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Rated: 18+ · Prose · Opinion · #2121728
That's all it took.
Meditate they said, in order to focus your mind on the present moment. Go deep within yourself. But focus for me, comes every time we touch. Our fingers interlace. Sometimes we pull apart, but it is only an excuse for us to come together again, closer than before. Your fingers trace mine gently, reassuringly, tenderly. I stroke your fingers back in response; no other words are needed to communicate our connectivity.

Truthfully, it is a chemical reaction of oxytocin released in the body, some of which lingers in the brain to make me feel this way. But science cannot tell you how it feels for me to be in your arms: loved, protected, but most importantly, safe. How involuntarily, my eyes close in order to preserve the essence of this moment using the five senses of human experience to commit it to memory; wishing that time would freeze so I could stay in your embrace longer.

Science cannot quantify the safety I feel in the warmth emitting from your solar plexus; nor measure the steady beat of love serenading my right ear laid directly above your heart. Science could not predict the exact moment you pulled me in closer, tighter, as if you were afraid that I would be spirited away; nor describe the smell of clean laundry and most likely your pheromones which make me inhale more deeply; as if I were meditating. But it is you, my living escape from the hustle and bustle of life; my sanctuary away from the world; my hidden beach away from prying eyes. Science cannot communicate all this: because the temperature, the time, your heart beat per minute and your fresh scent would not make sense in the face of feeling: where everything felt unreal.

No words were needed. It felt like eternity with the both of us just standing there; arms entwined around one another; faithfully. Sometimes, you used words to say how much you wanted to bring me home to cuddle. It's only been about 2 months: it doesn't take long for one to crave and be addicted to this slice of heaven on earth.

We both know how we want more of each other: you know how I like the taste of your sweat on my tongue, and I know how you yearn to travel solo, rugged on the untrodden curves of my rear. But the sweetness never lets us get too far.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2121728