drink and how late.
         Do          you have a nighttime pattern when you go to bed?
         Get          into some comfortable clothing and shower before bedtime. .
         Day          time naps should be a time to just rest and not a time of sleep.
         Have          some physical exercise and try to get outside, even if for a few          minutes each day.
These are just some of the things you can do to improve your nightly sleep. Remember, an occasional restless night is one thing; however, if it goes on and on you may need to see your doctor to find out why. (Mayo Clinic)
Are you being too hard on yourself?
Are your goals unrealistic, about how much weight we should lose a day, how fast it should come off. Do you tend to compare yourselves with your friends. For example:
"My friend Mary Jane, she weighed 270 pounds and when she started her diet, well she lost 30 pounds in two weeks. Here I weigh just 170 pounds and I have only lost 5 in two weeks. There must be something wrong with me."
There is nothing wrong with you. You have to look at the big picture. The closer you are to your "ideal" weight, the harder it is to lose those last few pounds. Also what an "ideal" weight for one person, may not be for another.
Are you skimping on your daily calories
Eating less calories is not going to help you lose more weight. This is a mistake many women make. The body hordes fat if you are not consuming the right amount of calories. We need to eat a balanced diet of whole grains, proteins good fats, and carbohydrates. This way you kick in the metabolism and burn fat. (Joshua Buchbinder, M.S., Fitness Manager of 24 Hour Fitness Super Sports, Colorado )
Are you a "couch potato"
Are you hands and fingers getting more exercise than the rest of your body? Are spending more time in front of the TV or playing video games than you are exercising? Here is where honesty comes in. Here is where you and only you know the truth.
Are you one of those people that think you earned a drink after a "good" workout?
The problem with alcohol is that it destroys all that "good" workout that you just did. Alcohol is load with empty calories. The best thing you can drink after a good workout is water or organic juice. An organic juice drink has its own natural sugars. Warning: stay way from carbonated waters they may not contain calories, but the carbonation will not help in weight loss. Also avoid those so called energy drinks.
Are you cheating on your workout?
It is not how long you workout, but the number of reps you do. If you usually walk/run (let's say ) two miles and you cut corners, you are not getting a full two miles in. Let's say you usually do twenty-five setups, ( 5 sets of 5) and you only do 5 sets of 3 you shorted yourself one whole set. By taking short cuts you are not going to get the results you want.
Are you spending more time talking than you do exercising
Are you at the gym to socialize or are you there to workout? Many (not all) women, when they get to then gym forget why they are there. They spend more time "chatting" than they do working-out. The thing is they are keeping the gal who really wants to workout from focusing on her workout. She many not have the time to waste at the gym. She may be the one that is the "carpool" mother that five other mothers depend on to bus, not only her kids to and from school but five or six other kids to and from school along with a whole list of things she has to do before school lets out.
Are you doing exercises that you have to sit or lay down?
To get the results you want from your weight loss program, try to do only exercises that require you to stand up. By setting or laying down to do your workout you cannot get your heart rate up to where it can burn the fat off your body. Exercise bikes are very good sit-down exercises. There are so many other exercises that will get you heart rate up to where it needs to be to make a significant difference. (Angelo Grinceri, People Magazine )
Are you dehydrated?
Water is one of the best after-workout supplements you can give your body. If you are dehydrated, your body kicks into survivor mode and kicks the stress hormones in and your body hordes water and you start to feel bloated. You should drink an 8 ounce glass of water after you workout. It is hard to do; however, you should be drinking eight, 8 ounces glasses of water a day.
Do you have a gym buddy?
It is much easier to have a gym buddy to workout with. You give each other moral support. It also gives each of you someone to be accountable to. You encourage, and motivate each other. Family is great but unless they are sweating right along with you, they really don't understand how you are feeling.
Are you being too strict on you weight loss program?
There are times when we all feel the cravings for our favorite foods we know we should not eat. You know what? It is ok to treat yourself. Here is the deal. You have to know when the "best" time of the day to "treat" yourself. For me, the best time is mornings, and it is most likely for you as well. When you have your "treat" in the morning, you have all day to work off those extra calories. Warning: this is "treat" and not something you can add to your everyday diet.
Side effects of rapid weight loss
About 12% to 20% of the people who loose weight rapidly are more apt to get gallstones. When we speak of "rapid weight loss" we are talking about loosing 10 pound a day for a long period of time. Dehydration is another side effect of rapid weight loss. Other side effects of rapid weight loss are; headaches, constipation, and in some cases liver problems.
Chapter 2-Looking For a Solution for Women

