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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2121887
This is Day Sixteen of the Promptly Potter challenge. It's another SpaceWizard Mystery.
(Another SpaceWizards Action/Adventure Mystery)

It doesn’t matter if they are called villages, towns, cities, or Communities if there are individuals living within them they have a residences structures. They usually include both single residences and multiple residences. What we here on Earth call houses or homes, and apartment buildings, townhouses, or duplexes. Whatever they call them, these residences are group together into groups. The same is true for their business too. This is a story about one of those businesses on the planet of Wullian.

“Number Twelve Grimmauld Place”

A Short Story

Remembered By


     Stavon mumbled something. He looked down onto a dance floor below at about a hundred Wullians dancing with each other to music being played by a four Wullian group on a raised floor in front of the dancers. After looking at each dancer individually, Stavon looked over at the group playing the music. Almost half the Wullians in here are about to be Wizards. The other half were invited here by the others.

     That includes the group playing the music of that Music and Dance Establishment. Two of the four are about to become Wizards too. Stavon saw two members of the group glowing light green within most of their bodies. The other two only glowed light blue.

     After staring at them for several more seconds, Stavon looked at the dancers. Most of the couples dancing showed only half of the couple glowing light green. But there are a few there that were both glowing light green. The ones that were green were different shades of green. Most the green covered most of their bodies. But for a lot of them, it was about half the body or in-between half and most.

     When are you going to get here? These Wullian are about to become part of Horrald’s Army. Stavon was still looking at the dancers saw the dancers with their palms on either side of their dancing partners heads as they continued dancing.

     Stavon started looking at the couples that were both light greens. One was completely green. But the other one was almost green. Stavon’s jaw dropped as he saw one completely green Wullian emit a light green palm size beam of light into his head. A few seconds later they became completely green too. He saw three more both light green couples do the same thing.

     I just saw four more Wullians become wizards. If you don’t get here fast, there are going to be another fifty wizards for Horrald to kill.


     We still have a few wizards to save at Number Eleven Grimmauld Place. But I have already sent Yena, Borrele, and Pacill to help you. Mairon fired a Fire Ball at another ball that Horrald shot at a Wullian. They exploded together about halfway between Horrald and the Wullian.

     Mairon looked at that Wullian and mumbled something, and the Wullian disappeared a few seconds later. We will join you once we save all the rest of wizards here.

     Jacci and Angoria were continuously firing one Fire Ball or electrical string after another at Horrald. Horrald easily took out each Fire Ball or electrical string by swatting them away from him or into each other. A few got to him. And those that did only shook him up a little. But other than that, he’s okay.

     Horrald was concentrating on the wizards dancing. He kept firing Fire Balls at them. Most of them got stopped by Mairon. But a few got through to kill a dancing wizard. Horrald also was defending himself against Jacci and Angoria. He used one hand to defend himself and the other one to kill the dancing Wizards.

     Mairon mumbling something. Then he looked at a dancing wizard. A few seconds later that wizard disappeared. He did the same thing to five more wizards. Mairon looked up at Horrald as he fired another Fire Ball at a new wizard. He shot a Fire Ball of his own at it. But it missed. Horrald’s ball hit that wizard. She fell to the floor dead. Mairon quickly mumbled something. And a few seconds later that dead wizard disappeared too. Sorry, I was too late to save you. At least I saved you from joining Horrald’s Army.


     Yena, Borrele, and Pacill ran into Number Twelve from different entrances. All three stopped just after they entered. They slowly scanned the room. And each one saw a full-bodied green Wullian disappear. All three looked up at Stavon. Borrele was the first. Then Pacill a few seconds later. And Yena a second or two after that.

     Stavon saw Yena, Borrele, and Pacill as they entered. He continued to mumble something before he looked at Wullian wizard who disappeared a few seconds later. There were a lot of Wullians already gone. But there was still about eight of them still there. And now all of them were full-bodied green. Stavon continued to mumble something but noticed that Yena, Borrele, and Pacill also started mumbling too. He had to squint his eyes to see them close enough to see they were mumbling, though.

     Another Wullian wizard disappeared. A few seconds later the one next to that one disappeared too. Borrele floated up a little for a better view of the situation. She continuously mumbled something, and the new wizards started disappearing one after another.

     Pacill and Yena also floated up above the dancing wizards. They too started to mumble something. And each time they did another dancing wizard disappear. But the new wizards are started to panic. Seeing someone next to them disappear made them scared. They were starting to panic. It was getting harder for Stavon, Yena, Pacill, and Borrele to save them.

     Just then Horrald joined Number Twelve’s dancers by smashing his way through the ceiling aka the roof. The pieces of ceiling killed a few of the new wizards. But most were too small to kill anyone. Horrald started shooting Fire Balls at the new wizard as soon as he got there.


     Jacci ran into the Communications Chamber where all the other SpaceWizards already were. “Sorry, I’m late. I had to put our spaceship on Self-Flying Mode before I could come. So, what’s the problem? Why did you, Stavon, think us to come here as quickly as possible. It can’t be Horrald. I didn’t see or hear any alarms going off.

