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good or bad you won't know until you know.


Have you ever been wrong in life? The decisions you make , the assumptions you make and the realization that you're wrong , did it ever do any good to you ? all these always run in your mind don't they ? it was for me too and did it do any good for me ?, that takes me to the night I met those eyes .

I was already late and I have to reach my hostel in like 15 mins or I will have to stay outside or I might have to ask the taxi driver to let me sleep in his taxi if he doesn't take me in 15 minutes and there he comes 5 minutes late already to pick me up, I felt bad that he now has only 10 minutes or he will have to let me sleep in his taxi for the night but that thought was vanished after seeing the taxi driver. He looked like a complete psychopath with full of negativity around, suddenly everything felt really wrong around me. My heart increased its pace when he started the engines, 'should I call someone and talk till I reach my hostel? Or should I just get off saying some stupid reason and book another taxi?', I asked myself. 'getting off should be a bad idea, what if he takes a gun out or a knife and threatens to kill me? ', and I answered myself. I started sweating and finally decided to call my friend, I took my phone to get a heart attack of my life, I unlocked my phone to see it getting switched off. Damn, I forgot and its only been 2 minutes since I've gotten inside this taxi and I was almost going to faint , I was terrified and dint know what to do.

It's been 5 minutes of creepiness around me, my phone's gone, the darkness inside and outside, the never ending creepy songs his music player has been playing , I was even scared to ask him to stop , all this has made me go nuts . Just then, he did something very disturbing, nothing else was visible or heard except for what he did. He adjusted the center mirror of the taxi and his eyes met mine, dark deadly eyes, he took out a towel and passed it to me, ' I think you might need this ' , and those words made me sweat more.

Where am I? this doesn't even look like the usual way to my hostel and that's when he started speeding up and I started freaking out. 'hold on tight' , he said , I was like what ? what is happening . everything started spinning around I couldn't feel my hands, my legs started to tremble, I started shouting for help, I couldn't control anymore and just when I thought everything was going to end, a headlight popped out from behind and another followed by, following our taxi, I felt relieved for a second. I remember that sound I couldn't realize what it was with all the creepiness around that never struck in my head. I started shouting more, he has locked the window button too, I kept banging the door and the seats, I got freaked out, 'ma'am please stay calm ', the words were sweet but his voice destroyed the sweetness in it. The bikers somehow managed to come to sides of the taxi and I switched on the inside light in the taxi to make sure to let them know that I was being kidnapped.

As the speed kept increasing, I got to see the faces of the bikers from the light I switched on, those bikers were keeping up their pace but their eyes were on me, I turned to other side to look at the other biker and his eyes was on me too, a sudden insecure felt looking at their eyes, their eyes was not the helpful type, it was lust.

I din know what to do, I kept turning from one side to the other and in that movement my eyes met the taxi driver's eyes once again in the mirror but he broke it soon to concentrate on the roads. As I kept looking at his eyes, I felt secured for the first time in 8 minutes, his eyes felt helpful, looking back at the bikers and then back at the taxi driver's eyes that's when I realized something. He increased the speed of the taxi, losing them in the streets of some place I don't know about but my eyes were right at the center mirror trying to meet his. He was trying to keep me safe all this while and I on the other side felt wrong about him right from the start.

All this was running in my mind while I was taken on a stretcher to the operation room and I saw nothing but him running alongside the doctor and the nurses, here I am 5 years later waking up to see him holding a baby, 'it's a boy' ,His eyes met mine while he said that and THOSE DEADLY EYES felt beautiful to me right from the time he took me to the hostel 30 minutes late.

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