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Rated: E · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2122008
hunt to find the third book
Chapter one
The Meeting

When Simon opened his eyes, the sun shone through his window nearly blinding him in the process. He put his hand up to eyes to block it but to no avail.
"Great" he thought "I never going to get back to sleep now " and he got out of his bed and closed the curtains and jumped back in bed.
As he laid there he looked around at all the pictures and books he had on Rome on his bedroom wall
He had collected for years. since he had got back, including a drawn picture of his friend the captain who he missed terribly.
As he was about to close his eyes again, he heard his father shout him from downstairs. "Come on Simon get up it's your birthday and it's nearly ten o'clock, plus your girl friend Julie will here in moment".
Simon let out a sigh as if he was not happy "can't believe I'm eighteen" he thought "feels more like
With that he got out of his bed and made his way back to the window and looked out.
As he looked across the field he could still see the police cars near the forest, and police men walking in and out of the open gate with their tracker dogs.
"I wonder why they are still there after two days" he thought "I hope the guardian is alright".
As he was still looking out of window his father shouted him again "come on Simon I won't shout you again"
Simon held his breath in frustration and shouted back "I'm coming, I just got out of bed"
"Ok" his father shouted back, and with that Simon got his clothes on and made his way downstairs.
Once Simon got in the living room, he sat down on his chair and started to drink his lukewarm
"Eww" he thought as he felt the cold tea go down his throat, but swallowed it anyway not to upset his father, who was sitting in front of him.
"Well birthday boy" he asked "what it like to be eighteen?" you're an adult now, so you need to find a job".
Simon just sat there and shrugged his shoulders "feels no different" he muttered "just feels like a normal day"
His dad just looked at him in disgust "normal day" he scowled "you're lucky to be still living here,
Rent free, plus all that money I spent on doctors for your illusions, on going back in time to ancient Rome, and meeting someone who looked like your mother".

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