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Dialogue only, a conversation with Mom on her last Mother's day.
It’s pretty outside?


You’re not working today?

It’s Sunday mom, Mother’s day. Happy Mother’s day. I brought you coffee.

Shame we can’t drink it outside.

I saw aunt Evie yesterday, she said she’s coming to see you soon.


Alan was going to come but there was an emergency… he’s gonna try and be here later if, if… what are you looking for?


It’s already in it, I know how you take it. He really wants to see you.



I know, his work is very important.

Well, it will give us a chance to talk…

I know what you want to talk about.


I have given you all that I am going to give.


My lawyer knows my mind, there will be no more changes!

I don’t want to talk about the will, I don’t want your money mom!

Why would you do that? Rob a drugstore? Who needs that much cold medicine?

That was a long time ago mom! I have a job now, a good job, family… Gail and Ray Jr, remember? Please, today, remember…

Evie looked good? Asked after me?

She looked great, said that they were going to the sound this summer.

Oh my, I haven’t… the sound… oh remember?

How could I forget, I spent the rest of the summer in a cast, I missed a season of little league…

The doctor said if you broke it again you might not ever walk…

Mom, I really… we… I need you to try and focus for me for a little. Alan and I want you to know…

I wonder if Jack is planning on making barbeque? Does he still keep hogs?

Mom, uncle Jack is… yes. Aunt Evie said he already had one picked out for the fourth.

I expect everyone will be there by the fourth.

Yeah, mom we need to… we can talk about the sound in a bit, I just, we just want you to…

Not about the will?

No. I was here just three days ago.


Can you remember what we talked about?


Have you thought about it since then?


and you’ve decided?


… and?

I’m afraid.

Mom… it’s… it’s ok to go…


I know it’s not easy but its ok.



… Coffee’s cold.

I can heat it up for you.

Shame we couldn’t drink it outside.

Alan says he’ll be here later, maybe for dinner.

You’re going?

I can stay a while if you want, it’s just… you look tired.

I am, sit with my while I nap?




It’s pretty outside?

…Yes mom, it’s pretty outside.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2121625