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This is about a fighting dog who is a winner

Please note the English "Spike's Story" is not good English. However, My hope is you will see the transformation that goes on in Spike's life. Remember these dogs were bred and trained to fight by man this was not how the breed started out to be. There is much being done to change this but until dog fighting is stopped there will always be a Spike's story but not always with the same ending. You see a dog that has been trained to fight has to be "put down" that is the law in most states.

Spike's Story
Looking at me now it is hard to believe that I was once handsome puppy; full of fun and as loving as any other dog. Looking at me now, who would believe that I am a champion. I ain't got ears; done lost them in fights and my face was once a bloody mess. I have so many scares on my face, neck and legs that they ain't never gona grow hair. I got teeth and toes missing. I was more dead then live but more alive than the other dog when they dragged us out of the ring and because I couldn't " load up" my owner left me for dead in the dirt an' blood. I heard him say, "Spike, you may have won the fight but you ani't no good to me dead. Damn, costs a lot of money to train another good as you."

In the darkness I heard the other dog draw one last ragged breath. I was the winner! Least ways I was still live! But for how long...Really, I am the "winner" after my owner left me lying there and everyone else had done gone and all was quiet; something happened. At first I thought I had done died and done gone to doggie heaven. In a way... maybe I did. In the darkness and quiet somebody ever so carefully pick me up and lied me in a blanket. I heard a voice; like the voice of an angel say ever so softly, "hang on old boy just hang on it's going to be okay."

With fingers so soft and kind she stroke my head. I was too exhausted and too weak to defend myself so I just lied there hoping the pain would just go away or better yet I would just die so I would not have to fight and kill again....or be killed

I was laid in some kind of dog box on another blanket. The next thing I knew is I am in a clean cage. I was still too weak to left my head. So I just moved my eyes and watch the people around me moving about. Someone comes over, and that same soft angel voice says "it's okay old boy, you're going to be all right just lay still." The pain had stopped and I was alive. Then with those gentle fingers she picked at my blood soaked hair and ever so gently with a hot wet rag washed my matted hair. Slowly ever so slowly the smell of blood and death was washed away. Slowly ever, so slowly a strange smell replaced it; the smell of renewing life itself; something I had never smelled before; it was like a breathed of fresh air in springtime--like being reborn.
I was laid in some kind of dog box on another blanket.

I was given a second chance. I have a new owner. She plays with me and hugs me. She says I can never be around other dogs or children and I have to play in a fenced-in yard. The best thing is I never have to fight another dog again. I never have to kill again. So yes, I am a winner!

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