Know your own body
Most women do not know their own body. The first thing you need to know is the workings of our bodies. So what do we need to look for?
How much do          I weigh butt naked?
         What          medication(s) am I taking?
Over the          counter and prescribed          
         What are the          side effects
What foods          do I need to stay away from?
         How many          calories should be my daily intake?
         How late is          too late to eat?
What do I really weigh?
The best time to weigh yourself is the very first thing in the morning. Even before that first cup of coffee. Are you keeping track of your weight and what you eat? There are apps for tablets and cell phones. These apps are to use to keep track of your weight and what you eat. The one I use is called "My weight and BMI tracker" it will also track your calorie intake. However, you have to be honest about your entries. Another app I use is "My diet dairy calorie tracker".
What medication(s) Are you talking?
There some medications that may be keeping you from losing weight. There are some that will actually make you gain weight. For example: the medication Naprosyn (Naproxen) "may cause obesity" (believe me it can) it is used for pain management so if you are taking it ask your doctor to prescribe something else. Another medication that makes you gain weight is Benadryl. It is used to release allergies. (The American Society of Bariatrich Physicians estimates a noticeable increase of 10 pounds or more a year.)
What foods do I need to not eat?
We all have foods that we need to avoid. For some it is soda, or hot dogs, or cheese. You need to detox your body. ( there will be list of teas and smoothies at the end of this chapter) This is not an overnight weight loss program or even an easy fix.
How do I find a weight loss program?
When you're looking for a weight loss program, you want one that will fit your needs. One that will give you long-term success. When you to look for that, focus on one that will give a steady weight loss-- about 1-2 pounds a week.
How many calories are too many or too few?
Too few calories are just as bad for you as too many. If you are now eating a 1,000/day calorie diet and you are not losing weight, than maybe you need to cut back 250 calories. BUT FIRST: check with your doctor.
Are you eating your last meal of the day too late?
It a good idea to ear you last meal no later than 5:00pm, or maybe try to eat the "big" meal in the morning or at noon. It takes our bodies 12 hour to digest a large meal, so try to shoot for what is known as a 16 hour fast. That way the body has time to digest the daily food intake and four hours to burn stored fat.

A smart watch
These smart watches are amazing. They keep track of heart rate, calories burned, foot steps, and you can use it while you exercise (workout) running, using the treadmill or even some can be used in the pool. I put mine on first thing in morning. I have found it is a good motivator. I set a goal and when I reach my goal, I increase it 200 steps a day.
Fat burning teas and smoothies
Dandelion tea is good soothing tea. Drink two or three cups a day. Use honey but not regular table sugar. Pure cane sugar is better than white table sugar. I use dandelion tea in my oatmeal. That way I get a "two for one". My cholesterol is lowered and I am burning fat too.
White tea: Twining, the Republic tea and the Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea. These are white teas and they work in four ways. They help to burn that stubborn tummy fat.
Barberry tea: Tea Haven tea they use the leaves stems, flowers and root of the bush. Chinese researchers have found this tea prohibits weight gain.
Green tea is a very good tea. You can buy it in tea bags or Arizona green tea comes in many size containers (from 16 Oz to a gallon jug). They even make it with zero calories. Green tea is a fat burner.

Part 2

Chapter 3- Looking at Losing back-fat For Men

What is in this for me? I'm a man
We all, (men and women ) have trouble with weight loss and this portion of this book is geared to just you men. We are going to understand why this is such a problem for men.
Why does fat accumulate in the back area?
It really has nothing to with genetics. Back fat is a product of poor diet, a lack of muscle mass. You men look in the mirror, and that is what you focus on. Most guys have back-fat because they do not see their backs. (Out of sight, out of mind.) Instead you focus on the arms, chest, abs, and quads, and that is ok; however, you need to build muscle in your back. The fat that's there tends to get flabby. (Ngo Okafor, personal trainer in NYC.)
What kind of workout will change back-fat into back-muscle
Ngo Oka recommends doing what he calls a "cardio-body part split." (Sounds like agony to me. But what do I know, I'm just a gal). He recommends, if you are working on your chest and back, go ahead and do your bench press and work your cardiovascular exercise by getting on the bike 2 or 3 minutes and switch back and forth. Therefore, you are getting leaner both in your chest and back plus you are keeping your heart rate up.
What is the tactical plan?
You need to do a complete overhaul of your physique. Think of your body like your car. If your car is not running right, you would take it to a garage and have a mechanic look at it. Your body is the same way. Remember, if you want that "lean mean machine" body you have to work hard at it. ("No plain, No gain")
You will need to work out three (3) to four (4) days a week. Yes that means you may have to give up Monday night football. Ngo Oka recommends; four (4) to five (5) sets at 12 to 15 reps with 10 to 15 pound weights. He claims that more is better. However depending on your age and the amount of exercise you do, you may want to start at the bottom and work up. Like I tell the women, before starting any exercise program, talk to you doctor.
Back-fat workout
You need to plan on extra time to tune-up those back muscles; therefore, this what Ngo Okafor recommends: work on your back two days a week for six to eight weeks. He also recommends the of use the "high volume" exercise plan. NOTE: talk to your doctor and him/her this workout plan.
Workout 1
Directions: Complete 3 rounds of this entire circuit.
1. Straight-Arm Pull Downs - 20 reps
2. Chest Supported Row (on an incline bench) - 15 reps
3. TRX Pullups - 15 reps
4. Single-Leg-Crossover V-Ups - 20 reps on each side
5. Stationary Bike - 3 minutes total - 1 minute of speed at 50% resistance and 1 minute on a hill at 80% resistance and then back down to 50% resistance for another minute of speed.

