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Another politico conversation between a grandfather and his 11 year old granddaughter.
"They Shoot Horses, Don't They?"
"Soylent Green is People"
Axel Christiensen

A few weeks ago, prior to Trump's inauguration, I helped my 11-year-old granddaughter, Yasmine,
with a homework assignment for her 6th grade social studies class. Little did I realize "A Tale of
Three Ugly Sisters & Donald Trump" would be such a hit with Yasmine's classmates, and the teacher.

A couple of days ago, Yasmine came home from school all giggly with excitement. The teacher had
read her paper aloud to the class. The teacher also sent a note asking if I would be willing to share
the ending of 'A Tale of Three Ugly Sisters" with her social studies class. It was a hand-written note
signed by the teacher and all her students, including my granddaughter.

Yasmine was watching intently as I read the note, waiting for my answer. The teacher was hoping I
had time to visit her class sometime this week. I'll have to think about this before I venture an ending
to a story I had made up on the spur of the moment just to entertain my granddaughter.

"So, I guess everyone liked the story, huh?" I queried Yasmine.

"Everyone except Barbie House. She's going to tell her father all about the Three Ugly Sisters."

"Really? Well, if Barbie is that upset, I guess her father must be a GOPer?"

"I don't know, but he works at a bank, and has something to do with the school board."

"He's probably not the janitor then, huh?"

"I don't think so, Grandpa. "

Hmm! What was I going to do with an irate GOPer father if he reads 'A Tale of Three Ugly Sisters and
Donald Trump?' I had to think hard about this. The ending of the story is dependent upon Trump and
his gang of gutless GOPers ... and the conservative agenda they're threatening to enact any day now.
Trump and his gang of gutless GOPers are determined to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid,
defund planned parenthood, repeal affordable care, do away with health care for the poor and old people,
deport immigrants, ban refugees, tar and feather Muslims, etc. You name it and the GOPers are hot to trot
to do away with it. I was trying to explain all this to Yasmine.

"If Trump and the GOPers do what they're threatening to do there'll be no protection for the elderly, the
handicapped, disabled, children, the sick and the poor, all the less fortunate people in America. And your
old grandpa is of an age where I need my Social Security benefits, and quality health care. "

Bewildered, my dear granddaughter asked, "But, Grandpa, what will happen to you and all the poor people
if they pass their agenda?'

I have a terrible habit of answering a question with a question. "They Shoot horses, Don't They?"

"What do you mean?" Yasmine gasped in disbelief, tears in her eyes.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. 'They Shoot Horses, Don't They?' is the name of a movie."

Pouting, she said, "It must be really old. I never heard of it. What's it about?"

"It takes place in the 1930s, during the depression era, around the time I was born. The story is about
desperate people doing desperate things in desperate times. Marathon dancing was popular during the
depression years. Contestants would dance for hours that turned into days, sometimes weeks, hoping
to win prize money. Some people even died while dancing. It was a book long before it was a movie."

"Oh, that's sad, Grandpa. I like movies with happy endings."

"Oh, the movie's not that sad. Ask your father to check on Netflix. See if they've got a copy. Oh, and see
if they've got a copy of 'Soylent Green.' It's a science fiction film about what happens to older people in a
futuristic world."

"You sure I should be watching these films? They sound scary." Yasmine giggled as she wrote the names
of the movies in her note book.

"Not a problem. I'll watch them with you. I haven't see either film in years."

"Okay, I guess. Oh, Grandpa. Teacher gave us another homework assignment."

Her latest homework was to ask the oldest person in the home, that's me, to describe in one word
Trump's first 50 days in office. I wouldn't need a thesaurus to answer. Talk about scary!

"Fearful! Frightening! Terrifying. Tumultuous. Chaotic. Turmoil. You want more?"

Yasmine giggled, but asked me to pick one, only. I chose 'frightening'. She was ready with a one
word question. "Why?"

"Why what?"

"Why is Trump's first 50 days in office 'frightening?'"

"Because AmberHead and his gang of gutless GOPers are ......."

"Wait, Grandpa! Who's AmberHead?"

"Oh, right! I forgot. Trump's new nick-name is AmberHead."

"I thought you gave him the name 'Helmet Head' ... because of his hair."

"Well, the more I thought about it Trump's head of hair looks more like a flashing caution light at a
deserted crossroads." There's something ominous about a flashing caution light and Trump's amber
color hair. Maybe hilarious is a better choice of words.

