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A heart touching and arousing story about women's education.
Khadija: screaming, stop I said that's enough. I will make no mistake afterwards, for God sake stop.
Screaming continues..
Zafar: you illiterate bloody creepy living organism, you didn't iron my shirt, now what I am going to wear to the club. Slap and beating. You are the most useless thing I have seen.
Khadija: sobbing and hissing. I work day and night and all you do is waste the earned money in your worldly pleasures. Don't you think about your children, they need your attention.
Zafar: who allowed you to speak in front of me? Kicks and beats. You are nothing without me, got it? Go and fetch me a cup of tea. I said go. Move I said!
Khadija moves hissing barely walking and crying on her fate. Hania walks in
Hania: mother? Why it is that father always has to beat you in front of us? Why don't you speak?
Khadija: hania look! Your father is a different man, he might not be a good husband but he still loves you both. Don't he?
Hania cries and Khadija wipes her tears and assure her that her father will not beat her afterwards. The next day a neighbor visit Khadija's house.
Aaliya: Khadija? Did zafar beat you again? I told you to leave him. Why won't you stand against him?
Khadija: its nothing. You know him, he is an anger freak, can't control his anger. He will get better, I know, he will change himself for his children.
Aaliya: you have saying this for the last eight years. You should use help of police and file a case against him.
Khadija: you don't get it. He is father to my children. And with his protection my children sleep peacefully, without him how can I provide them safety, no matter what he does to me but he still care for our children. Hania feels secure in his presence.
Aaliya: but he never contributes a penny in house expense. Look one day you will regret that you should have taken step a long time ago. There is another way, you can join NGO and work at a better post. They might help you with this problem.
Khadija: no, I can't do that. He will change.
Aaliya: if he were to change, he would have changed a long time ago. Think about what I said.
Aaliya walks out and Khadija starts thinking, will he ever change? She talks to herself.
Late that night zafar arrives drunk and entering the house as he stumbles Khadija supported her, he pushes her away and kicks him using abusing language. He helps him and put him on his bed.
The next morning as he gains conscious he takes hania's hand and grabs her
Hania: father leave me it hurts, mother, mother.
Khadija: zafar leave her, it's hurting her. Leave my daughter I said
Zafar: pushes her away. Let me take her to sultan. I have lost her in gambling. Leave her you stupid woman.
Khadija: you cruel person, you bade her, she is your daughter. Have pity on her.
Zafar: so what? She is a woman too, people pay for girls like her, and sultan will marry her and she will be happy there.
Khadija: it was me whose parents sold me to people like you but not my daughter.
Khadija grabs hania and takes her to room. Both mother and daughter cries but now Khadija was neither a wife nor a woman but a mother. They both a go to sleep. The next morning when Khadija wakes up
Khadija: looking for hania, hania o my God how could sleep when I know what sort of person zafar is?
She grabs her purse goes to aaliya and asks her to call police and too tell them to come at the following address
Khadija: police arrived, let us just go.
She takes the police to sultan's place and there she sees zafar and hania. Hania all dressed up like a bride. And all arrangements a for marriage is done.
Khadija: officer! There he is. Arrest him for sexual and mental abuse; he has been torturing me and my daughter for long. Now he is going to force her to marry this old man.
The officer arrest sultan and zafar for his actions, while they are leaving, Khadija says
Khadija: a woman can tolerate anything upon her but when it comes to her children she no longer remains a woman but a mother; a mother or woman is sensitive like a feature but stronger like steel. She is the one reason for your existence and you men brag on what? She is human not an animal, she lives for respect and can crush everyone who tries to crush herself respect. She don't need your support to raise her children, she needs education.
Later on khadija joins that NGO and raise her children on her own.

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