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Ways most any one can fix emergencies repairs so you can get to a mechanic.
Ways to Make Your Vehicle Last Longer
How to make your Vehicle last longer
Treat your Vehicle right, it will treat you right
I am not a mechanic; however, there was a time when I was a single mom with two children to support; therefore a mechanic was out of the question. I had a friend that helped me on doing things myself. I also made sure my children knew how to fix emergencies.
We all want to get the most out of the vehicle we have. However, sometimes we think just because the tires go round and round, all is well with the vehicle we trust our life with. Believe it or not our vehicle needs the same care we would give our own bodies. The vehicle you depend on every day needs; air, water, oil, and regular checkups. (https://wwwcars.com )
The filters
There are three filters on a vehicle. There is an oil filter, air filter and a transmission filter. If any one of these filters is clogged the vehicle will not only run sluggish but will use more gas.
The fluids
Just as we need fluids in our bodies, so does the vehicle we drive. There are six difference fluids a vehicle needs. They are; oil, transmission, water, coolant, and brake fluids. The oil goes in a hole on top of the engine. The transmission goes in a much smaller hole in the back of the engine. The water and coolant (or ant-freeze/coolant) goes into a hole in the thing called the radiator in front of the engine. The engine has to be very cool to do this. The brake fluid goes into a cylinder that is usually on the right side of the back of the engine.
Check tires and rims
If the tires are not at the proper air pressure the vehicle will use more gas. Check the rims also. My car had a tire that would not stay up. There was a slow leak and I thought maybe I had run over a nail. I took the car to a serve station, it cost me $25.00 for the man to tell me I had a bent rim.
There was a time I could change the spark plugs in my car and taught my daughters and son how to do it. Now days you need a PHD in automotive just to change a headlight, find yourself a good honest mechanic to do the maintenance on your vehicle. This is especially true for women.
Warm ups
When it is cold out let your vehicle warm up so that the oil has time to get to all the lifters. It does not take long and will save the motor. It is these little things that you do that will save you from walking in the long run. (https://www.bankrate.com )

Yes, we all have been there; overheated radiator, flat tire, or a badly needed tune up. So what's the answer?
The          overheated radiator:          if it has a leak Bazoca bubble gun (you have to chew it first) then          refill the radiator and put about two (2) sticks in. For me; this          got me and the kids home. We were 300 miles from home.
         The          flat tire:          I always have a can of Fix-a-Flat in the car. You will get a lot          farther that way than using the "small spare tire".
         The          tune-up:          In my toolbox I have a finger nail file and a dime. (NOTE: do 1          spark plug at a time) The usual gap on a spark plug is the size of a          dime. Clean the tip with the finger nail. Then replace it
         The          radiator hose:          Another thing in my toolbox is duct tape and knife (I don't want          to mess up my nails) you can tear duct tape.
         The          tie-rod:          This is something must ladies cannot do because have get under the          car and you will get dirty; However, it can be done. I did it using          an eight-penny nail. It got me to a garage.          
Please understand with the newer cars this tips may not be of any help.

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