"Okay, Grandpa. Back to AmberHead's first 50 days in office. Why frightening?"

"Because AmberHead and his gang of gutless GOPers are trying to create a whole new world.
A world that doesn't include the working middle class or poor people in America. It's an exclusive
world for the wealthy millionaires and billionaires, the elite, privileged class. In the GOPer world,
there's no place for the less fortunate in our society."

"Oh, Grandpa! Can they really do that?" She was obviously doubtful.

"With all those rich people Trump picked for his cabinet running around the White House figuring out
how to make more money than there's dirt, and those gutless GOPers in Congress sitting on their butts
afraid to stand up to AmberHead and his carpet baggers ....... It sure looks like they can."

I'm not sure Yasmine believed me or if she understood what I was talking about. Because she giggled
nervously before she told me what had happened at school earlier in the day.

"Oh, guess what. Barbie House got in an argument with Hector Garcia. He's the smartest kid in our class.
Maybe the whole school. Barbie kept screaming at Hector to go back to Mexico. The other kids laughed
because they knew Hector was born in America. His parents came here from Mexico before Hector and his
sister Theresa were born. Theresa is really smart, too."

"Wow! A little excitement in 6th grade social studies. How'd the teacher resolve this 'political' confrontation?
Better than AmberHead and his incompetent White House staff, I hope."

"Well, at first, she was going to send them to the principal's office, but then she decided to have Barbie and
Hector debate in front of the class. So, they're going to debate later this week."

Aha! I saw a way to delay the inevitable. "Why don't I wait until after their debate to tell the ending of, 'A Tale
of Three Ugly Sisters and Donald Trump."

"Okay. I'll tell teacher.

"Who Needs the Kardashians? We've Got Trump & the GOPers!"

This is a continuing conversation I have with my 11-year old granddaughter, Yasmine. Some of the conversation
was included in my last posting, "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" Yasmine brought home more questions her
6th grade classmates have written to POTUS.

"Oh, yeah, almost forgot. Our class is going to write a letter to the White House. Teacher wants each of us to write
one question. She going to post it on social media sites."

"Oh, good idea." Curious, I asked what question she had written.

"My question: 'Dear POTUS, You said in your speech to congress last week, 'Education is the civil rights issue of
our time.' Then how come you chose a Secretary of Education who has no experience in public education? I hope
to hear your answer soonest. Before I graduate, if possible."

"Whew! Good question. I can't wait to hear his answer."

"Me neither. But I liked Hector Garcia's question because his parents are from Mexico. 'Dear POTUS, Why do
you want to spend $20+ billion dollars on a border wall with Mexico when you should spend that money on improving
our schools? Your immediate response would be appreciated. Gracias!"

"Good for Hector." I didn't realize middle school kids were this knowledgeable about politics.

"But teacher was really surprised by Eddie Loyne's question. Eddie's always getting into trouble at school.
"Dear POTUS, As middle school students we're taught by our teachers and parents to assume responsibility
for our own actions, in school and at home. Why do you always blame others when things don't go your way?"

"I hope teacher gave him an 'A' for hitting the nail on the head. Ah, AmberHead, that is."

Yasmine giggled on cue. "Yeah, but wait 'til you hear about Dennis the menace. I can't remember his last name,
but he pesters everyone. He's a big-time wrestling fan. Dennis and his father go to those ultimate fight matches.
Dennis and his father want to invite POTUS to a 'Thugfest.' Dennis' father is an event promoter. His father told
him that POTUS likes tough guys like Putin, Assad, Duerte, Erdogan. So, they want to invite all of these 'tough
guys' to enter 'Thugfest' to find out who's toughest. But I don't think teacher will let Dennis post his invitation
question in our class letter."

"I agree with the teacher. Although I admit it would be interesting to watch all those tough guy 'bullies' picking
on one another. Don't tell your teacher I said that."

"Isabelle Wilkins comes from a really poor family. Teacher helped her write this question. 'Dear POTUS,
Poor may be a four letter word, but it's not a dirty word. Poor people deserve the dignity and respect you're
giving to all those wealthy people with the tax breaks you're proposing. What did the rich do to warrant more
money, at the expense of the poor? What did the poor do to warrant being neglected, again? Why do you
and GOPers insist on demeaning poor people? You think we like being poor?"

I didn't say anything. I knew Trump and the GOPers have avoided answering these questions for years.
They think all poor people are welfare cheats, moochers, lazy, and deserving of the life they're often forced
to live. I'll save that conversation for another time.

