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Chapter 1 of the first pre-story. Introduction to Asa
I knew it would end like this. Of course it had to end up like this...you come to the end of your life...and then you look back at what all happened to get you to this particular moment in life.

As the thunder cracked in the background and a surge of lightening lit up the sky. Asa looked down at his brown sugar colored hands caked in dirt and grime. He was just being a normal little boy...little boys played in the dirt and were able to stay out until the street lights came home. Boys played football, basketball...baseball. Asa did not play anything like that. He rode his bike and would pick up empty cans and bottles. If her found enough of these he knew that he might be able to get a small loaf of that day old bread from that shop over on 3rd street. That he could have something to eat before he went home. It was better this way so that he little sister could eat. It was better this way so that his momma would not have to worry about not having enough...and she could eat dinner tonight too.

Things had been difficult since daddy left. Momma had to work two jobs and wasn't home much...it was often left up to Asa to care for his two siblings.
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