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a part of my journal
Another year later I would disappear into the Anunni Desert. I told my closest to go along with a plot where I died. I was set for life and I stayed afar from where the gypsies held.
I stayed the quietest that I had ever been. No one knew where I was unless my holo-wrist read that my heart stopped. My only friend was a sky shark named Pandora who was a vegetarian and a clairvoyant.
I did some painting for a while.
I saw the sky turn red for a few days. I heard that 243,003 people died. Some epidemic occurred when NASA brought a “souvenir” from space.
I planned my next life over a glass of wine.
I would have fuckin’ pancakes galore. I would not be recognized when I did so. I was thinking about writing children’s stories. Maybe I’ll start a few hydroponic farms in Ethiopia.
I took another sip of my wine and I turned to look at Pandora.
“Fuckin’ pancakes, huh . .” said Pandora with a lisp.
“Yeah,” said me with a smile.
Pandora cocked her head and asked me a question without moving her lips.
I was standing in the middle of a desert far away from many things.
It was nice to be here for a change.
Pandora was still looking at me for an answer.

It is now, where I stand and how I stand.
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