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A poem about the natural hypocrisy of man.
We learn how to love
But some learn how to hate.

We know someday we'll die
But we do all we can to avoid our fate.

We see a vast, beautiful world before our eyes
But we prefer the comfort of electronic boxes.

We practice kindness, we practice tolerance
But when provoked, we turn obnoxious.

We're taught the importance of meeting people
But we're also taught not to talk to strangers.

We practice methods to keep ourselves safe
But we're cowardly if we don't embrace danger.

We allow overlords to spread false hope
But we continue to treat it as gospel.

We take good deeds by others for granted
But one bad deed renders us hostile.

We strive to work hard and learn
But we reward those that cut a corner.

We give credence to the rich and greedy
But we frown upon the hapless and poorer.

We spend time thinking and reflecting
But we don't take time to listen and be curious.

We open ourselves to dialogue and challenge
But when our beliefs are questioned, we get furious.

We crave honesty and desire good communication
But our deepest secrets, we fail to mention.

We know politicians are evil and flawed
But freak out when our favorite is questioned.

We leave in fear of intangible deities
But we always question what is real.

We strive for money, we strive for fame
But consequently, we forget how to feel.

We all need food, clothing, and shelter
But we prefer diamonds, interest, and hedge funds.

We act calm and collected when we're in control
But when one thing goes wrong, we're stunned.

We live on a planet of terrestrial diversity
But we judge each other based on color.

We believe in fairytales and lies
But the truth, when confronted with, we smother.

We think we're impervious to criticism
But we are the first to criticize others

We're indoctrinated into a society of consumers
But inherently, we are designed to be hunters.

We think of mindless antics as exciting
But we find good books and fine art boring.

We remember the bad deeds people pull on us
But we nary find the good deeds adoring.

We preach charity and we preach selflessness
But we're taught to love ourselves more.

We preach patience and we preach peace
But somehow, we justify the need for war.

We help each other through tough times
But we'll hurt each other and say, "oh well."

We believe there is a heaven
But act as if we are going to hell.

We are a fallible species
We are natural hypocrites.

We are one, we are human
And only we can prevent us from going to shit.

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