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Lucas Malek has a death wish. Because messing with Alicia Moray is not something you do.
He takes his glasses off and sets them on his desk, I mumble in reply, "Yes, Mr. Moray, I know why I'm here." Rubbing the bridge of his nose he glances at me. I shudder trying to ignore the similarities between my uncle and my dad. Although my uncle may be my dad's identical twin, he has a lot more control than my dad does. My uncle the principal, my dad the boxer.

"Ms. Moray." He pauses glaring into my eyes, "Alicia." Another pregnant pause, "Would you mind telling me what, in all of heaven and hell, made you throw a microscope through Mr. Baymire's wall?" His eyebrows raise expectantly as my jaw clenches shut. I spit out the two words as my anger boiled.

"Lucas Malek."

Lucas Malek is the worse insult to human kind. He grooms himself carefully, and meticulously. His disregard for others astonishes me. He uses girls like tissues, and has immense amounts of pride. His tight knit group of friends are so similar to him. Me and my friends, call the three of them, Lucas Malek, Mathis Grey, and Konner Price, the Pretty Boys. And, as always, they thinks that it's their job to ruin my day.

It all started about a month ago.

I was walking through the cafeteria to go to my usual table when Lucas Malek slams right into me. He was staring at the girl walking in front of him and ignoring the stream of people spilling out of the hallway. Ramming into several people, he threw insults at them, not even looking up. They all just ignored his rudeness and kept walking. Not me. I don't take sh*t from anyone. Especially one of the Pretty Boys.

"Watch where you're going dweeb." His gaze was fixed on the girl in front of him. Not even glancing at me. My blood boiled so I retorted.

"Maybe if you weren't so busy checking out Alyssa (Alyssa is the girl he is currently dating) you'd know where you're going." I snapped at him. The entire cafeteria was silent. I glared at him. Everyone knew that I'm the daughter of a professional boxer and I'm not afraid to throw a few punches if I get pissed enough. Did I mention that I have anger management issues? Well, I do.

"Oh just shut up and stick you nose is a book." He smirks. I see his cocky smile falter as I slightly raise my fist. Everyone remembers the time when I mutilated Mathis for staring at my best friend, Maria's, chest for the entire class.

"At least mine isn't up my as*" I snarl at him. his smirk fades and he blinks a couple of times as I brush past him. I intentionally bump shoulders with him making him stumble. He has sweat running down his temples, and his hands are slightly shaking. He's either terrified of me, like the rest of the school, or he's keeping himself from punching me. I, personally, think it's the former.

Awwww, the big 6 foot bad boy is afraid of a 5 foot 2 girl. How precious.

As I pass him he hisses in my ear, "I'll get you back for this Moray."

I stop and stare at him blankly, a small smirk playing across my lips,, "I'd like to see you try Malek."

So that's how it all started.


You know how everyone always says, 'Karma's a b*tch?'. Yeah, well I'd like to look Karma straight in the eyes and then beat her senseless.

Lucas Malek and I are now biology partners. Our lovely teacher, Mr. Baymire, who happens to be the devil incarnate, thought the best way to make Lucas and I stop screaming insults at each other, from across the room, was to make us lab partners.

"Mr. Malek, you are partners with Ms. Moray."

"No way, I'm NOT doing that." He stands up and starts waving his hands around frantically.

"I wouldn't do her either," Konner smirks. The class snickers and I chuck a hardcover book at his head, hitting him right on the forehead.

"Owwww," ignoring Konner's whines I turn to Mr. Baymire.

"Mr. Baymire, I'm a good student, I get my work done. I work hard and I do well in your class. Please, don't make me do," I glare at Konner, "I mean, work with Lucas. I cannot stand him and he cannot stand me. We have a hate-hate relationship. It's pretty solid."

"Ms. Moray, what goes on between you and Mr. Malek is not my concern. What is my concern is the constant stream of screams that both of you bellow in my class. Now that you two are seated closer together, maybe you could call him a conceited b*stard in a quieter voice."

Glaring at my new seat, between Lucas and Konner, I gather my things. As I march over to them, Konner's eyes light up with devious excitement.

"Well, look who's here,"

"Shut up, Price. If I have to sit next to you two for the next semester, I want to still get my work done. So that means we will have to at least tolerate each other." I look up at a smirking Lucas and Konner, "What?"

"Are you being nice to us?" Konner has a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Yeah, are you possessed or something?" Lucas's eyebrows raise and he acts surprised.

"No, you idiots, I just want to pass this class," Honestly I don't have anything against Lucas and Konner, you know except for an overall disapproval of their behavior. Mathis, however, is another story. I have something personal against that boy. I dislike Lucas and Konner mainly for their constant support of Mathis, but also for their idiotically conceited personalities.

Mumbles of opposition contradicted my statement as the bell rang, signaling the end of class.

"Maria! Camille!" Screaming I run into the cafeteria, and gather them into an aggressive group hug.

"Al!" They scream in unison. Konner and Lucas roll their eyes as they pass us. Camille sticks her tongue out at them, scrunching her face up. They laugh and make faces back at her.

As we walk to our table, we see a terrible sight. The Pretty Boys are sitting at our table. I march up to the table as my anger boils. I mumble "We are Young" by Fun (It's a trick my therapist told me to use when I get mad).

"What are you doing here?" My voice is strained and my words are quiet.

"Well, I think that we're eating lunch," Lucas turns to Konner and Mathis, "A least I think that's what we're doing, right boys?" Konner smirks while Mathis continues to stare at his tray.

"Listen Malek, whatever you have against me, please just stuff it back up your.."

"She means, get out of our spots and go back to your whores." Camille smiles draping her arm over my shoulder.

Konner's smirk disappears as both he and Lucas to stand. Konner pushes Camille against the wall, "What did you say about my sister?" Konner's sister, Elloiuse, sits at the same table as he does. Camille just accidentally called Ell a slut.

I grab the back of Konner's shirt and throw him against the wall, away from Camille, "Hey! She didn't mean to call Ell a whore. She was talking abut Ashley and the rest of the slut squad. Ell is cool. We don't mind Ell." Konner relaxes and sits down. Still at our table.

Glancing at the table, I see Lucas stand. Great now Lucas is bristling, "Did you just call my girlfriend slut?"

I roll my eyes, "Yes, I just stated that the slut Queen of the school is, in fact a slut." Lucas throws a punch at my face. I grab his wrist, twist it behind his back and push him against the wall, "I could dislocate your shoulder without breaking a sweat. I could also break your arm, just as easily. What you say next, decides the sate you walk away in. Or whether or not you can even walk. Choose wisely."

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