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Sometimes holding onto things is painful then letting it go.
Just like any other day I and Zahra met at school before class but today it was all different. Something was in air, something I could feel. So I asked Zahra,

“Is it me? or there is something strange in air.”

You have gone nuts, you silly girl said Zahra. What am I going to do without you?

Well! I am not going anywhere, you are stuck with me like an octopus. I said in a cheerful manner.

Zinnia! Zinnia! Zahra called.

I am right here Zahra. let’s go, we are getting late for class.

After the class we had lunch together, like always Zahra took half of mine. We laughed and started walking toward gate. Zahra all jumping and flattering.

I know it’s your birthday tomorrow, stop jumping!

Well I didn’t say anything. Did I? said Zahra with a big smile on her beautiful face, taking backward steps out of the gate.

Be careful! Zahra, it’s a heavy traffic.

I was just turning my face and I heard a shout.

Zinnia! she shouted. Just then I saw Zahra lying all covered in blood and unconscious. Zahra, I shouted as I ran towards her. She is not breathing some one call an ambulance. I grabbed her to my car and took her to the hospital.

We rushed through the emergency and doctor came and just said,

“It’s too late, there is nothing you could have done.”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard, I went numb.

The hospital called Zahra’s parents and they took her home. I attended her funeral the very same day. I lost her with the blink of my eyes. She was gone.

Time flew, it’s been two months I said to my mother, with dripping tears from corner of my eyes.

I know, she said.

I miss her everyday. I see her where ever I go. She was my best friend. Why did God take her away from me? She was the best person I have ever known, her voice still echoes in my ears, her laugh and her voice is all I could think about.

My mother said a few word that changed the way I used to see life. She said, life is not what you think it is. It’s full of things you don’t like and fewer things you like or few people you get attached too. Whether you like it or not, things are going to happen the way they are planned, so it’s better to accept the fact that Zahra is gone and you are going to miss her but let her go. Miss her but don’t get dark and leave everything for her. She is where she belonged and eventually we all are going to go there. You just have to let her go off your mind. This is what our God wants, so you should be contended with what HE willed. I know this seems impossible but you will learn to survive, this is how life works. Just let her go.


Sometimes holding on to something that isn’t there is more painful than letting it go. We are made to survive in every situation but it depends on us how to strive through it, either by crying or by being contended with what has given to us. It is all up to us how to live in ups and downs of life. Every thing that’s happening is planned and we just need to be satisfied with the will of God, then eventually the things we will or wants will happen. As nothing is permanent, whether its happiness or sadness it shall pass.
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