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This is the second part to "Spike's Story"; It is about our pets used for bate.
Dog fighting rings steal pets and use them for bate. They use dogs, cats, rabbits other small animals for training the fighting dogs and when these "bate" are used up they are used to feed the fighting dogs as a prize. They hook the bite animal to a treadmill and make the fighting dog run on the treadmill. People do not realize that this is not just fighting dogs; it is about yours and my pets. It is easy to steal pets because they are trusting.
Missy's Story
Hi my name was Missy and I was once a happy puppy in my forever home. One day I was playing in my big backyard with my brother and sister, when this man up to the fence with a doggie treat. Butch told me to stay away but I just wanted the treat. Then all of a sudden the man reached and grabbed me!
He suddenly wasn't very nice any more. He threw me into a cage. It was not a clean cage either. It smelled nasty like there had been other dogs in it and they had peeped in it. The bad man got and we went for a ride. Then we got to this place there were other dogs, some were big ugly dogs and some were little scared dogs like me. That mean man threw me in with other smaller dogs. There were some other men there talking.
"She too young to bread just yet but we can still use her for bate." One man said
"Hell, yea, and if she lives long enough we bread her with Spike." The mean man said and he laugh.
One of the other puppies named fluff came over to me and in a very small voice said, "I don't know which is worse being bate or having Spike bread you. Spike is the top dog here."
"But I'm too young to bread! I am only three months old!" I began to cry. Just then that mean man walked over to our cage.
"Come on runt it time you get use to how things are here." He grabbed me by my collar.
"We need to get rid of this first" and he threw my collar in thrash. He put a chain around my neck and hooked me up to the front of this thing. Than he left and came back with the biggest ugly dog I had ever laid eyes on.
"Ok, cupcake you better start running or you're going to be my need meal." That ugly big dog slobbered all over me. I could smell his breath breathing on me. Oh why didn't I listen to Butch? I thought.
Two days later there was a raid and some nice people came and put all of us in cages- -clean cages, and took us to the doctor's and then to another place where there were a lot of other dogs and even cats. A lady took me and used this thing on me. She said she found a chip in my hind hip. The next time I saw Spike, he was not looking too good. Fluffy told me later that Spike had been in a couple of fights the night before and almost died. He didn't look that much alive when I saw him just now.
The lady that said I was lucky because I have my chip said to another lady the my mama and daddy were on their way and I was going home.
Going home! Back to my brother and sister! I will never take treats from strangers again.

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