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Val'ri, Aja , Katze , Odem ,
I stumbled into the town, clothes torn and bloodied. I couldn't see straight and my head was pounding, the echoes of the bandit battle cries rung in my ears. It was dusk, almost dark and that just made it worse in my injured state. I was stumbling with each step and every breath felt like knives raking down my windpipe. I fell heavily, all of my breath being knocked out of my chest. Dirt and gravel was ground into my open wounds. Every thing hurt, and I squeezed my eyes shut as tears pushed into them. The darkness would hide me, I thought, and I'll most likely be dead by morning. What I heard next was like an angel . I mean it was a terrified scream, but it meant someone saw me. I looked up, and saw a young woman staring down at me. The young woman ran to the closest building shouting all the way, "Help! Help! There is a wounded person here!" I had later founded out that she had been pounding on the inn door. People flooded into the street, a few of the men had had a little too much mead but anyone to help would be great. I think I had passed out then, because the only thing I remember after that for a while, is a man picking me off the ground.

I awoke in a building, warm in a bed, wrapped in a goat hide blanket. It was pretty quiet, the only sound was a the soft murmur of people in the inn. I tried to push myself up, but stopped quickly with a wince. Sharp pain spread through the multiple injuries inflicted by bandits. I hissed and lowered myself back to the bed, and looked up at the silverash wood ceiling. The door squeaked and I looked up. A odem woman with light ash brown hair tied into a tight knot at the base of her neck. She

I walked down the market road, voices selling fish and jewels and armor. Nothing of use to me. I walked along gazing across the line of stalls. The market was almost bothersome, selling nothing good, too loud, too many smells in one place. . I walked down the road more, looking at each stall. That's when something caught my eye. The edge of a rug peeking out from behind a wooden stall. I walked forwards
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