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Story Opening: Hello everybody this is my first ever online story so please don't judge it based on the spelling and grammatical errors. Well, anyway this story is basically about a different reality where multiple worlds exist. The two main worlds are Calexa which is where the humans live and the other world is Ancoria which is home to demons. The humans and demons are at war with each other. The humans had an organization called The Order of Light. The Order fight the demons which are ruled by the Demon King Lucifer. With his 10 siblings who are considered the lords of Ancoria and each one has a special power in which they control. Demons get into Calexa by possessing materials in Calexa. However one day Lucifer fell in love with a human woman named. They spent nearly 2 years together and then she became pregnant with his son, but then the order of Light attacked her. The child escaped carried away by the woman's familiar. The familiar carried the baby to his grandfather Heinz Lin who promised he would raise his grandson to become a fine human being and he named him Rafen. Well, everybody, this is the introduction to the story and I hope you enjoy.

(Rafen P.o.v)

I was walking home from my job at Jimmy's burger shack. He was sulking because I had just gotten fired from working at Jimmy's Burger shack. That makes 13 jobs getting fired from in 2 1/2 months. He wiped his nose and when he looked at his hand it was smeared with blood. He sighed. "Damn now I've got to go and deal with gramps."

He then jammed my hands into my black hoodie's pockets and kept on walking along the street. He had just gotten to the corner of Thames road and Trinity avenue when out of nowhere something slammed into his back and grabbed him. The initial force sent him falling to the ground but he stopped his fall by putting his hands out in front of him and landing on them in a push-up style. He then felt someone sit on top of him which made his arms collapse. He looked up and scowled at the person on top of him.

The person on top of him was his adopted little sister Jasmine. He growled, "get off me you ebony haired hippo." Jasmine looked at him and glared and said, " what's the matter Fen." (Everybody calls Rafen Fen) He hated when she looked at him like that. Her eyes would get bigger and the green seemed to get bigger. She could almost always get any information out him with those big eyes.

He sighed and said "uhhh fine. I got fired from my job at Jimmy's Burger shack for fighting with a group of customers." For a long second everything was silent but then Jasmine slammed her hands down on his skull. "Ow what the heck why did you just do that." She glared at him and said " That's the 13th job you've been fired from in 3 months. It doesn't make sense, why are you fighting so much?" I yelled "it wasn't my fault they came into the store and were acting like they owned the place. Taking people's food and stuff so I had to show them who's boss." Jasmine just sighed and stood up off of him. She said, " You don't need to explain it to me, but You know Gramps and Holden are gonna be pissed."

She looked at him with sad eyes and held out her hand to help him up. He grabbed her hands and she helped haul him off the pavement. He brushed the dirt out of his hair and said, "let's get this over with." The two crossed the street and headed to the outskirts of the city. We live in an old Victorian style house that stood on a hill that overlooked the entire city. The house was made out of gray bricks and its roof was made of purple tile and the house stood 4 stories high. It had a wall surrounding the building. Rafen went to the iron gate in the middle of the wall and the banged his fist on the door because he had forgotten his keys. Jasmine didn't have any keys so she couldn't get in any way. Tee two waited for about a minute when they heard a clink behind the door and the door opened up.

The one who opened the door had brown spiky hair and he had pale white skin. He was wearing a long cloak over what seemed to be a button-up shirt with khaki pants. His name was Kay and he was one of the 7 house helpers that his Grandpa had hired. Kay smiled at the two of them and said, "welcome home you two!" They both said "thanks and walked through the gate. They walked into the courtyard which was full different flowers on both sides of the walkway that led to the actual house. Rafen saw two more of the housekeepers tending to the flowers. The first one was a Japanese woman named Hilda that he had known for almost 4 years.The other was the newest housekeeper, her name is Diana and she was from the village Miria. The two housekeepers looked up from the field and smiled at him and Jasmine. They smiled back and walked up onto the porch.

Jasmine opened the house door to see another housekeeper Gabriel. His job was to make sure that the inside of the house as nice and clean. The light from the light bulbs made his glasses shine so the two couldn't see his actual eyes. Gabriel frowned and said, "Fen(Fen's nickname is Fen) you're job called saying you beat up a customer and then you left without explaining. He clenched his hands and said, " there were 3 of them and they were messing with the other people so I told them to stop, but they said what are you gonna do about it. SO I kinda jumped over the counter and rammed my fist into one of their faces. Then the other 2 attacked me and I beat them up too." He gave Gabriel or as he liked to call him Gabe a weak smile. He shook his head and said, "all this fighting Fen, it's not good for you, but your grandpa is already waiting for you upstairs in your room." He shook my head and slowly walked up the stairs knowing his grandpa was gonna beat him.

(Jazmine's POV)

I watched Fen walk up the stairs and sighed. I went to the kitchen to find Niya with a plate ready for me. Nya was around 49 years old and she was from Jamaica. I gladly accepted the food and said, "thank you Nya." Nya smiled at me nodded her head, and walked off. I expect she was going to the store to buy some more groceries.

Right before I could take a single bite into my sandwich I heard a loud smack come from upstairs. I sighed knowing that it was my adopted Grandfather Heinz who had made the sound with his infamous pure leather belt. He was beating Fen for fighting again. I sighed and pulled out my phone I also pulled out my earbuds and placed them in my ears. I pick my favorite song(which was a Beethoven symphony) and played it. The sound got me to release the tension I had built up in my arms and I closed my eyes so the music could overtake me. Then out of nowhere, I felt breathing on my neck. It was a slowly and steady breathing as if a large animal was behind me. I opened my left eye just a crack and turned to see if anything was in my vision. There was nothing but the breathing was still there. I let out 1 small breath, and out of nowhere, I made the chair I was sitting on fall to the ground. When the chair landed I rolled to the other side of the kitchen and grabbed a knife out of the knife cupboard. I held it in my hands and turned only to find nothing there. The kitchen was empty and the same as ever except for the chair on the. I sighed and put the knife back. I then went to the chair and picked it up. I threw my food away and left to go into the living room. (What Jazmine didn't notice was that the kitchen door that went to the back door was slightly open and that on her right shoulder she a tiny scratch that wasn't there before.)

Author's note: Well guy's I hope you liked it and have a good day. (Sorry it's small.)

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