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The women of guardians of the galaxy and what went wrong.
The movie itself was beautiful, the characters funny, plot got you right in the feels, and the action was overall, decent. My complaint lies in the portrayal of its female characters. In typical Marvel fashion, the women of Guardian’s are auxiliary characters who fall into predictable tropes.

The Girl Friend Trope

Gamora - Is she a badass? Most assuredly. She’s Thanos’ adopted daughter, capable of fighting with multiple types of weapons and has been undergoing training for YEARS to become the ultimate assassin (sound familiar?). Gamora was so fierce that she ended up earning the nick name: "The deadliest woman in the whole galaxy".

Yet, her role in this film has been relegated to LOVE INTEREST for the main character, Star Lord. Gamora has been put in the on going role of girl friend, just as Black Widow was with her ridiculous singing to calm the Hulk and subsequent relationship (seriously?! What the fuck was that all about?). Guess Hulk was out of a girlfriend when his former one Betty Ross became first Harpy and then Red She Hulk.

Forget that Gamora is a single one-woman army all on her own, oh no, what matters is that Star Lord has managed to soften her up and make her fall in love with him. All she needed to settle her temple was a little bit of loving and music from the 70s.

The Victim/Revenge Trope

Nebula – She is first seen as an unstoppable villain intent on destroying the whole world to make sure that both her sister and father were killed (certainly badass). Later though it is revealed that SURPRISE! Nebula is horribly traumatized after experiencing years of abuse and forced body modification by her step father and her anger is justified.

Turns out Nebula isn’t really a badass villain intent on destroying the world. She’s just got REALLLLY bad PTSD and was lashing out at the only person she felt she could blame, her sister, who did not share in the abuse heaped upon her by Thanos. Nebula’s cruelty isn’t really part of her its just a direct affect of trauma and after a heart to heart discussion with her sister, she flies off on her own, presumably to continue her on going war against Thanos.

The Damsel in Distress

Mantis – Her superpower is that she feels other people’s emotions. She uses that power later in the film to keep her master, Star Lord’s dick of a father, asleep. Wow, that’s super cool and something I can totally identify with if I was a little girl watching a super hero film. Right. Sure Marvel, boys get strength, the ability to fly, intelligence, giant guns, and magic, we….get to keep people asleep and tell when someone is upset. Hmmmm I wonder why they didn’t make this character male?

But never fear, the Guardian’s have helped free her from her master and she can now begin a new possible relationship with Drax the Destroyer, who valiantly saved carrying her in his arms, saving her life at the risk of his own.

The Missing Mom

Meredith Quill – Famous for being the mother of Star Lord, this character wasn’t even in the movie except in her son’s flashbacks. Her job was the give birth to our hero and die. That was it. Bet you didn’t even know her name.

The Disposable Woman

Drax’s Wife and Daughter (Hovart and Kamaria) Killed by Ronnan the Accuser, their role in Guardian’s was to be murdered, thus giving Drax a reason to seek revenge and a sad back story. Star Lord’s mom also fits this trope as the revelation that his father killed her is what made it possible for him to fight back and ultimately triumph.

*Also, fun fact about Drax’s daughter Heather from the comic: she’s actually a powerful bisexual super hero named MOONDRAGON who was also kidnapped by Thanos and tortured as a child.
Seriously check her out, she’s cool.

So that sums up my feelings on these characters, what are your thoughts?

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