Workout 2
Directions: Complete three (3) rounds of this entire circuit.
Straight-Arm          Pull Downs - 20 reps          
         Chest          Supported Row (on an incline bench ) 15 reps
         TRX          PULLUPS 15reps
         Single-Leg-Crossover          V-Ups 20 reps on each side          
         Stationary          Bike -three minutes total . 1 minute of speed at 50% resistance. 1          minute of speed on hill of 80% resistance and back down to 50%          resistance for the last minute          

If          you run, do the entire run at 4.5 speed (4.5/mph) at an incline of          6.0 for the 1 minute. Then at 8.0 incline for 1 minute and then at          10.0 for the last minute.
         If          you walk do the entire walk at 3.5 speed (3.5/mph) at an incline add          10.0 for 1 minute and at 12.5 for the second minute and at 15.0          for the last minute.

Chapter 4-Looking at Reasons Why Men cannot lose weight

Here a few reasons why you are not losing weight
Let's look at belly fat--- belly fat is the most dangerous kind of fat (Mayo Clinic)
It does not matter what you weigh, that "spare tire" (or love handles) around your middle can (and will) kill you stone cold dead. The good news is, you can do something about the problem. The choice is yours to make. Again, your body is like your car. When your car needs work you take it to the garage and the mechanic says "I need to overhaul the engine." Or if you it take to a body shop for body work. Well, your body is the same way. The gym is your body shop. Belly fat increases your risk of:
Cardiovascular          disease
         Insulin          resistance and type 2 diabetes
         Colorectal          cancer
         Sleep          apnea
         Premature          death from any cause
         High          blood pressure

Your age and genetics may contribute to gaining belly fat
So, what can you do about it? There are two (2) kinds of belly fat.
Subcutaneous          fat-(the fat that lays just under the skin)
         Visceral          fat-(this the fat that is found around your organs-heart, liver,          lungs kidneys)
It is the visceral fat that is the "killer".
Aging plays an important role in weight gain or loss. As men get older they tend to be less active. At age 50 men need 200 less calories than they do, (Let's say), at age 40. So if you are retired and not exercising you are going to gain weight. Then all of a sudden you have a "wakeup call" the doctor is going to tell you "lose the weight or else...". Now you have to make choice..
Choice number 1
Sit around and feel sorry for yourself and hope the next "wakeup-call" is not the real thing.
Choice number 2
Go to the "body shop" and get an "overhaul"
I can hear it now; "Why are you being so harsh on us men?" You are absolutely right, I am being harsh; however, choice number one (1) is why we women live longer ( in most cases) then you men.
Let's look at a few things first:
BMI = body          mass index (anyone with a BMI of 30 is obese)
         Anyone with          a BMI of 20 in underweight
Because a man's metabolism is different than a woman's, you can shed the pounds easier. However, you want to rebuild your muscle as you lose weight. If you do not rebuild the muscle you skin will hang on you. What man wants that? You men have more lean "fat-burning" muscle.

Part 3

Chapter 5

Looking at why men lose weight faster than women
First let's look at the differences between a man's body and a woman's body
The man's body:
Ask yourself this question. What is the real purpose for men on this earth? He was created to be the provider, and protector for the family.
The woman's body:
Now ask yourself this question. What was the real purpose for woman in the earth? She was created to be a "help mate".
Here is a look at both skeletons side by side: (www.majordifferences.com )
                                                           1.                              Pelvely cavity narrower less roomier                              
                                                                     Wide                              and deeper
                                                           2.                              Coccyex less movable
                                                                     More                              movable
                                                           3.                              Sacrum long, narrower with concavety
                                                                     Short,                              wider and flat with forward curvature
                                                           4.                              Pelvis heavy and thicker
                                                                     Light                              and thin
                                                           5.                              Joint surface large
                                                                     Small                              and short
                                                           6.Greater                              pelvis deep
                                                           7.Pubic                              arch less than 900
                                                                     More                              than 900
                                                           8.                              Ischial tuberosity turns inwardly
                                                                     Turned                              outward
                                                           9.                              Obturaton foramen rounder
                                                           10.                              Pelvic inset and outward smaller
                                                           11.                              Sciatic notch narrower
                                                           12.                              Anterior superior iliac spines closer
                                                                     Wide                              part.