"Mary Kaye Pound's mother is a social worker. And her father's in the military. But she wrote this question.
"Dear POTUS, During your campaign you kept saying 'America First. America First.' Why do you want to
increase military spending at the expense of all the needy social programs such as Social Security, Medicaid,
Medicare, health care, Planned Parenthood? The poor, the sick, the elderly, and all the less fortunate people
need help more than the military does. Your proposal doesn't make sense."

"Another good question, but I don't think Trump will have an answer."

"Probably not. But I hope POTUS will have an answer to Susan Whely's question. ' Dear POTUS .... My younger
brother and I have lived with our grandparents ever since our parents died in an accident. Our grandparents are
elderly, retired on social security, and they're on Medicare and Medicaid. If you and the GOPers repeal the Affordable
Care Act at the expense of their entitlements, what is our family supposed to do? Any assurances you can provide
would be appreciated. Thank you."

Oh, did I want to respond to Susan's question. But I bit my tongue. Trump and the GOPers are creating a world
for a few and the expense of many. I keep thinking of what happens to the elderly in the futuristic sci-fi film 'Soylent Green.'

"Lottie Boughner didn't write a question. She's real shy. She wrote a plea for POTUS to "Please behave more
presidential. When you behave ugly and angry, attacking people who disagree with you, there are a lot of crazies
who think it's okay to do stupid things, often hurting innocent people. As POTUS you're supposed to be a role
model for all Americans to follow. It's getting scary just walking home from school. I'm counting on you to do the
right thing."

"Bravo for Lottie." While I'm thinking to myself - let's hope POTUS grasps the importance of his position as leader
of the US and the world.".

"Gerald Baacke is our class scientist. He wrote, 'Dear POTUS, FYI; There is scientific proof that global warming
is real, and getting worse by the minute, hour, day, week, month, year. Global warming is a reality all human beings
must address, now, not tomorrow, or next week, or next year. Why did you pick a person to head the Environmental
Protection Agency who doesn't believe global warming is real? It makes no sense."

Gerald is right. And the rest of the world know he's right. And I suspect the head of the EPA know he's right.
But it doesn't fit into the corporate mentality to make more money without government rules and restrictions.

"I didn't have time to copy Clarence Fifield's question. Clarence is the only African-American in our class.
He doesn't understand why POTUS picked Senator Sessions, a known racist and white supremacist, to be
Attorney General. Clarence would like POTUS to justify his choice."

Norma Revnick hopes to be a doctor. Her parents are originally from Eastern Europe. She wrote; 'Dear POTUS ...
. My question is based on your actions so far as POTUS, and your selection of cabinet, advisors, budget proposal, etc.
Q: When did America, the greatest country in the world stop caring about our less fortunate citizens? i.e. the elderly,
children, disabled, handicapped, the sick, the poor, the unemployed, and many of the people who voted for you, etc.
You and your administration need to visit the Statue of Liberty to read the words inscribed. It's a poem written by
Emma Lazarus, many years ago When did we, the most civilized people in the history of mankind decide that
America was for the wealthy, elite, privileged people in our society? You and your administration have much to
answer for in your first 60 days in office. You can start by explaining yourself to our 6th grade social studies class."

The 6th grade social studies teacher must be proud of her entire class. I never realized how informed middle
school kids are about politics. Or maybe this is something new for them and their parents with Trump in the
White House.

In the meantime, Yasmine promised to copy the rest of her classmates' questions for me to read. And I promised
to work on an ending for 'A Tale of Three Ugly Sisters and Donald Trump.' I explained to her that in-order-for the
ending to make sense I'd have to go back in time ... to a time when Trump was a spoiled little rich boy who thought
he should be king.

Lest I forget. My grandson, Yasmine's brother, Jorel, is studying film production at a local community college.
Jorel and his film school buddies are producing an animation video as a class project. Their project is a remake
of "Alvin and the Chip Monks," popular a few years ago. They're using the same technique of speeding up the
sound track from normal speed. However, the animated characters they've created 'spoof' Trump and his
administration: 'Donald and the GOPers,' singing the songs they've written and recorded: 'Deconstruction Forever' ...
'Chaos & Confusion Now' ... 'We're on Our Way, Rock Bottom' ... 'Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!'... 'Diversion, Distraction,
Distortion are Delusions.'

Sounds like fun! Who needs the Kardashians when we've got Trump and the GOPers!

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