     “It is about Horrald. But not directly this time.” Stavon swiveled around in his chair toward a Data Monitor as Jacci joined the other SpaceWizards standing around Stavon. “We are all here now. Dovor, tell them what you just told me.”

     Dovor didn’t say anything for several minutes. He just stared at the seven SpaceWizards from Stavon’s monitor. “I’m front the planet of Wullian. And we are a none-wizard world.”

     Stavon interrupted Dovor. He swiveled around to face the other SpaceWizards. “I lived on Wullian several thousand years ago for about a hundred years. It was during the part of my life that I didn’t want to be a SpaceWizard anymore. So, I moved to Wullian. I kept practicing wizardry. And I did get seen by several Wullians over the years. There were also a few times that my wizardry to help someone.”

     “Stavon’s a legend on Wullian. We still remember him. Our Younger Ones are told about his good deeds. So, when this problem started up a few months ago I knew who to contact about it.”

     A few seconds later Dovor continued. “About three months ago fifteen Music and Dancing Establishments suddenly showed up all over Wullian at the same time. We didn’t think much about it. It didn’t seem to be a problem. But then we started noticing that Wullians, mostly young one to slightly older ones, were going there but they were leaving there.”

     “We started sending in Locals to find out what was going on. Most of them didn’t return either. But after about a month a few did. That’s when we found out that those going in there were being turned into wizards so that a Horrald SpaceWizard could kill them.”

     All the SpaceWizards looked shocked. “Why would Horrald come to a none-wizard planet just to get wizards for his army when there are so many Wizard Worlds around here?” Mairon asked a few seconds later?

     “I don’t know why he came here. And I don’t really care. All I care about is that he’s here and he’s killing Wullians.” Dovor continued a few seconds later. “When we found out what was going on at these establishments we also found out that Horrald was coming in once a week, two establishments a day, to kill us.”

     “That should have been the first thing we noticed as to that something was wrong. The establishments only stayed open two days a week. And that they were different days for each one.”

     Dovor had taken a deep breath before he continued. “When we found out it was wizardry going on, that’s when I started looking for Stavon to help us. It took me a while to do it. But I finally did. Can you help us?”

     “Of course, we’re going to help you. We will be there in a couple of weeks.”


     Borrele, Yena, Pacill, and Stavon were all attacking Horrald with one Fire Ball or electrical string after another. They kept him so busy defending himself that there wasn’t time for Horrald to add to his army. But he did manage to get a few Fire Balls past them. One was about to kill a Wullian when Pacill fired a Fire Ball of his own at it. They both exploded. That explosion knocked the Wullian to the ground. But he was still alive.

     Another Wullian got saved by Yena when she mumbled something. A few seconds later that Fire Ball got squatted away by a giant hand to exploded against a wall. Horrald decided to concentrate on just the SpaceWizards. Not only did he defend himself against the attack, but he also fired back at them. Most of them were easily stopped one way or another. But one of them did get past Borrele. And it was headed right for a Wullian.

     Just then Mairon, Jacci, and Angoria joined the fight. Angoria quickly mumbled something. When the Fire Ball hit the Wullian it bounced off of her to exploded against another wall. Mairon, Jacci, and Angoria joined the other SpaceWizards in their fight against Horrald. But they stayed just above the Wullians to protect them against any more attacks by Horrald.

     The fighting went only for about fifteen more minutes, Fire Balls and electrical strings flew everywhere. Horrald got hit by a lot. So, did the SpaceWizards. Even a few of the Wullians almost got hit. But no one died. “This isn’t fair. Seven against one isn’t fair. I don’t need any more Wullians. I’ve already added several thousand of them to my army.” A few seconds later Horrald disappeared.

     Is it over? Did we win again? Jacci asked.

     It sure does look that way. But what about the other three Music and Dancing establishments. Do you think he’s still going after them? Pacill and the other SpaceWizards above joined the ones below.

     From the way, he was talking he has left Wullian. But will check them out just in case, though. He might have just said that to make us think that he did. Mairon answered Pacill’s question first.

     I hope he does attack them, thought Borrele. We still don’t know why he attacked Wullian.

     That’s an easy ‘why’ to answer, thought Angoria. If we did some searching about it I think we will discover that wasn’t the first none-wizard world he’s attacked. It’s just the first one we found out about.

     Angoria thought after a few seconds. We all know an army of wizards is the best army for a SpaceWizard. But going to a planet where wizardry exists means creating that army is a lot harder because they will fight back. A none-wizard world is a lot easier to add to his army. All he had to do was create them first. And he did that with Grimmauld.

     That makes sense to me,” thought Stavon. But what I want to know is who is this Grimmauld individual. Why were these Music and Dance Establishments named after him or is it her?

     Another ‘why’ that’s easy to answer, thought Angoria. Either Grimmauld was the first one on Wullian that Horrald converted into a wizard, and together they created about ten more per establishment, or he’s one of Horrald’s Followers.

Word Count = 1,998

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