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This about beating cancer
Give Cancer a Fight
Fighting cancer has become my passion since I lost my mother to it many years ago. I was not quite 30 yet when she died. I lost a mother, my children never got to know their grandmother. I watched her go from a brilliant woman to a woman picking "fuzzes" out of the air in two weeks because of Chemo. It was not a pretty sight.
Well, that's it. The Doc said that six litter word! CANCER! So now Chemo, and puking, hair falling out and too tired to breath! Is that what I have to look forward to?
NO! I Will NOT JUST LIE DOWN! CANCER you have not won yet! But, where to go from here?          
Yes, there is a lot of information about ways to fight cancer. It is my body and I have choices. So what food are cancer fighters?
Foods that fight cancer cells:
These foods will supper charge my health. I am tired of broccoli and almonds; I want more. Doctors are not a 100% sure what the link is between food and their effect on cancer. However they are finding that some foods do prevent and fight cancer. However, doctors have found, that there is a correlation between certain diets and cancer. Like the Mediterranean Diet for example.Â
Greek Yogurt          (Gerard Mullin, MD director at Johns Hopkins)
Organic yogurt is best because it has better omega fatty acid. It contains more of the omega-3 because it animals that are fed corn produce omega-6 acids.
Chickpeas          (David Katz, MD. M.P.H., F.A.C. P.M., F.A.C.P. at Yale)
(no not chicken peas.) Chickpeas, they have a very high protein content that helps because I need to cut on meat.
Dark green          leafy vegetables (Donald D. Hensrud, M.D. M.P.H., Mayo)
Dark leafy vegetables have a very high nutritional value and are low in calories. Greens such as Spinach, lettuces and arugula he says are best.
Dandelions          (A          scientific study conducted by scientists at the Department of          Chemistry and Biochemistry The University of Windsor, Canada)
The consumption of dandelion tea can help people kill cancer cells in as little as two days; however, will not damage the healthy cells and keep them safe from cancer. Dandelion is known for its many health benefits and medicinal properties. IT is easy to make dandelion tea. People in the past have used dandelion tea to heal many different ailments. For the most part, the root of this plant is used to heal cancer. It has been confirmed that the root of this plant can kill cancer cells and yet protects the rest of the cells. The Scientists are boasting that the use of dandelion tea is a 100 times better than chemo, without the side effects. Dandelion tea is also very good for detoxing the liver and kidneys as well.
Eggs (Robert          Lustig, M.D. of "WATCH" for Teen and children's health.
We have heard that eggs are bad for us because of the cholesterol in the yolk. So what's the deal? Eggs are great by themselves, with many different ways of cooking them, and they can be added to foods. By using Olive oil instead of other cooking oils you also help cut the risk of raising the "bad Cholesterol.
Yes nuts, almonds for example with the inner "skin" on. That is where the cancer kicking agent is. It only takes a small handful of these cancer fighting warriors to help prevent cancer from starting.
There are many ways now to fight cancer now days and chemo is not the only answer. However the best defense is a good offence. If you feel a lump, even a tiny lump, see your doctor. You men; you can get breast cancer too. Remember, it is your body. You need to be informed and make wise choices. Unless you want to go organic in all foods you need to understand most of the food we eat has "stuff" added to make it last longer, make farm animals grow fatter faster, and fruits and vegetables to ripen sooner. All the "stuff goes into our bodies. The Fast food industry is not a safe place to eat. Those chicken nuggets should have a purple heart for what they have been through.


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