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Back, back to the contored valley. To the gush and swirl. Constantly gnawing away at it's tributary river path. The trail of flowing currents and thrashing rapids inter mingling, leading to the sea. Elongated V-shape of a dale, full of life and prosperity. Sun high in the pristine sky beating down on everything bellow it. Strangling shrubbery, an instant sanctuary from the blistering furnace where shadows are lacking.

Animals. Young and old. Prancing, panting, playing. Scatter on a whim from possible threats. Dogs barking. Branches snapping. Birds shrill calls, sirens to all. Squealing animals fleeing blindly, crashing through bush and scrub. Many creatures have met the fate of death here by the hands of blood thirsty dogs and hunters, disrupting the peace for minimal amounts of time. Shrubbery and thick brush a haven for the hunted, vast hill sides a grazing ground for herbivores and predators alike, an ecosystem full of life and thriving despite the challenges faced.
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