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If u haven't seen the film or read the books then please didn't then do not click on 2 it
Hi my name is Sophie. If you don't remember you leaved are story with the castle leaving in the flying in to the clouds. one day I was getting ready to make dinner but I didn't know what to
make so I wanted to ask Howl to see what he wanted Markl was still living with use but he was not here at the moment. So I went to see if I can find Howl I looked everywhere but I could not find him so I asker Calcifer to see if he knew where he was. He said that Howl was in his spell Library working on some new spells. I said thank you to him and went to see him Howl I called out and knocked on the door hold sweetheart. just to let you all know me and Howl have been married for two years. I couldn't hear him so I open the door but I hear Howl shouting me not to open or not to come in but to late all I say was Howl protected in one of his shields but more I look I say he was bigger then me. I know he is bigger then me all the time but this time I though I was lying down but the more I look I saw smoke fading and that I was not Lying down. more I looked I was standing next to his feet and Howl was looking down to me eyes the size of golf balls and that when I realize that I had shrunk but that was not why I was scared of I was getting so scared of Howl and the size change "Sophie are you ok sweetheart" said Howl but before he could kneel down to me I just ran under one of the book shelves. he dried to stop me I was to scared "Sophie wait please I won't hurt you" said Howl but I did not listen to him I was just to scared he "Sophie you know me sweetheart you know that I will never hurt you I will try to revers this and get you back to normal but to do that you need to come out" said Howl very gentle I very slower started to walk towards him and looked up to him and saw him very gentle and I can tell that he was very sorry that when I saw very carefully but his hand out in frond of me I could see that I can trust him so very slower I walked on to his hand he very gently picked me up and put me on the table he got up and went to the book that he looked at. I can see what he found I can see him getting more sorry and worried then he looked at me he very carefully picked me up and hug me "what is it Howl" I said "Sophie I just looked at the spell that I just worked on sadly that I can't undo it and it can't be revers it" that was when I knew that I will never return to my normal size I will remain this size for every that was when I started to cry Howl say it and picked me up again. "I so sorry Sophie but I will look after you and promise that no harm will never come to you but I did try to tell not to entry" said Howl "I know Howl but I could not hear you very well so I sorry Howl" he very carefully carried me up stairs when Calcifer saw me his eyes was full of shock and anger he started to shout at howl which was to be was the sound of thunder it was going though my ears like a drum god it hurt. Howl saw this and ask Calcifer to talk quieter and calmly "please Calcifer it was accident I did not mean for this to happen and I did try to warn her but she couldn't hear me so on of the new spells I was working on hit her and sadly it can't be undone I afraid so she is stuck like this so we have to learn how to walk softly and to always to look where we are walking and to talk softly ok" said Howl "ok but we may have to make some rules when Markl gets back you know what he is going to be upset and angry when he finds out" said Calcifer that is when Howl realised Markl loved Sophie like a mother he is going to be upset for sure but very very angry at Howl. just when he thought that he may have time to think of something he saw the door open and in came Markl to late toughed Howl when Markl was about to ask what was for tea that was when he say Sophie in his masters hand at the size of a mouse Markl face saw was a picture he just stared with eyes at the size of golf balls and his mouth wide open "Master Howl what did you do to Sophie" said Markl so Howl told Markl what he said to Calcifer was said Markl was starting to feel very protective of Sophie as well as Calcifer and Howl that was when Howl was putting the rules down okay time for the rules: Rule 1 If Sophie is on the flood make sure you always look down and make sure she is save from spiders Rule 2 If Sophie need to get to places like to his and Sophie's bed room to the bathroom or to the field of flowers the she must be carried to them Rule 3 she must be always be in mine or Markl's pockets if we are out and last and not lest me and Markl for now on will clean the castle and I will do the cooking for know on under stead "yes Howl" said Markl and Calcifer but Sophie said "so you about to treat me like a baby great". "Sorry sweetheart but if we lost you we just don't know what to do so for now on you are under are protection ok" said Howl "Ok" said Sophie. It now has been 5 years where you leaved us and every from then Howl, Markl and Calcifer keep the promise Markl stayed with Martha in the Castle the rest of my family and all are friends did also find me for the first week it was crazy every day they came to make sure that I was not hurt or step on in case if Howl forgot about my new size and tried to accidentally to step on me but he never did he always stayed in the castle the only time he went out was when we need food or some new clothes so once they knew they can leave me with Howl and that he can be trusted they leaved us alone now for me to get use to be this size and living with giants was a different story god only knows how many times Howl came to are room and try and find because every time he did that I will be scared and hiding from him and always waking up in the morning with his hand on top of me and me almost having a heart attack but soon I did start to get less scared and finally trusting Howl with my new size so now we are happy and we will never change it now so this the end of this story Hope enjoyed it goodbye and please keep my new size a secret because Howl keeps on cursing the people you can't she is tell in the truth and trust me you don't want to know what as happen to the people you couldn't keep the mouths shut so goodbye for now I will keeping my eye on you so goodnight and sleep tight or good morning if you can.
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