As you can see, men and women are not created equal. There other reasons why men lose weight faster. Men have testosterone. This testosterone is a very powerful hormone. Men have 10 more of this hormone than women. The testosterone is the hormones that help men turn fat into body mass.(Chris Jordan , M.S., C.S.C.S at Human Performance and created of the 7 minute workout)
Yes, women have a powerful hormone too. It is called estrogen and this hormone helps in childbirthing. Women have 6 to 9% more body fat than men and women just crave cupcakes more than men. Because a men's metabolism is reveved up more than a woman's they burn fat faster. (British Journal of Nutrition) Even if they do not lose weight, they just look like they do. I know ladies, it's not fair, but life is not about fair.
Something to think about: there is an exercise called Tae Bo boxing. It is a very strenuous so you need to talk to your doctor first. A lot of people (men and women ) are getting the results they want. It is an all-body workout. The bonus to this is that it also is a type of self defense and confidence builder.
Some science research results
Science had found after some long-term testing, that there was very little difference in people who lost weight rapidly and those who lost weight over a longer period of time. (Ken Hively, Los Angeles Times ).

Chapter 6


In conclusion, there are many different reasons why women and men cannot loose weight. There is no single reason why one person is losing weight. Most of the time, it has to do with the choices they make. Weight loss is not an overnight thing. (nor should it be). It takes hard work and discipline and a will to stick to it until the goal is reached. For some it means a new life style. For others it means that there are problems that need to be changed.
Exercise is a big part of weigh loss; however, it is not the only thing. We are what we eat. To be healthy you have to eat healthy. If hand going to your mouth gets more exercise than the rest of your body, you are going to be over weight. It does not matter weather you are a woman or a man; if you have BMI (body mass index) of more than 30 you are obese and you will have a heart attack sooner or later.
Nobody likes to count calories. That is way I use an app that doe it for me. There are some really good ones that can be downloaded to a tablet or smartphone. Most are vey easy to use as well.
However, all the exercise, and dieting will do you no good if you do not set a goal. I suggest that if you have a lot of weight to loose, that you take "baby steps". For example: let's say You have 100 pounds to loose that you set small goals of 20 or 25 pounds at a time. Each time you reach the goal reward yourself, but not with food. Instead buy yourself something. Here is another idea that helps; every time you cheat on your diet put a dollar in a jar and every time you cheat on your exercises you put a dollar in the jar, if you skip and do not exercise just because you are "lazy" that day put two dollars in the jar. In this way every time you reach your goal you have "reward" money. For example: when I reach my goal I have my nails done.
We all go off our diets. There is no since in crying about it. I have found that after I go off my diet, if I do a one or two day fasting and drink a detox tea the next two days and on the second day eat veggies I am more focused and will work harder at my weight loss program. I also will usually see better results.
Eat slower
It take the brain 20 minutes to get the message that you are full. People, who are overweight, tend to eat faster than people who are not over weight. An overweight person chews their food on average only 11 times. A thin person, on average chews their food 20 times. The more you chew your food, you will feel fuller sooner. When you chew your food more the easier it is for your stomach to digest the food. People who eat their food too fast tend to have stomach problems
Make better choices
One of the keys to losing weight is to make wise choices . Choose to exercise, choose to exercise at least three days a week, choose to weigh at least three times a week, choose to eat healthy, choose to drink more water, choose to not eat junk food. You have the power of choice; so use that power wisely. While you are making good choices, choose to exercise your face.
Yes, ladies your face. As your body loses pounds your face also loses fat and if you do not work on your facial muscles, the skin on your face and neck begin to sag and before you know it you start looking like a St Bernard with a double chin. You older ladies, you need to exercise your hands and fingers. I use a tennis ball. Try to squeeze the ball as hard as you can. This will make your fingers stronger. This also goes for you men as well. Like it or not as you lose weight your skin begins to sag in your face.
Be honest with yourself
If you workout, and your program is done in sets and reps, do the full program do not cut corners. When you cut corners you only cheat yourself. If the scale says you weigh 180 pounds than that it what you weigh. Just because you say you weigh 179.5, does not make so.
Do not compare yourself
When you compare yourself to your friend, you are not being fair to yourself. Your body is your very own. Your body frame is different, so is your life style, and so is your metabolism. All of these things play a part in how you lose weight. The closer you are to your goal, the harder it will be to lose those last few pounds.
Most importantly, love yourself.
Be kind to yourself. Do not say things about yourself like; "I look like a blimp." Or "look at all that fat. your disgusting." When people start to notice that you have lost weight, enjoy the compliment. Even if you only lost a few pounds. You worked hard for that compliment.
So that you do not lose weight to rapidly many diet experts say it is best to decrease food calories and increase exercise slowly they say 250 calories in doing so you will lose one (1) pound per week.

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